Dave Mustaine admits punching James Hetfield in the mouth was a mistake…

I’m glad to see Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield finally getting along after all these years. Ya know, Dave Mustaine could have been a longtime member of Metallica if Dave didn’t mess up and we wouldn’t have gotten Megadeth. I’m a huge fan of both bands. Megadeth and Metallica are both amazing bands. Hopefully their relationship together stays this way. No more feuds. No more drama.

Now that Megadeth and Metallica have finally played concerts together, hopefully Dave and James would do some kind of collaboration in the studio together. That’s long overdue too. I would like a super group with Megadeth and Metallica members… wouldn’t it be awesome to see them do an album together? If Metallica can collaborate with Lou Reed, then why not do an album with Dave Mustaine??? Bring it on, boys! We’re waiting for it!

Dave Mustaine really loves Metallica, you can tell that he does.



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