Donald Trump and Ben Carson writes letter to CNBC threatening to boycott next GOP debate if longer than 120 minutes…

I’ll have to say that these 3 hour presidential debates whether GOP or Democrat is getting pretty ridiculous. CNN and the mainstream media kept promising that the Democrat debate was going to be two hours long but of course, the debate earlier this week went on for another hour.

Why do they keep having the debates for 3 hours each? Just so they can have plenty of time to try and get more votes to Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton? That’s probably the only reason, I would say. Plenty of time to make those candidates look good. Liberals are upset over the Hillary bias in CNN so now liberals finally have a taste on how corrupt the media is.

I love Donald and Ben teaming up together to fight back at the media. That takes balls. 3 hours is way too long for those candidates to stand and talk. Their throats will dry out for talking too much and legs will get worn out for standing for three hours. I can understand where they’re coming from.

Debates shouldn’t be that long. Even the American people don’t want to watch ’em that long either.


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