People don’t like it when we post positive things about Donald Trump but that’s tough shit!

On my facebook page, twitter or this blog… I’m noticing that people hate it when I post positive things about Donald Trump. They don’t like it when I defend him either. That’s tough shit, ya know? I’m gonna keep treating Mr. Trump positively ’cause if the media won’t be honest about him then I will. A lot of people want to look at Mr. Trump as a bad person. They want to see him as a bad person but when someone else proves that he isn’t a bad person, you see that pisses off the haters. I know ’cause by the way people act in facebook. Mostly those delusional Bernie supporters. Each time I make a new Donald Trump post in facebook, treating him positively or defend him when he’s in trouble, chances are a Bernie supporter would write in and continue to bash Trump. I think they do that ’cause they know that my positivity toward Mr. Trump is pissing them off.

That’s tough shit, ya know? I keep going with my Trump posts in facebook ’cause everyday I have to sit here and watch liberals jerk themselves off about Bernie Sanders. I have to get tortured by liberals posting positive things about their Bernie so I decide to torture them with my Trump posts. Bernie Sanders fans are still desperately trying to get me to change my mind about Trump but it’s not happening.

Let me give you some examples of how pissed liberals get when you post positive things about Trump…

Liberals try their best to make Trump look like a racist but then we prove them wrong showing them articles, youtube videos that shows how he isn’t a racist. You see these things piss them off. Also, liberals try to make Trump look sexist and misogynistic toward women but when we prove them wrong on that stuff, they also get mad. They don’t like it when we try to prove how Trump is gonna make America for the better. They don’t like it when we try to show that Mr. Trump loves America and how much he loves people. That kind of stuff. I think you get the deal.

Why do liberals get mad?

I think they just can’t take the truth that Mr. Trump is a good guy in reality. The media wants to make it look like that Trump is a bad person but liberals don’t like it when we have a different thought on Mr. Trump. It’s nothing new how liberals get pissed off at the truth. They don’t want to hear that Mr. Trump is actually a good man. Period.

How do you know if Mr. Trump is a bad man? You think he’s a bad man just because the media says he is? How about do your research? How about actually meeting the man in person? I never met Mr. Trump in person yet but I’m sure he’s a good guy. I would love to meet Mr. Trump myself.

Liberals just can’t take the truth that Mr. Trump is a good man and that he wants to do good things for America. Liberals are a bunch of dumb one-sided and opinionated people.

Believe me, I’m not gonna stop treating Mr. Trump positively and with respect. I’m not gonna allow people to silence me for voicing my support for Trump. If you support Trump yourself, don’t allow people to silence you. Don’t be afraid to voice out your support for Trump ’cause that’s how we win elections. If you want Trump to win, we have to speak out. Your support for Trump may piss people off but who cares. My support for Trump is pissing people off but once again, I don’t give a shit. Many liberals still treat Obama positively so why should we listen to them?



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