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Report: Dave Mustaine is Santorum 2012 too? It appears so!!!

Dave Mustaine, the Megadeth frontman, just had an interview with MusicRadar website, and he just gave his opinion on today’s Election going on right now. He gave his thoughts on each Republican candidate running for President. It seems that Mustaine likes Rick Santorum more than the other three, and that’s who Mustaine hopes to be in the White House.

Read the full interview, here.

Very cool! It’s great to see Mustaine is on Team Santorum 2012!


Thought: I think Herman Cain is completely innocent and those women need to back the hell off…

This President hopeful, Herman Cain, is in the news a lot lately because he’s being accused of sexual harassment and being accused of having affairs with more than one woman. He’s losing a lot of support in his campaign because of it, and he’s being talked about all over. Facebook has been all over it.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been staying away from politics discussion lately. Why? Because it’s getting boring to me now.

As far as Herman goes, I think he is a 100% innocent. All of these women are coming forward, because he’s black and they’re just doing whatever it takes to get him out of the Presidential race. All those women attacking him are just lying whores trying to make a name for themselves in the news.

I’m no fan of Herman Cain’s political views myself, but those women should really leave the guy alone and back the hell off. He shouldn’t step down. He should rise above the negativity and keep going.