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If Trump is blocked of the nomination at the Convention, there will probably be a riot…

Even though there are rules in the election process, politicians never follow them anyways. Politicians are always stealing elections and cheating them. Like I said before what’s stopping politicians from doing the same? If Trump is robbed of the nomination at the Convention, I’m predicting there will probably be a riot by angry Trump supporters. If the Convention is successful at stopping Trump, man, they better be ready in Cleveland ’cause Trump supporters will probably start a riot.

If you think the Black Lives Matter riots in Baltimore was bad, wait until the riots happen at Cleveland during the Convention if Trump is denied of the nomination.

It’ll be very sad and unfair to Trump and his supporters if the GOP is successful at stopping him ’cause after all this hard work that Trump went through. That’s why the Convention is gonna get a riot if Trump gets blocked. So the GOP better do the right thing and give Trump the nomination or things are not gonna be pretty after.

Lets hope Trump does get the nomination fairly though. We’re all praying and hoping for Trump. We want him the next POTUS and it’s a shame that people don’t care what we want.