Many members of the House of Representatives supporting Trump quietly…

Trey Gowdy may have publicly endorsed Marco Rubio for Prez but that doesn’t mean the rest of the government will hate Donald Trump. It may seem like that most career politicians in government hate Donald Trump but not really. Why don’t we all know whether or not most of Congress supports Mr. Trump? It’s because they are supporting him quietly. Many Republicans in Congress especially the House of Reps. are supporting Mr. Trump quietly. Which is understandable why they have to support him quietly ’cause if they voice out their support for Mr. Trump, it could hurt their careers so it’s best for them to stay quiet about it.

Which is good news actually… if the GOP tried to block Mr. Trump’s nomination at the Convention, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about ’cause members of the House could stop that from happening. They won’t let it happen so I think The Donald will get the nomination just fine at the Convention.

Trump needs to get 1,237 delegates to win the nomination and that’s all he needs to get. I think he’ll get the 1,237 delegates just fine and I think he’ll get more than that.



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