The reason that people go after Trump’s wife Melania, it’s because she’s simply hot and she’s young… that’s IT!!!!

When was the last time we had a presidential candidate with a hot wife? Or a president with a hot first lady? Not too many, right? Don’t get me started on Michelle Obama ’cause she isn’t even that good looking. I would say the last time we had a hot first lady in the White House was Jackie Kennedy for sure.

The only reason people go after Melania is not because they feel that a supermodel shouldn’t become a first lady. It’s not because they feel having Melania as first lady would be inappropriate for the country… it’s simply because she’s hot, beautiful and gorgeous. She’s also pretty young. She’s not that young, anyways… she’s 45 years old so she’s pretty much an MILF for sure. They’re just jealous of Trump that he is with a beautiful and hot woman. Look at Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz… she isn’t all that good looking at all so I can see why Ted would cheat on her with 5 different women.

Ya know something, everybody wants to call Mr. Trump sexist and misogynistic and all that stuff. Isn’t it kind of sexist and misogynistic to go after Melania? Ever think of that you fucking hypocrites? They want to say stuff that Trump hates women but isn’t kind of hateful to women when you say that Melania shouldn’t be first lady ’cause of her past modeling career? That’s kind of sexist if you think about it. Most people say they are all for “women’s rights”? HA!

Yep, I think that’s pretty much why Ted attacked Melania ’cause I believe he wants to get into her pants too. That’s pretty much why everybody attacks Melania. They’re jealous of Trump ’cause he married a hot woman. Sure, a lot of people would say that Melania married Trump for the money alone but I don’t think so. From the looks of things Donald and Melania is true love for sure. It seems they really love each other for reals.

Donald likes his women young and hot so who cares? If Donald married a woman his own age then nobody would have cared… nobody would have attacked her.

I think Melania would make a fantastic first lady. Melania would have a lot of class and respect for American than freakin’ Michelle.


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