Wanna hear a badass song by Megadeth? Check out “The Scorpion”…

I’ve been listening to Megadeth albums on Apple Music over the weekend and earlier this morning I heard their album “The System Has Failed” which in my opinion is one of their best albums. So I think I’ve pretty much heard all of Megadeth’s studio albums now. While most of Megadeth’s music is really really good; however, there were two albums that I never really liked. Those two albums are “Risk” and “Super Collider”. Maybe I’ll give “Super Collider” another listen and maybe it’ll grow on me… I only heard it once a long time ago but I’ll listen to it again this week.

I do love Megadeth though. Most of their music is great stuff but of course, their first 6 albums are their best stuff. I’d have to say that “Peace Sells”, “Rust In Peace”, “Youthanasia” and “Countdown to Extinction” is their best work. I do love “Thirteen” and “Endgame” too, though.

I’ve always been a big Megadeth fan. Dave Mustaine is a great singer/songwriter & guitar player. I can’t wait for the next Megadeth album which should be out soon.


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