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The difference between a Trump rally and a Cruz/Kasich rally…

Here’s what a Ted Cruz rally looks like…

Here’s what a John Kasich rally looks like…

Here’s what a Donald Trump rally looks like:

Can you understand why those two jackasses are upset at Trump now? Trump has his rallies at large arenas while Ted & John has their rallies in smaller places. Says a lot about them!


If the GOP is successful at stealing the nomination from Trump, I’m leaving the Republican party and switching to Independent…

So Ted Cruz and John Kasich has announced that they are teaming up together to help block the nomination on Trump at the Convention. I think I’ve said this before a few times as well that the only reason Ted and John wouldn’t drop out of the race even though they are doing badly in the primaries is ’cause they think they are going to steal the nomination from Trump. Period. If that happens and if they are successful then I’ll be leaving the Republican party and will switch my party affiliation to “independent”. If that happens and if Cruz or Kasich becomes the GOP nominee instead of Trump, I don’t think I’ll vote for the election at all ’cause I don’t want to vote for Hillary either. If Trump gets robbed of the nomination then I won’t vote at all.

Why are other GOP candidates desperate in stopping Trump? It’s because in their delusional mind they believe America doesn’t want Trump as president. It’s obvious they’re in a desperate attempt to get more votes from all of Trump’s haters. Ted and John are indeed jealous of Trump ’cause they can’t take the fact that Trump is doing better than them in the election.

I know how some voters believe that Trump is a bad idea for America but sorry to break it to you, haters is that’s not how we think at all. We all want Trump as president ’cause we know he’s the best bet. The haters are imploding ’cause they can’t stand the fact that we want him as president. It’s amazing how much hatred Trump supporters get but that’s okay, I’ll take the hatred as a compliment ’cause all that’s doing is making me show my support for Trump even more.

When will people understand that the more you go after Donald Trump, the more you’re helping him? It’s helping Trump become even stronger.

Cruz and Kasich’s move is also suicide for the GOP party. If they’re successful at stealing Trump’s nomination then even more people will be leaving the Republican party. It’ll be the death of the GOP.

I predicted a long time ago that the GOP are gonna try to block the nomination from Trump and I was right. It’s not gonna happen, though. Trump himself will find a way to stop ’em. Trust me.


If Trump is blocked of the nomination at the Convention, there will probably be a riot…

Even though there are rules in the election process, politicians never follow them anyways. Politicians are always stealing elections and cheating them. Like I said before what’s stopping politicians from doing the same? If Trump is robbed of the nomination at the Convention, I’m predicting there will probably be a riot by angry Trump supporters. If the Convention is successful at stopping Trump, man, they better be ready in Cleveland ’cause Trump supporters will probably start a riot.

If you think the Black Lives Matter riots in Baltimore was bad, wait until the riots happen at Cleveland during the Convention if Trump is denied of the nomination.

It’ll be very sad and unfair to Trump and his supporters if the GOP is successful at stopping him ’cause after all this hard work that Trump went through. That’s why the Convention is gonna get a riot if Trump gets blocked. So the GOP better do the right thing and give Trump the nomination or things are not gonna be pretty after.

Lets hope Trump does get the nomination fairly though. We’re all praying and hoping for Trump. We want him the next POTUS and it’s a shame that people don’t care what we want.


Donald Trump is getting a lot of endorsements from famous people, how many are Marco and Ted are getting?

Those so-called “conservatives” are all over Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. They think either one of them would be the best guy for prez but look at Marco’s and Ted’s polls. Marco and Ted are doing horrible in the polls. Marco and Ted aren’t getting too many endorsements either. Marco and Ted do get endorsements but not too many. Donald Trump however is getting too many endorsements from other politicians, celebrities, actors, sports stars, etc. Both Marco and Ted are in a desperate attempt to destroy Trump… they continue at it on their twitter pages. It’s just pathetic. Marco and Ted are just desperate to get all the Trump haters to vote for them, that’s all they’re doing really.

That’s the thing with the other GOP candidates. They live in this delusional fantasy world that attacking Trump is what America wants to hear when it isn’t. What America wants to hear are stuff that are best for the country and that’s what Trump does. It’s why we all support Trump ’cause he focuses on the country. The other GOP candidates are doing bad in the polls ’cause all they do is attack Trump instead of concentrating on America. Don’t you get it? The other candidates think they’re gonna get more votes by attacking Trump but their polls keep getting lower the more they do. America doesn’t want to see candidates attacking each other. We want to see candidates saying stuff that is best for the country, that’s what we all want to hear.

America is so hung up on trying to bring down Donald Trump when they should be focusing on bringing down Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton instead. What kind of GOP establishment are we going to have when they go after Trump instead of Obama? That’s just more proof that the GOP are too friendly with Obama and always has been. When the GOP goes after a candidate in their own party… man that is messed up. I find it funny that all of these conservatives that go after Mr. Trump are still calling themselves conservatives.

Especially Ted Cruz whose new slogan is “Conservatives are uniting, This is our Time”. LOL! Really???


Ted Cruz just divided the conservative party, he’s not uniting us at all. It’s Trump supporters vs. Cruz supporters. Anybody that attacks Trump is not a real conservative, I’m sorry, y’all. I’ll always stand by it. If you attack Trump and call yourself a conservative, you’re a fraud. A closeted liberal is what you really are.

Conservatism wins when Trump wins the election in Nov.

Like I said before… when they go after Mr. Trump, he decides to retaliate, he gets them to drop out. That’s what happened to Jeb, Carly and Rand Paul. Give it time… Marco and Ted will drop out too ’cause they can’t handle the pressure from Trump.


GOP candidates and radio talk show hosts trying to “redefine” conservatism but doing a horrible job at it…

There are too many losers on the right claiming to be “conservatives”. That’s what those jackass GOP candidates are trying to prove. I think Jeb, Ted, John Kasich and Marco Rubio are trying their best to redefine “conservatism” just so they can try to make Mr. Trump look like a closeted “liberal”. Seems like a lot of people wants to believe that Mr. Trump is a fake conservative but I don’t think he is at all. All of these famous radio hosts like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are also calling themselves “conservatives”… but they support Ted Cruz. I can tell you for sure that all those GOP candidates I listed (Jeb, Ted, Kasich and Rubio) are not real conservatives ’cause if you do your research… a lot of those guys still have some liberal views which is a term called RINO. Most GOP candidates are RINOS except for Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump who are the true conservatives.

Allow me to define on what “conservatism” is. “Conservatism” is someone who truly believes in America 100%. They believe in the Constitution 100%. That’s who Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump are, they are the true constitutionalists and true patriots. Both of those guys show their love for America while guys like Jeb, Ted, Kasich and Rubio have some left wing views still… they also have some views that are against the US Constitution. I know Mr. Trump is a true conservative ’cause all of his views are that he believes in America 100%. A real conservative is anybody who doesn’t agree with anything “liberal”. Those are the people who stay away from liberal views. That’s Mr. Trump.

All Mr. Trump is doing is exposing all those fake conservatives and I fucking love it! He’s even exposing all the Bush’s who claims to be Republican/Conservative and that includes George W.

Yeah, I know Mr. Trump attacking the Bush’s may seem kind of “left-wing” a little bit but come on, y’all. 9/11/01 happened under George W’s watch so we should go after him no matter what side we are on. I’m not on one side at all as some would mistakenly believe. I too think George W. should be held accountable.

Mr. Trump is the real and true blue “conservative”. I know he is. That’s why many other so-called “conservatives” are going after him ’cause they know he’s too “conservative”. Think about it, right? I’ve always believed that if you call yourself a conservative and hating on Donald Trump then you’re not a real conservative. You’re a closeted liberal and have been all along. There are way too many fake “conservatives” out there and all Mr. Trump is doing is exposing them all. You’re a real “conservative” when you support Mr. Trump.

That’s also why so many bash us for supporting Mr. Trump ’cause they know we’re too “conservative” and it’s pissing them all off.


Dr. Ben Carson calls out Obama’s hypocrisy when accusing the GOP of being afraid of CNBC…


At a fundraiser in New York City, Obama calls out the Republicans and accusing them of not being able to handle a debate on CNBC. Which means that Barack is making fun of the GOP of being afraid of liberal media.

Ahem… kind of funny coming from a guy who is afraid of FOX News criticism. Barack can’t handle FOX News. Hypocrite Barack. Nothing new here.


Barack may have had a few interviews with Bill O’ Reilly on the FOX News channel but did Barack go to the FOX News studio to have it there? No, instead Barack usually invites Bill to the oval office. Not sure how many interviews Barack had with Bill… I think it was just the Superbowl interview from last year. Not sure if he had any others with Bill.

Anyway, Barack shouldn’t be criticizing the Republicans of being afraid of CNBC when he’s totally afraid of FOX News. Barack is always criticizing FOX News all the time and always complaining about how he is being unfairly treated by them. If I must say again, hypocrite Barack.

Barack has done interviews for other networks and appeared on late night talk shows, I’m sure he’s capable of doing interviews for FOX News shows but he hasn’t done any other than Bill O’ Reilly. The man is such a coward and a hypocrite.


Truthfully, I’ll vote for any GOP nominee just to help stop Hillary from getting elected…

It Donald Trump happens to lose the nominee to one of the other GOP candidates then I’ll support whoever wins the GOP nominee. It doesn’t matter if it’s Carson, Rubio, Fiorina or even Jeb. Truthfully, I’ll vote for any of them just to help stop Hillary from getting elected and yes, I’ll even vote for Jeb Bush if he wins the nominee. Even if I don’t like the GOP candidates, I’ll vote for them anyways. Anything to stop Hillary, ya know?

While I admire that Marco Rubio calls out Hillary, he’s not my best choice as President ’cause his illegal immigration system is weak and that guy is pro-amnesty but if he wins the nomination and not Trump, I’ll vote for Rubio sure.

Many conservatives believe that the GOP nominee is gonna go to Carson, Cruz or Rubio but I disagree. I believe Donald Trump is gonna be victorious all the way through.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens in January, though. This is pretty unpredictable election. If Hillary turns out to be victorious and she wins… becomes elected our next president, I’m gonna be really mad but I don’t think she’ll make it at all. She’ll soon be forced to drop out due to all the Benghazi and e-mail stuff. She won’t make it past the primaries at all. Bernie Sanders is probably gonna wind up being the Democratic nominee, I think.

We’ll see what happens. I would vote for anyone except for Killary. I’d even vote for Bernie Sanders if I had a good reason to. If I were to vote for Bernie Sanders, I would only do it if Jeb Bush was the GOP nominee. Hope that makes sense.


After the CNBC debacle w/ GOP Debate no. 3, that’s good enough to show that the media is on one side…

I thought news journalism was supposed to be to help keep the government honest regardless of political views? Instead, the media seems to be siding with a political party and that’s the left. The liberal party. If you wanna know why a lot of people these days have “far left” political views, blame the corrupted media.

The Chairman of the RNC just wrote a letter announcing that the GOP are suspending partnership with NBC for the Feb. 26 2016 debate.


I’m tired of “one-sided” politics and the GOP Debate No. 3 should be good enough to prove that.

When Donald Trump gets elected in office, he’s probably gonna change the way the media reports its news. I’m not saying get rid of “liberal” politics from the news completely. They should bring some “conservative” news in the media too, ya know? Mix it up. Be honest on both sides of the spectrum. I appreciate the media being honest on the GOP but they should be honest on the liberal side too. If you can’t see that the media only stays on the left then you are out of touch of reality for sure. Wake the hell up.


Delusional Rick Perry thinks Donald Trump will destroy GOP party… my response…

Donald Trump is actually the true hardcore conservative than the others. Rick Perry, Rubio, Graham, J. Bush have been more liberal than ever lately. Donald Trump has been doing a good job exposing all the RINO’s. Trump didn’t damage the GOP ’cause the GOP was already destroyed after they agreed to Obamatrade (aka TPP). The GOP also allowed Loretta Lynch to become the new Attorney General. The GOP agreed to “Net Neutrality” and they don’t do anything to stop Obama’s imperial presidency. Instead of fighting back at Obama’s lawlessness, they help him become more powerful. Trump is exactly right the GOP is all talk but no action, that’s all he’s trying to do. The GOP has been corrupt and broken for a pretty long time now. The GOP stabbed the American people in the back. The GOP destroyed themselves by betraying the American people, don’t blame it on Trump.

The other GOP candidates are jealous ’cause their campaigns aren’t doing well at all so they’re desperately trying to steal Trump’s voters. If Trump is gonna destroy the GOP… that’s good ’cause the GOP have been worthless anyways. The GOP have been garbage for a long time now. The GOP has become the party that everybody hates now and that’s not what Reagan would have wanted. Reagan is rolling in his grave. Trump is the true conservative.



Donald Trump is my choice for 2016 and I’m sticking with it!

I know I’ve been doing a lot of flip flopping on GOP candidates for the upcoming 2016 elections but I think I’m definitely gonna stick with the Donald. Out of all the candidates in the GOP field, the Donald is the best one, in my opinion. Most of the GOP candidates are nothing but a bunch of RINOS. Donald Trump isn’t, though. He’s the true conservative. The Donald is the real deal. He’s a very honest man and doesn’t really lie about anything. I’ll be listening to his speech online today ’cause they’re gonna stream it live. When the Donald does speeches, notice how he doesn’t use a teleprompter unlike most politicians? The Donald doesn’t need a teleprompter. He knows exactly what he wants to say at the top of his head and that’s one of the reasons I respect him.

He’s definitely the guy that I predict that can go through the primaries and win the nomination for sure. I think he has what it takes to beat the Democrats.

Yeah, the Donald is gonna continue to get a lot of critics and haters… he’s gonna get accused of a lot of things like he’s just some old rich guy wanting more attention but he isn’t. He’s really serious on everything and he means well. He really does have heart for America and he cares for people.

Yep, I endorse Donald Trump for president and I’ll be making a video about it soon.