Video: Obama dancing to tango thoughts, he did seem uncomfortable dancing with that woman…

I’ve watched Obama dancing tango with that woman video a couple of times and here is ET Williams response to that tango dancing. Obama did seem a bit uncomfortable dancing with that woman. You can tell that Obama wanted to get that dance over with fast. Obama was dancing with that woman horribly probably ’cause Obama hates dancing with women. Why? It’s because Obama himself is gay and he doesn’t like women. Obama is not attracted to women at all.

Maybe Obama would do tango better if he danced with a man instead? There was a point in that video where Obama was supposed to lean her back but he didn’t. I think he refused to lean her back ’cause he was afraid of getting a better look at that woman.

All that tango dance video showed was that Obama is not comfortable around women, yet showing even more signs that he’s a homosexual hiding in the closet.



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