Happy 50th Birthday, Mr. James Hetfield

Today, James Hetfield, rhythm guitarist and lead singer of Metallica (also one of the band’s main founders) turns into the big, 5-0 today. He may look a little older but he’s a lot younger.

Yes, Metallica gets a lot of hate and disrespect in this day and age. I still respect the band. Why? Simply because Metallica has a lot of balls and they aren’t afraid to do what they want to do. I don’t understand all the hate for Metallica. Yes, they sued Napster, yes they moved on from their speed metal music and went alternative, yes they aren’t good with sound production on their albums but no matter what you think of Metallica… they had a 30 year long career and they are the kings of metal. I don’t understand all the hate. They seem like real good dudes to me. I mean they reconciled with Megadeth, Slayer and even Napster’s Sean Parker. All 3 who Metallica had past feuds with. Sure enough, the fans will always find something new to hate about Metallica.

Metallica are a band just like all the others. They just want to get together and play music. They’re not gonna stay in the same style of music forever. All bands want to change and evolve. They all do. I stuck with Metallica through all the their albums even with the “Load/Reload”, “St. Anger”, “Lulu”, albums. I even liked those albums. Metallica will always have my back and my support. I had the opportunity to see them live in concert finally and it’s a night I’ll never forget.

People want to act like these guys are the most hated band in America but they’re just regular dudes and they’re just musicians. That is all! Anybody who hates Metallica just wants to be a bandwagon jumper and side with popular opinion. There’s nothing wrong with liking a band everybody hates. They’re still great songwriters.

Happy Birthday, James. Now start making the follow-up album to “Death Magnetic”. We had to wait a long time for “Death Magnetic”… now don’t force us to wait a long time for the next record. Metallica doesn’t spend a lot of time in the studio ’cause they’re more worried about touring around the world than writing and recording. Seriously, these guys do so much touring. It’s incredible. That’s another reason I respect them. They tour more than any other rock band out there.

Long live Metallica!!! \m/ I’m looking forward to their “Through the Never”, big screen 3D movie too. I’ll probably go see it!


3 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday, Mr. James Hetfield”

    1. True. He had a past with drugs and alcohol. He doesn’t do that stuff anymore. He does look clean, healthy, and looks great.


      1. I always thought he maybe a little older myself… somewhere around 55-60. I didn’t think he was about 50 myself.


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