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Dr. Ben Carson calls out Obama’s hypocrisy when accusing the GOP of being afraid of CNBC…


At a fundraiser in New York City, Obama calls out the Republicans and accusing them of not being able to handle a debate on CNBC. Which means that Barack is making fun of the GOP of being afraid of liberal media.

Ahem… kind of funny coming from a guy who is afraid of FOX News criticism. Barack can’t handle FOX News. Hypocrite Barack. Nothing new here.


Barack may have had a few interviews with Bill O’ Reilly on the FOX News channel but did Barack go to the FOX News studio to have it there? No, instead Barack usually invites Bill to the oval office. Not sure how many interviews Barack had with Bill… I think it was just the Superbowl interview from last year. Not sure if he had any others with Bill.

Anyway, Barack shouldn’t be criticizing the Republicans of being afraid of CNBC when he’s totally afraid of FOX News. Barack is always criticizing FOX News all the time and always complaining about how he is being unfairly treated by them. If I must say again, hypocrite Barack.

Barack has done interviews for other networks and appeared on late night talk shows, I’m sure he’s capable of doing interviews for FOX News shows but he hasn’t done any other than Bill O’ Reilly. The man is such a coward and a hypocrite.


If GOP candidates want to have a fair debate, they need to stop having liberals as moderators…

The problem with the GOP candidates is that they keep having their debates on liberal networks which is what they gotta stop doing if they want to be respected by moderators. If they keep having their debates moderated by libtards, they’re just gonna keep getting treated badly. Libtards hate everything Republican and they’re on one side only so they’ll do anything to destroy the GOP. They need to have a TV debate where it’s moderated by conservative people.

My suggestions for conservative moderators, they need people like:

– Sean Hannity
– Rush Limbaugh
– Mark Levin
– Bill Whittle
– Ted Nugent
– Wayne Allyn Root
– Judge Jeanine Pirro
– Ann Coulter
– Michelle Malkin
– Dinesh D’ Souza

They need people like them. We had enough of liberal moderators already. How about something a little different and get moderators from a right-wing point of view, ya know? It’s a good idea. Try to get a different view of politics and their issues.

Just a little thought.


Congrats to the GOP candidates for fighting back at CNBC tonight! That was amazing!

Yeah, I did watch GOP Debate No. 3 earlier tonight and it was horrible. The CNBC moderators treated the candidates like shit. I thought presidential debates were supposed to be that the moderators ask the candidates a question and they answer them? Well the moderators did ask the questions but all they did was ask insulting questions. Instead of letting the candidates talk, the moderators have to join in on the debate with them. Yep, the moderators joined in on the discussions when they shouldn’t have. That’s not what a presidential debate is supposed to be like. You’re supposed to let the candidates debate and argue with each other but instead the moderators was debating with them. Seriously??? But what can you expect from a libtard media outlet like CNBC?

So who were the stars tonight at the debate? ALL OF THEM. Yes, even Jeb. The moderators disrespected the candidates, they fought back at the moderators. They fought back hard. Ted Cruz called them out. Donald Trump called them out. Marco Rubio called them out. Ben Carson did too. CNBC messed with the wrong people for sure.

I loved how Ted Cruz destroyed the moderators. When the debate first started, the moderators of course, insulted Trump by calling him a comic book villain in the first question and Trump wasn’t afraid to say, “that wasn’t a very nice thing to say”. Then Ted Cruz spoke out and destroyed the moderators. See the video below where Ted calls out the moderators.

I also love it when Ben Carson called out the politically correct crowd over gay marriage. You know how when liberals call you a “homophobe” for being against gay marriage? Well Ben Carson brought that up and destroyed the PC crowd which was golden.

This GOP Debate No 3 was supposed to be about economics and jobs. Well the moderators hardly ever focused on that. They started asking the candidates other questions that didn’t have anything to do with economics… it was pathetic. When the candidates tried to speak, the moderators would interrupt them a lot. I’m like really? Just let them fucking talk and answer the questions!

I know you guys don’t like the GOP candidates too much but I think you would have to agree that they were treated pretty unfairly tonight. You should give them kudos for fighting back as well. I was impressed with everyone tonight, all the GOP guys were stars tonight. Congrats for all of them for having the balls to defend themselves! That’s how corrupt the media is, everyone!

Jeb and Marco did the most talking while Trump and Rand Paul did less. CNBC was doing all they can to destroy Trump but like always, they’re just helping him get even more popular as I’m sure his polls are going up even more after tonight.

Tonight’s debate was entertaining as hell to watch though.


CNBC has come to an agreement that GOP debate no. 3 will be two hours…

Well looks like CNBC agreed that GOP debate No. 3 will be strictly two hours. Of they had to. They don’t want to lose the Donald ’cause without him and Ben Carson, the ratings would be pretty low. I will be watching the next GOP debate for sure. Debate no. 3 will be on Oct. 28th.



Donald Trump and Ben Carson writes letter to CNBC threatening to boycott next GOP debate if longer than 120 minutes…

I’ll have to say that these 3 hour presidential debates whether GOP or Democrat is getting pretty ridiculous. CNN and the mainstream media kept promising that the Democrat debate was going to be two hours long but of course, the debate earlier this week went on for another hour.

Why do they keep having the debates for 3 hours each? Just so they can have plenty of time to try and get more votes to Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton? That’s probably the only reason, I would say. Plenty of time to make those candidates look good. Liberals are upset over the Hillary bias in CNN so now liberals finally have a taste on how corrupt the media is.

I love Donald and Ben teaming up together to fight back at the media. That takes balls. 3 hours is way too long for those candidates to stand and talk. Their throats will dry out for talking too much and legs will get worn out for standing for three hours. I can understand where they’re coming from.

Debates shouldn’t be that long. Even the American people don’t want to watch ’em that long either.