Shocking… predictable Obama lies about sending US troops back home from Afghanistan… martial law is coming, y’all…

Are libtards mad at Obama yet?

Obama promised in the past that he plans to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by 2017…

… but of course, he’s keeping them there.

Libtards wanted the wars to end. Barack ended the Iraq war and Afghanistan is still going on. Obama promised many many times in the past that he plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and end the war there but of course, he lies again.

I’m sure libtards aren’t angry at him yet, they’re gonna applaud him for this just like they blindly applaud him for “everything” even if it’s bad.

Libtards may say that ISIS could be the reason he’s keeping him there but there’s no reason for him to be keeping them there at all. The only reason are two words, y’all: “martial law”. It’s part of his plan to extend his presidency by keeping the wars going. In order to make “martial law” happen, America has to be under civil unrest or war.

This is my take on it and I’m sticking with it.


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