Chuck Woolery is so right about those freakin’ liberals!

I’ve been saying that about liberals for a long time now. When liberals can’t debate you on stuff they’ll start hurling slanderous attacks on you. I know because I’ve been there. You want to debate and discuss certain issues but when liberals can’t or don’t want to, they’ll start throwing you nasty temper tantrums. Liberals can get real nasty at you. It is interesting how liberals think it’s okay to treat conservatives with disrespect. When liberals can’t think of anything to say that’s when they’ll start calling you names like “bigots”, “racist”, “sexist” or whatever else they want to call you.

Seriously, y’all… I’ve been treated pretty badly by liberals for a long time and it has been going on for the last 7 years under the Obama presidency. It’s still going on even to this day and liberals treat you like shit still.

Why are liberals like this? It’s because I blame it on the media. A lot of liberals follow stuff like CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. They also follow facebook social networking sites like Being Liberal, Occupy Democrats and they also read liberal blogs such as Gawker, RAW Story, Media Matters. Also online newspapers such as the Washington Post and the NY Times. All those things, they teach liberals how to be “intolerant” to conservatives in America and it’s working for them. They’ve all been teaching liberals how to be nasty to people. It’s what they’re doing. Dividing political parties.

Liberals are nothing but bullies to conservatives ’cause the media made them that way for sure.

When liberals don’t want to debate you, it means you pretty much won the debate so they get all pissed, throwing you nasty temper tantrums. Of course, this usually happens with the most controversial topics like homosexuality/LGBT rights, Muslims, the black lives matter stuff and abortion. They can also get nasty about candidates during elections.

And yes, some of you liberal blog readers have been nasty to me on this site as well. Liberals also get pretty nasty to me in facebook and twitter.

I wish liberals would stop following the party line obsessively and learn to think outside the box but they never do. It’s a shame that they won’t listen to real people like me. They would much rather listen to what “Being Liberal” have to say or they would rather read the Washington Post and watch NBC News. Most liberals get their info from that dumb “Being Liberal” page in facebook which is a site that I despise.

Liberals are the biggest bullies ever and they continue to be even to this day. That’s why I gotta stick to my guns ’cause I’m not gonna allow liberals to silence me just because they disagree with what I say. This is why we gotta get rid of “political correctness” in America. We all deserve to speak our minds and have our own opinions. This is why we need Donald Trump in office.



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