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Your first look at James Hetfield and Zac Efron on set of the new Ted Bundy movie! This is cool!

First photo from the new Ted Bundy movie with James Hetfield and Zac Efron on set. Looks like the interrogation room scene at the police station.

Below is a pic of the real Bob Hayward. If you compare Hetfield’s and the real Hayward together, you can see that the look is pretty much dead-on. Now I can see why Berlinger wanted Hetfield for the role simply because Hetfield and Hayward look very similar.


What do you think? Do you think James Hetfield has the good acting chops? I think he will do a great job! Hopefully Berlinger will give us a video clip of James playing in the movie soon, I think he will.

What made James want to get into acting? Well, I’m sure Lars may have talked him into it somehow ’cause Lars Ulrich is a big movie buff. I’m sure James will do an interview with the press and I’m sure he’ll explain why he got into acting.

Will James get into acting full time or part time? I think it would be part time ’cause of Metallica commitments. We’ll wait to hear from the man himself.





James Hetfield of Metallica will make his film acting debut in Ted Bundy biopic film titled, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile”… interesting…

Well this is interesting. Looks like James Hetfield is gonna try something new in his life by trying to do some acting in Hollywood. I never heard about this until Metallica’s tweet came up announcing that James already filmed some scenes for the upcoming Ted Bundy biopic film titled, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” which will star Zac Efron as Ted. It looks like James will be getting more of a cameo in the film ’cause he just landed a huge role. James will be playing Ted Bundy’s arresting officer, Robert Hayward. That means Hetfield will be co-starring the movie along with Efron.

Metallica’s James Hetfield Boards Voltage’s ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile’

What does this mean for Metallica??? Is Metallica gonna quit after their tour? No. James is still committed to Metallica and always will be. James probably agreed to do this movie ’cause the director Joe Berlinger also directed the Metallica documentary, “Some Kind of Monster”. Maybe James just wants to do something different in his life, ya know?

I’m looking forward to this and Tarantino’s film on Charles Manson. I know it seems a little weird but I find serial killer stories interesting. I think a lot of people do as well which is why serial killer stories are becoming popular in the entertainment world.


You see bands? James Hetfield finally admitted that Metallica aren’t great musicians… you should try that sometime…

I love how humble James Hetfield is. There is no ego in this guy at all. While talking about Metallica’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon playing kids instruments that went viral, James admitted that Metallica aren’t really that great musicians. James admits that Metallica makes a lot of mistakes on stage. He also admits that sometimes Metallica are tight on stage and sometimes they aren’t. He also admits that Metallica are afraid to jam with certain people.


We need more humble bands like Metallica. Most bands these days whether national or local are so arrogant and ego-driven, it’s crazy. A lot of bands out there can’t take any criticism of any kind. When they do get negative criticism, they become all defensive.

When Metallica responds to criticism, they can be like, “Oh, we do our best. We just make music for ourselves, we can’t please everyone”. That’s another humble response.

When a lot of bands go on stage, a lot of bands are like, “We’re gonna go onstage and kill it. Tear the house down”. How about something more humble instead like, “We’re gonna go on stage and give it our best.” I like that better.

A lot of Metallica fans are always negatively criticizing the musicianship of Hetfield, Ulrich and Hammett. They know that Rob Trujillo is a great bassist but they’re always criticizing his look & image… they believe Rob’s image doesn’t fit in Metallica. You see, y’all… playing in a band or a solo act is not about looking great or playing great. You don’t have to be the greatest musician in the world to do what you love to do. It’s about the music, really. That’s what Metallica is in it for. They do it ’cause they enjoy it and you can tell that the boys in Metallica enjoy it. That’s what being a musician is about, “enjoyment”. Who cares if you’re not good looking or if you’re not the greatest player in the world. Just play music ’cause you simply love it. That’s what I do it for.

Kudos, James and keep saying this stuff!


Has James Hetfield been giving his daughter Cali singing lessons? It seems so…

Look like James Hetfield’s daughter, Cali (who maybe around 16 – 17 years old) is following her father’s footsteps in becoming a singer and musician too. Here is James inviting his daughter to the stage at Sammy Hagar’s Acoustic benefit event. They do a cover of Adele’s “Crazy For You”.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time they performed together as I’m sure they had many times… here she is with him when she was younger:

Will Cali start her own band and start her own music career someday? If that’s what she wants, I can see James getting her into the music biz and this is only the beginning of it.

I think it be kind of cool if James and Cali collaborate on an album together like a duo project or something. I can see that happening whenever Metallica retires or go on another long hiatus. Who knows what may happen?


Lars Ulrich says new Metallica album is pretty close to being completed…

Lars of Metallica gave us an update on the band’s new upcoming album. They have at least 20 songs for it so far and they are still honing them and tweaking them. In other words, putting on their finishing touches. Once they get that done, I’m sure they’ll pick the songs for the album which should be about 10 – 15 songs depending on how long they are. You know, Metallica always loved to write long songs. I’m sure it’ll be the same format for this album. Once they pick all the songs they’re happy with, I’m sure they’ll do all the mixing and mastering next.

Metallica doesn’t plan to shove this album in our faces like Beyonce or U2 did. Will their new song “Lords of Summer” make it on there? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. One thing with Metallica, they put together songs for albums that whatever works for the album itself not because we all like it. Whatever works for the band. So don’t be surprised if they don’t include that song for the next album.

That’s how these guys make their albums. Just record a bunch of songs and release the best ones.


Look like they’re taking their next album a little more seriously this time and not rushing things ’cause I remember they totally rushed, “Death Magnetic”.

As for a producer, I hope they don’t bring back Rick Rubin or Bob Rock ’cause that would be bad. They need a good producer for once that would give them good sound quality for their music. While Metallica have been my favorite band for years, I’ll admit they could improve their sound quality for their albums ’cause that is one thing the band is pretty bad at. I kind of agree that on “Death Magnetic” you can’t hear Rob’s bass and the album is full of clipping all over. That’s their problem, they’re not the best at production.

I want a good Metallica album with great sound quality that could make everyone happy for once.

Will they go back to thrash metal for this next one? I’m sure some songs would be kind of thrashy yes but I’m sure they’ll create a new sound once again. I’m sure there’s gonna be some slow ballads as well. That’s one thing I love about the band, they change their sound for every album. You never know what they’ll do each album. They’re always unpredictable. Always doing something different.


Will Metallica release their new album in 2015? I think there’s a good chance…

Metallica hasn’t released a new album in a long while. Fans are dying for the band to release their follow-up album from 2008’s “Death Magnetic”. What I love about Metallica is that they don’t head into the studio just because their fans want them to. They head into the studio when they’re ready and when they feel the time is right. So therefor, the band goes into the studio on their terms and not everyone else’s. Yeah, it’s true that they take a lot of time in between albums but that’s probably because the band goes on tour more than recording in the studio.

I know how Metallica’s songwriting process works ’cause I’ve seen all of their behind the scenes footage of each album they did. They document every studio session on video. Watch their movie, “Some Kind of Monster” and you would see how the band does things. They just write a bunch of riffs and ideas and then they try to put them together into a song. They won’t stop working on the music until they are happy with it.

Yeah, people want the band to go back to their old-school thrash metal sound. They try to. They tried to do that with their “Death Magnetic” album a little bit, go back to thrash metal. Even though the band tries to go back to their old sound… they can’t. That’s not how music works. Bands & musicians are about moving forward. They just play whatever comes out of them, ya know? That’s all there is to it. There’s no possible way a musician can go back to their old sound they once had. It’s all about musical inspiration.

Will they go back to their old-school thrash metal? Like what they had on albums like “Ride the Lightning”, “Kill ‘Em All” and “Master of Puppets”??? I don’t know. I swore that Lars said in an interview that they’re gonna go back to their early 90’s stuff a little bit. Go back to the “Black Album” era.

However, no matter how many times Metallica tries to make their fans happy… they’re always gonna get complainers and whiners. No matter what kind of music they put out. Even if the next Metallica album is really heavy and tight… fans will always try to find something to complain about. Watch for it. No matter what these guys do, people will always hate, hate, hate. So I can’t blame ’em for not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks.

This band sounds different every album and that’s what I love about ’em. They’re not afraid about going different directions. It’s about evolving. These guys are recording new songs and writing so I’m looking forward to hearing what they got.

Metallica always had the utmost respect from me. I’ve always loved the band no matter how much controversy and negativity that is thrown at them. I’ve always supported the band from day 1 and looking forward to their next album for sure. Don’t be surprised if they go different directions again.


Dave Mustaine admits punching James Hetfield in the mouth was a mistake…

I’m glad to see Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield finally getting along after all these years. Ya know, Dave Mustaine could have been a longtime member of Metallica if Dave didn’t mess up and we wouldn’t have gotten Megadeth. I’m a huge fan of both bands. Megadeth and Metallica are both amazing bands. Hopefully their relationship together stays this way. No more feuds. No more drama.

Now that Megadeth and Metallica have finally played concerts together, hopefully Dave and James would do some kind of collaboration in the studio together. That’s long overdue too. I would like a super group with Megadeth and Metallica members… wouldn’t it be awesome to see them do an album together? If Metallica can collaborate with Lou Reed, then why not do an album with Dave Mustaine??? Bring it on, boys! We’re waiting for it!

Dave Mustaine really loves Metallica, you can tell that he does.



Happy 51st birthday, Mr. James Hetfield!!!

A big happy birthday goes out to one of my favorite musicians. I love James Hetfield and Metallica! I don’t care what the haters and their doubters think. Metallica have always been and will always be great. They’ve always been my favorite band!

I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to see Metallica live myself during the “Death Magnetic” tour.

Happy birthday, James and thanks for the great music! Long live Metallica \m/


I’m impressed with Hetfield’s cover of Beatles, “In My Life”… screw the haters…

I think James Hetfield did an incredible job performing acoustic by himself which you don’t see that much. As usual whenever it comes to James Hetfield and Metallica, there’s always mixed opinions. People will start being opinionated jackasses and all that shit. What’s new when it comes to Metallica? This isn’t Metallica. This is James Hetfield solo!!!

I think he did a great job.

It showed that he has talent and he can really sing. No lip syncing there at all. He’s got the good head voice and sings the high notes well. He also sung with heart and passion. It also shows that he is more than just metal and heavy music. This is a softer side of him.

I think James should consider doing a solo career. He should do a solo album. I don’t see him doing that anytime soon since he’s heavily focused on Metallica but who knows. Maybe James will consider a solo career whenever Metallica is done?

Haters are gonna hate. I never listen to ’em.


Happy 50th Birthday, Mr. James Hetfield

Today, James Hetfield, rhythm guitarist and lead singer of Metallica (also one of the band’s main founders) turns into the big, 5-0 today. He may look a little older but he’s a lot younger.

Yes, Metallica gets a lot of hate and disrespect in this day and age. I still respect the band. Why? Simply because Metallica has a lot of balls and they aren’t afraid to do what they want to do. I don’t understand all the hate for Metallica. Yes, they sued Napster, yes they moved on from their speed metal music and went alternative, yes they aren’t good with sound production on their albums but no matter what you think of Metallica… they had a 30 year long career and they are the kings of metal. I don’t understand all the hate. They seem like real good dudes to me. I mean they reconciled with Megadeth, Slayer and even Napster’s Sean Parker. All 3 who Metallica had past feuds with. Sure enough, the fans will always find something new to hate about Metallica.

Metallica are a band just like all the others. They just want to get together and play music. They’re not gonna stay in the same style of music forever. All bands want to change and evolve. They all do. I stuck with Metallica through all the their albums even with the “Load/Reload”, “St. Anger”, “Lulu”, albums. I even liked those albums. Metallica will always have my back and my support. I had the opportunity to see them live in concert finally and it’s a night I’ll never forget.

People want to act like these guys are the most hated band in America but they’re just regular dudes and they’re just musicians. That is all! Anybody who hates Metallica just wants to be a bandwagon jumper and side with popular opinion. There’s nothing wrong with liking a band everybody hates. They’re still great songwriters.

Happy Birthday, James. Now start making the follow-up album to “Death Magnetic”. We had to wait a long time for “Death Magnetic”… now don’t force us to wait a long time for the next record. Metallica doesn’t spend a lot of time in the studio ’cause they’re more worried about touring around the world than writing and recording. Seriously, these guys do so much touring. It’s incredible. That’s another reason I respect them. They tour more than any other rock band out there.

Long live Metallica!!! \m/ I’m looking forward to their “Through the Never”, big screen 3D movie too. I’ll probably go see it!