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Republican Congress finally doing what we elected them for, of course crybaby Obama doesn’t like it…

Obama is not having a good week. From now on, Obama must wait for Congress to have a say on any future Iran nuclear deals and the vote of Loretta Lynch as the replacement for Attorney General is still being delayed.

Which is good actually. Congress is actually doing their job. Trying to fight Obama’s bad presidency and his bad policies. Doing exactly what we voted them for.

Of course, typical Obama cries like a baby and he does this every time when things don’t go his way. He’ll call out the GOP like he usually does.


What we need is a real president who’ll accept things for what they are and move on if things don’t go his or hers way. We need a real president who treats both parties with respect. That’s the kind of president we need in 2016. We need a president who isn’t so one-sided on political views. I think Rand  Paul will be that guy.


How is Obama attacking Republicans a good thing???

“Obama’s calling Republicans “the enemy” i”s far more vile than anything Netanyahu called the Arabs.”

Dinesh is right on the money again.

Isn’t a real president’s job is supposed to respect both political parties? I have never seen past presidents being so hateful and spiteful toward the other party they’re not in. Maybe this is why liberals are so hateful toward the right it’s ’cause Obama calls them the “enemy”. Liberals will follow anything their precious Obama does. Anything Obama says is right to them. This is what Obama does when he doesn’t get his way, he’ll whine about Republicans. He’ll call them out and bitch about them. Whenever new scandals happen, Obama will blame them on Republicans.

When Bush was president, I’ve never really seen him bash the Democrats. When Clinton was president, I’ve never seen him bash the Republicans. The reason is politics was never this divisive until now under the age of Obama.

Obama can say all kinds of offensive things everyday and he gets away with it. Liberals will eat up everything he says. It’s getting old and tiresome.

To be honest, liberals shouldn’t be trusting Obama either and that’s what we try to tell them. They don’t really have to agree with everything he says but nope liberals are pretty dedicated to their party… they would only believe in their liberal views. It’s the same way as supporting your home football team and nothing else.

Obama attacking the GOP all the time is wrong and offensive. Yet, he gets away with it and I think that’s the only reason why liberals still love the guy.

I don’t know anymore. The delusional left is never gonna wake up on Obama. Never. Even if there is hard evidence of Obama’s crimes like say Benghazi for example. If there is proof proving his guilt of Obama’s Benghazi responsibility, liberals are never gonna turn their backs on him. They’ll always defend him no matter the situation. It’s real sad, really.


I hope the GOP Senate does the right thing and rejects Loretta Lynch as our Attorney General…

I think the days of Obama nominating corrupted Attorney Generals are just about over. I don’t think Loretta Lynch has a chance in getting the job as Attorney General taking over Eric Holder’s place. Loretta Lynch is just another Eric Holder, that’s all she is. I don’t think the GOP Congress is gonna confirm her ’cause if they did they’re gonna vote for Obama’s lawlessness and they’ll be in support of Obama’s imperial presidency even more. If they confirm Loretta Lynch, race baiting could potentially get a lot worse in America. Lets hope the GOP Congress does the right thing and reject her ass.

We really need an Attorney General who actually cares about the law and willing to enforce it. We really need an Attorney General who is willing to call Muslims evil and not play the race card when it comes to blacks.

I really think it’s wrong that a president should nominate an Attorney General. I think from now on Congress should nominate somebody. Obama just nominates people who is similar to him or willing to follow his ideas and plans.

Hopefully, the Senate does the right thing and rejects Loretta Lynch ’cause this woman looks very evil. She sounds worse than Eric Holder. Obama got Loretta Lynch ’cause she probably has the power to protect Obama and Holder over their crimes.

If the Senate confirms her as our new Attorney General, then we’re really fucked.


Boehner predictably re-elected third term, makes me lose hope for the GOP even more…

Well, today is a sad day for America. Boehner predictably elected 3rd term as House Speaker. With a republican controlled House, it seems that most Republicans still support him sadly. We begged the GOP to vote him out and of course, none of them listened to us. When the GOP support a corrupted politician like Boehner that means they also support and agree with Obama’s policies and ideas. As long as Boehner is still House Speaker, then nothing is gonna happen to Obama. The GOP just turned their backs on America just by not listening to us. Fucking bastards.

I’m thinking of going independent after all ’cause I’m honestly fed up with both parties.


Cool Video: How would Rick Santorum make a good president? Watch this video…

This is a good video. It’s so positive all the way through. He doesn’t attack any of the candidates and he just focuses on the issues like he’s been doing all along. I don’t see what makes him crazy and insane at all. Maybe this is why people hate the guy ’cause he’s too nice, too honest, and too smart.

He’s the only president that respects the constitution and seems pretty serious on reviving the economy.

Romney maybe ahead still in the GOP, but Rick still has a chance. This is why they call it a “race”. I’m looking forward to Super Tuesday this week.


Rick Santorum is on FIRE tonight!!! GO RICK!!! 2012!!!!

See? What I tell ya all? I just knew Rick was going to start kicking ass soon and I was right! Rick is on fire tonight for the Caucus for the three states in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. Santorum is in the lead for Missouri and Minnesota, but the Colorado results aren’t in yet. I think he’s going to kick ass in Colorado too.

RICK SANTORUM 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, I told you before, Rick has a chance to win the GOP. He’s going to get it! 🙂


I am confident to say that Rick Santorum will win the GOP and be elected President of the United States…

My video on Rick Santorum 2012 in youtube is for real. I am serious that Santorum is my final pick. Many of you won’t see it, but Santorum will be victorious on everything. He was the only Republican candidate that I was impressed with. The other three guys are nothing but douchebags. Ron Paul is nothing but a racist. Romney is a Mormon, and I don’t like his political issues. I’m no fan of Gingrich either.

A lot of people have a hard time understanding, Santorum, but give it time. I think America will have a change of heart with him and respect him sometime in the future. Santorum and Sarah Palin are similar in so many ways, they remind me of each other. As you can see, I did my careful research on Santorum for that video, to make sure I wrote everything right. So far so good, nobody called me out on anything they disagreed with. It seems people actually respected my pick for President.

Santorum will get my loyal support. If he drops out of the Election, before November, then I don’t know who I will vote for. I don’t see Santorum dropping out at all. He seems pretty committed to this and he wants the President thing pretty badly. I don’t see him giving up.

Santorum 2012!!!