Ian Gillan explains the real reason for the “Hall of Fame” of not inducting Deep Purple yet… pretty interesting really…

Ian Gillan who is the frontman for Deep Purple, explains the reason why the band hasn’t gotten inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Ian says that the Rock Hall committee claims that Deep Purple are a one hit wonder band which is why they keep snubbing Deep Purple of an induction.


Deep Purple, one-hit wonders really? The band had plenty of hit songs that are always being played on FM classic rock radio all the damn time. I don’t listen to FM radio anymore but when I do, I always hear “Smoke On the Water” or “Highway Star”.


Deep Purple had a very successful career and they are still going today. Still making music and selling out arena shows all over the world. Their induction is well-deserving for sure and it’s a shame that the Hall of Fame can’t see their success. Are they really that blind and ignorant?


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