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Why Dave Mustaine was “right” to go off on Judas Priest sound checking during Megadeth concert…

I’m seeing a lot of people bashing and hating Dave Mustaine for this. Calling him all kinds of nasty names like diva, asshole, egomaniac, etc. blah blah blah, you get the deal…

…. but to be honest, I’m on Dave’s side with this move. I think what he did here was pretty fair and he was in the right.

I mean… think about it right. How would you feel if you had a band playing a festival and then some other band sound checking interrupting your performance? You would feel pretty pissed too would ya?

On top of that, the reason Dave stopped the show and waited for the other band to stop soundchecking is ’cause Megadeth is very complex and challenging music to play. With the music Megadeth plays requires focus and concentration. It would be distracting to play a song while another band playing… it could cause Megadeth to mess up guitar parts, it would be hard to hear yourself sing, etc. You see what I mean? I can’t blame Dave for being pissed and kudos for him for having the balls to call them out. They travelled all the way there, rehearsed hard for the show and did all that hard work so they don’t deserve to get interrupted like that.

So with all said and done, I’m siding with Dave on this one. As far as Dave’s temper and language goes, that’s just Dave. Just Dave being Dave. He’s a metal guy, of course, he’s gonna have that type of personality ’cause that’s how a lot of metal dudes are, ya know? He’s always been the same Dave since the 80’s.

And I can’t wait for the new Megadeth album, by the way.


Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is now battling throat cancer, hope he gets speedy recovery…


Dave Mustaine announced on his instagram page that he is now battling throat cancer. This really sucks ’cause Dave is one of my favorite musicians, guitarist and singer of all time. I freakin’ love Megadeth and they’re one of my favorite bands.

Some of you may ask is throat cancer curable? Is throat cancer a death sentence? No… throat cancer is not a death sentence and it can be curable. Doing a little reading on throat cancer; however, it can be curable only if the malignant cells doesn’t spread beyond the neck and the head of the body. If the bad cells spreads at other parts of the body then your life could be over pretty soon.

I’m sure Dave’s throat cancer will have a negative affect on Dave’s singing so I’m sure he won’t be able to sing for a little while which is why they had to cancel most Megadeth shows.

Anyway, the band are at work in the studio for their 16th album and from what I’m seeing, I don’t think Dave recorded vocals for the new album yet but I’m sure he will record the vocals if his doctors give him the permission. I’m sure they’ll finish the new album this year.

Like everyone else, I’m hoping Dave fights this cancer hard and gets a speedy recovery. This should be easily cured, hopefully.

I am looking forward to the new album. I love Megadeth… have loved them for a very long time and I’m trying to collect all of their albums too.

Best wishes go out to Dave. He’s got this!


Should Metallica have inducted Dave Mustaine along with them in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”??? Yes, Mustaine should have gotten in…

While I love Metallica and all, there is one thing that I disagree with what they did. That is not inducting Dave Mustaine along with Metallica back in 2009. I think that was a stupid move on Metallica’s part. The reason Metallica didn’t want Dave Mustaine in the Hall of Fame with them ’cause they felt that Mustaine never played on any Metallica albums and for that reason alone, they felt he shouldn’t be in there. However, though… Mustaine did write some Metallica songs off of “Kill ‘Em All” and “Ride the Lightning”. Dave had some writing credits on those two albums.

Dave wrote “The Four Horseman”, “Jump In the Fire”, “Phantom Lord”, and “Metal Militia” which those songs are off the “Kill ‘Em All” record. As for the “Ride the Lightning” album, Dave helped write the songs… “Ride the Lightning” which is the title track and he also helped write the instrumental “The Call of Ktulu”.

Sure, Dave didn’t play on any Metallica studio albums but he helped get where Metallica is today with a song like “Ride the Lightning” which is one of Metallica’s biggest hits.


With that being said, I too think Megadeth deserves a Hall of Fame induction as well ’cause they are a great band. I’ve been a Megadeth fan for a long time and still am. I think “Dystopia” is one of their best albums as I’m always listening to it. Megadeth definitely deserves to get into the Rock Hall.


I might get my chance to see Megadeth live finally!


I never got to see the band Megadeth before. I might get to ’cause Megadeth is playing a show near my hometown. They’re playing at a big music festival at the Schaghticoke Fair in Schagticoke, N.Y. which is a small town about 20 minutes away from me. Yes, a big 3 day music festival is being taken place near my hometown. I’d like to go to this to see Megadeth and to go to this show for a day would cost about $70.00 which isn’t bad. I’ll only go to this show for a day to see Megadeth and maybe Ghost too. I love the band Ghost and always wanted to see them as well.

I really want to see Megadeth live ’cause I’m such a big fan of them. Love Dave Mustaine and his songwriting. “Dystopia” is a pretty amazing record and I would love to hear Megadeth perform those songs live and of course, hear all their hits too. It’ll be awesome to see Megadeth live. I’m actually thinking about going to this one. Not sure. If I did go, I would only go on Sunday so I can see Megadeth and Ghost. Maybe I’ll check out the other bands on that day too.

It’ll be cool to see a band that I love and not have to travel far to see them. Schaghticoke is only about 20 minutes away from me. I know right where the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds is ’cause I travel through there all the time.


Is Dave Mustaine really a dick? I don’t think he is…

A lot of people like to label Dave Mustaine as a dick, a douche or an egomaniac but is he really any of those things? The way I see him, no. To me, he always seemed like a cool, humble and down to earth guy. When you want to become a musician, of course you’re gonna get haters. That’s just the way it is.

Dave himself explains his theory on why people hate him but the truth haters are gonna hate. Period.

I don’t think Dave is a dick at all. If you want proof of that look at his new album with Megadeth, “Dystopia”… that was a crowd funded album and as one of the prizes for donating the album, he invited fans in the studio to witness the recording of the album which was cool of him really. Plus, Dave is great with his fans. Dave replies to his fans on twitter and he’s willing to take photos/sign autographs with them. He buried the hatchet with Metallica so that makes him a good guy enough and people still want to hate Dave.


I understand where Dave is coming from ’cause I get a lot of haters myself. It used to bother me why people get so obsessed of treating me in a negative direction but it don’t bother me anymore. I got so used to it that I don’t care what people think of me anymore. Yeah, there are a lot of haters and bullies who do nothing but follow everything I do on the internet and attack me all day but fuck ’em, ya know? There are just losers with no lives anyways. They just sit there and watch me 24/7 on my blog and social networking. They enjoy messing with me ’cause they have nothing better to do and that includes a few blog commenters which shall be nameless at this time.

Why do musicians get so many haters? I think it’s jealousy for the most part, absolutely ’cause if you are a musician there are gonna be too many people who want to be like you. They realize that you have what they don’t have and it’s pissing them off, really. You’ve got a lot of talent and unfortunately, it’s going to anger some for sure. Instead of them being proud and happy for you, they have to be all negative. All bands and music artists are gonna get their share of haters & critics. It doesn’t matter how good of a person they are, they are gonna get haters & critics. Haters & critics has become quite a problem in music but you have to learn to stay above ’em. Learn to take all the hate as a “compliment” ’cause like they all say bad publicity is good publicity. Haters can help make you even more popular.

Megadeth’s new album “Dystopia” is really amazing though. Listened to it a couple of times and it’s their best since “Rust In Peace”.


Video: Check out the new video by Megadeth, “The Threat Is Real”…

I haven’t been too impressed with Megadeth’s last couple of albums. It sounds to me that Megadeth is gonna be at the top of their game again. This song is the best I’ve heard from Megadeth in a long time. This song is like old-school Megadeth. This is the thrashy and heavy Megadeth that we’ve all been wanting for a pretty long time. This sounds like thrash metal stuff you would hear in the 80’s a little bit.

It’s a pretty sick track and the new lineup sounds pretty amazing. I’m impressed with Kiko Loureiro’s guitar playing and the drumming of Chris Adler is just mind blowing.

I can’t wait for the new album!


More on Megadeth…

Well I just finished listening to the rest of Megadeth’s discography of albums. My opinion still stands on those two albums “Risk” and “Super Collider”… they weren’t very good albums. I think the reason “Risk” wasn’t very good is ’cause Dave decided to do some experimenting to techno & electronic music along with metal which doesn’t work so I’m actually with most Megadeth fans that “Risk” wasn’t a good album… plus the songwriting was pretty weak. The album was too “pop” and it didn’t sound metal enough. As for why “Super Collider” their latest record wasn’t good is ’cause it sounded more like a hard rock album then metal and Dave’s singing on it was pretty weak. Don’t get me wrong, though, Chris Broderick was an insane and talented as hell guitarist for sure… I just wished the songwriting could have been better.

Hopefully Dave Mustaine won’t let us down again for the next Megadeth album with their new guitarist, Kiko Loureiro. Hopefully they go back to the thrashy and heavy Megadeth we all want. See? Megadeth goes different directions too much like Metallica. From what I heard of the previews that Dave have been showing us during the behind the scene stuff of their next album, their next album sounds like it might be thrashy and heavy.

I love Megadeth… been a longtime fan. I never got to see Megadeth live in concert yet but would love to someday, though. They are one phenomenal band.


Wanna hear a badass song by Megadeth? Check out “The Scorpion”…

I’ve been listening to Megadeth albums on Apple Music over the weekend and earlier this morning I heard their album “The System Has Failed” which in my opinion is one of their best albums. So I think I’ve pretty much heard all of Megadeth’s studio albums now. While most of Megadeth’s music is really really good; however, there were two albums that I never really liked. Those two albums are “Risk” and “Super Collider”. Maybe I’ll give “Super Collider” another listen and maybe it’ll grow on me… I only heard it once a long time ago but I’ll listen to it again this week.

I do love Megadeth though. Most of their music is great stuff but of course, their first 6 albums are their best stuff. I’d have to say that “Peace Sells”, “Rust In Peace”, “Youthanasia” and “Countdown to Extinction” is their best work. I do love “Thirteen” and “Endgame” too, though.

I’ve always been a big Megadeth fan. Dave Mustaine is a great singer/songwriter & guitar player. I can’t wait for the next Megadeth album which should be out soon.


Guitarist Rusty Cooley says he turned down Megadeth ’cause he didn’t want to play other people’s solos!!

During a podcast interview, virtuoso guitarist, Rusty Cooley says he was approached by Megadeth to join the band to take over Chris Broderick’s place as lead guitarist. Rusty explains he got the call from Dave Mustaine’s management team and then he and Dave chatted through e-mail about joining the band. Rusty thought about it and debated about joining the band but then he started to have second thoughts. Rusty changed his mind and admits that Megadeth isn’t for him. The reason? He just didn’t want to spend like 10 to 20 years playing other people’s guitar solos. If Rusty decided to join the band, he would have to spend hours & hours trying to learn the solos note for note from earlier Megadeth songs and he didn’t want to go through all that. Plus, Rusty wanted to keep his own style and do his own thing.

Read more here:


This is a musician with class and we need more musicians like him. Musicians who are down to earth and has no ego.

Megadeth predictably changes their lineup again for the 20th time, I lost count. Megadeth is a great band and always will be. I respect Dave as a guitar player, singer and songwriter but the constant lineup changes are annoying, though. I’m sure Dave isn’t upset for Rusty turning him down ’cause I’m pretty sure many musicians turned down Megadeth so I would think Dave is pretty used to it.

While Megadeth is a great band, I love their earlier work more, though. Albums like “Killing Is My Business”, “Peace Sells” and “Rust In Peace” are all masterpieces. Love those albums.

I never cared for their latest record, “Super Collider”. I thought it was a pretty bad album. Sometimes that happens with Megadeth. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not. I don’t understand why Metallica is a huge target of making bad albums when Megadeth had their share of making some bad records too but fans don’t give ’em any flak for it.


Dave Mustaine admits punching James Hetfield in the mouth was a mistake…

I’m glad to see Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield finally getting along after all these years. Ya know, Dave Mustaine could have been a longtime member of Metallica if Dave didn’t mess up and we wouldn’t have gotten Megadeth. I’m a huge fan of both bands. Megadeth and Metallica are both amazing bands. Hopefully their relationship together stays this way. No more feuds. No more drama.

Now that Megadeth and Metallica have finally played concerts together, hopefully Dave and James would do some kind of collaboration in the studio together. That’s long overdue too. I would like a super group with Megadeth and Metallica members… wouldn’t it be awesome to see them do an album together? If Metallica can collaborate with Lou Reed, then why not do an album with Dave Mustaine??? Bring it on, boys! We’re waiting for it!

Dave Mustaine really loves Metallica, you can tell that he does.