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So the FakeTrump crowd wants to bail on Trump while he’s doing all this winning??? Let that sink in…

I want you to think about something. So Trump is doing all these good things for America already and after the Syrian strike happened, all the so-called Trump supports have been exposed aka the FakeTrump crowd… haters pretending to be supporters. I’m gonna call them FakeTrump from now on.

We’re getting jobs back in this country. Illegal aliens crossing the border has plummeted. Law and order is being restored in this country. Now we finally have a conservative SCOTUS (congrats to Neil Gorsuch, btw) and next we just bombed an ISIS area in Afghan.

So if many are jumping off the Trump Train being FakeTrumpers then President Trump must be doing something right.

I bet those that opposed the Trump Syrian strike are going out of their minds about ISIS getting their asses kicked today which is about time. Do they regret opposing the Syrian strike now? What part of “I’m gonna bomb the shit out of Isis” you don’t understand? Trump proved today he wasn’t kidding at all.

Trump is doing all the things we elected him to do. Yeah, yeah, the FakeTrump crowd are gonna whine and cry about how he’s not doing enough.  I’m seeing FakeTrumpers saying stuff that he’s not draining the swamp like he promised, not building the wall, not repealing and replacing the ACA like he promised… blah blah blah… I understand but keep in mind that draining the swamp, building the wall and the ACA are all pretty tough to do so give him time. It’s funny how the FakeTrumpers are complaining how he’s not doing enough when I disagree with all of them. Trump has already been accomplishing so much ever since he got sworn into office.

I think it’s clear that the FakeTrumpers crying about Trump are just jealous that he’s winning so much. Nothing more. Remember that old saying, “We’re gonna win so much, we’ll get sick of winning”… well I guess those FakeTrumpers are getting sick of it, LMAO! I’m not sick of it, though.

Trump’s already making America great again like he’s been promising for over a year. His approval rating has gone up to 48% and after today’s ISIS strike in Afghan, his approval rating could go up to 50% before you know it.

I understand how many are used to Obama destroying the country but this isn’t Obama anymore, y’all. Get used to it.


Obama ignores advice from generals for the 6th time about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan…

Part of a president’s job is that he must listen and take orders from US generals but for the 6th time Obama ignores the generals request to withdraw troops.


So you ask, why should the Obama admin. remove US troops from Afghanistan to end the war there like they keep promising? Probably because there’s no longer a war to be fought. All the enemies and terrorists have already been defeated. The war has gone on for so long.

I’m sure Obama wants to withdraw the troops but he can’t ’cause in my opinion, he’s not competent enough to give those kind of orders so the way I’m looking at it is Valerie Jarrett is calling all the shots here. She’s the one giving Obama the orders to ignore the general’s request of withdrawing the troops.

Valerie is Obama’s boss. In order to get rid of Obama, have to get rid of her first. They’re doing whatever it takes so they can keep Obama in power even after 2017.


Shocking… predictable Obama lies about sending US troops back home from Afghanistan… martial law is coming, y’all…

Are libtards mad at Obama yet?

Obama promised in the past that he plans to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by 2017…


… but of course, he’s keeping them there.


Libtards wanted the wars to end. Barack ended the Iraq war and Afghanistan is still going on. Obama promised many many times in the past that he plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and end the war there but of course, he lies again.

I’m sure libtards aren’t angry at him yet, they’re gonna applaud him for this just like they blindly applaud him for “everything” even if it’s bad.

Libtards may say that ISIS could be the reason he’s keeping him there but there’s no reason for him to be keeping them there at all. The only reason are two words, y’all: “martial law”. It’s part of his plan to extend his presidency by keeping the wars going. In order to make “martial law” happen, America has to be under civil unrest or war.

This is my take on it and I’m sticking with it.


U.S. Troops were given orders to ignore Afghan soldiers molesting boys… gee, I wonder who gave that order?

This is reminding me of Benghazi. Military was told not to save the Benghazi compound and ignore Americans getting killed. Now they’re doing the same here. Obama admin. giving orders to US troops to not do anything about Afghan soldiers molesting young boys.


It’s obvious the Obama admin. gave that order. Who else would it be? The President is in charge of the troops to begin with. The Qur’an permits and encourages Muslims molesting children so that’s probably why Obama is permitting them to do it.


More proof that the White House is behind Isis… the chief of staff accidentally reveals hostages first name on live TV…

This is a big “Ooops” indeed!


How much do you wanna bet that Obama and the White House are behind Isis? All the evidence is starting to get out there. U.S. Generals are admitting that the Isis videos are fake and scripted. It’s obvious right? Here we get a White House staffer revealing the first name of a hostage by accident.

It’s also been learned that John McCain have been hanging out with Isis members in Syria and McCain spoke with the Isis leader in Washington… source here:


I don’t think Isis is even real. It’s just the US government trying to scare Americans over political power and more gain.


What is the Obama administration hiding about Bin Laden’s so-called death??? They’re definitely hiding something…

Yep, Obama announced the death of Bin Laden and he took credit for it shortly before the second election. There were a lot of talk that Seal Team 6 were killed and Michael Savage here a radio talk show host is claiming they were assassinated in Afghanistan. It may have been possible they were killed in that 2011 Chinook helicopter shootdown. I believe it… and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Barack took credit for taking down Bin Laden but never showed proof of Bin Laden being dead???


It’s either Bin Laden could have already been dead years before or he could even still be alive and the US government is hiding him. You never know.

Yeah, I’m sure uneducated people out there are gonna rip into Michael Savage and call him a conspiracy theorist whack job just for standing up for something that he believes in. That’s how America works these days. You wanna accuse Obama of something out of love for your country and your home, be ready for a lot of shit from delusional and insane libtards.

This is worth investigating and worth looking into. I’m betting your money that Barack was behind the killing of those Navy Seals and the shootdown of that Chinook helicopter. He killed those Navy Seals ’cause I’m sure they knew too much about Bin Laden.


Report: Osama Bin Laden still out there, threatens France…

Osama Bin Laden released a new audio message, saying that he will kill two journalists if France doesn’t leave Afghanistan.

Read the full story, here.

A lot of people online are saying, that they didn’t know that Bin Laden is still alive. Really? Of course, he is. Bin Laden haven’t been caught yet, because like I keep saying here in this site, that he’s in an area where it’s tough to find. He’s like hiding out in a top secret area. I’m sure he’s being protected by armed men, so to go after Bin Laden and take him won’t be easy. The U.S. Army can’t just go to his hideout and grab him or they’ll be killed immediately.

Catching Saddam Hussein was easy because Saddam was hiding out at a place without security or protection. Bin Laden is being protected. As long as Bin Laden’s still alive, he can keep sending us and other countries threats, and he can still attack if he wanted.

I would like Bin Laden to be caught like everyone else, but it’ll be a long time for that to happen. The war in Afghanistan won’t end until he and Al Qaeda are caught. How is Bin Laden able to send out his messages via audio/video? He does that through anonymity. If he uses the phone to call a radio station or call the TV news, he could be easily hunted down that way.

Bin Laden is a coward.


Report: Robert Miller, a Green Beret, gets Medal of Honor by President Obama…

I can’t stand President Obama as President but he does something good for once. Robert Miller, a young Green Beret in the Armed Forces, received a Medal of Honor from the President. Robert Miller died in action during the Afghanistan war, gave up his life to save millions of others.

Read the entire story, here.

Finally, Obama gets my respect for this one time. This was the right thing to do. Robert Miller is a real life, John Rambo. 🙂


Report: President Obama admits U.S. isn’t winning war against Afghanistan, yet, he wants to pull troops out of Iraq…

Nobama admits that the U.S. is losing war against Afghanistan. What is he doing to help that? Nothing. Nobama wants to end the war in Iraq soon. What is that going to solve? Nothing. He is trying to make the economy better, but the Dow Jones at Wall Street sank to a bottom low. Is that helping anything? No. America definitely voted for the wrong guy. There is no change, and there never will be. Stop living in your dream worlds, Obama lovers! Soon you will hate this guy just as much as you all hated George W.

More on it here: