I might get my chance to see Megadeth live finally!


I never got to see the band Megadeth before. I might get to ’cause Megadeth is playing a show near my hometown. They’re playing at a big music festival at the Schaghticoke Fair in Schagticoke, N.Y. which is a small town about 20 minutes away from me. Yes, a big 3 day music festival is being taken place near my hometown. I’d like to go to this to see Megadeth and to go to this show for a day would cost about $70.00 which isn’t bad. I’ll only go to this show for a day to see Megadeth and maybe Ghost too. I love the band Ghost and always wanted to see them as well.

I really want to see Megadeth live ’cause I’m such a big fan of them. Love Dave Mustaine and his songwriting. “Dystopia” is a pretty amazing record and I would love to hear Megadeth perform those songs live and of course, hear all their hits too. It’ll be awesome to see Megadeth live. I’m actually thinking about going to this one. Not sure. If I did go, I would only go on Sunday so I can see Megadeth and Ghost. Maybe I’ll check out the other bands on that day too.

It’ll be cool to see a band that I love and not have to travel far to see them. Schaghticoke is only about 20 minutes away from me. I know right where the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds is ’cause I travel through there all the time.


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