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Thought: About Herman Cain dropping the Election today…

While it wasn’t really a surprise that Herman Cain was going to drop out of the President Election today, you really shouldn’t believe those accusers. You know, the women who accused him of sexual harassment and having affairs. I’m looking at facebook, twitter, etc. Pretty much everyone believed those women and thinks Herman has problems with women.

Herman didn’t have to quit the election. This is the whole part of running for President. You have to deal with attacks and lots of bad publicity. If you can’t put up with the negativity & attacks, then you shouldn’t run at all. Mitt Romney hasn’t stepped down yet because people attacked his views on religion.

Back to Herman Cain, I believe that he is an innocent man. Like I said before, I believe those women are just lying bitches, trying to humiliate him publicly. Doing whatever it takes to get him off and stop him from running for President. I’m not a Herman Cain supporter. I don’t like his views on politics and I don’t like that he worked for Federal Reserve either, but that still doesn’t mean you can come out and slander a guy about a crime that he didn’t commit.

If that was me, I would have kept going in the election. I would have ignored all the negativity, and would have did my thing. I just couldn’t believe the internet today. Everyone thinks Herman is a terrible person, but I think he looks innocent and harmless. It’s just women trying to make him look bad.

You can’t always believe these women, folks. These women are probably getting paid to destroy this guy anyway. Herman will probably sue them all and he’ll prove his innocence the hard way. In the court room.

I may not be a big fan of his politics, but that doesn’t make him a bad person. If you’re going to come out and accuse someone of something, at least have proof of it. Words from the mouth of a human being is not proof. It’s all just talk, ya know?

This whole thing was nothing but a soap opera. That’s what the Elections to be like these days. If it turned out that he did harassed and had affairs with these women, then that’s his business. These women should be proud of themselves because they got what they wanted. Don’t always feel sorry for the women because they can be just as evil as the men can.


Thought: I think Herman Cain is completely innocent and those women need to back the hell off…

This President hopeful, Herman Cain, is in the news a lot lately because he’s being accused of sexual harassment and being accused of having affairs with more than one woman. He’s losing a lot of support in his campaign because of it, and he’s being talked about all over. Facebook has been all over it.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been staying away from politics discussion lately. Why? Because it’s getting boring to me now.

As far as Herman goes, I think he is a 100% innocent. All of these women are coming forward, because he’s black and they’re just doing whatever it takes to get him out of the Presidential race. All those women attacking him are just lying whores trying to make a name for themselves in the news.

I’m no fan of Herman Cain’s political views myself, but those women should really leave the guy alone and back the hell off. He shouldn’t step down. He should rise above the negativity and keep going.