Musicians with a bad attitude will no longer get my support…

Yes, I put my thoughts and honest criticism about local music and the Capital Region scene publicly for the whole world to see but do I feel guilty or ashamed of it? No, not at all. If these bands and the Capital Region’s music scene are doing their thing publicly, it gives me the right to be honest about it as much as I please. Am I really hurting the scene and putting it down with my honest rants about local music? If I am, I don’t really care. It don’t hurt to have a little bit of honesty.

You do all your best to support bands that you like by buying their albums and going to their shows but all you get is nothing but disrespect by them in return. Bands who have that kind of attitude makes me want to puke too. You do nothing but try to be helpful and supportive but some certain bands don’t even care. They act all nice to you in person but online… they seem to have negative attitudes.

This is why I do what I do. The Capital Region’s music scene is not such a great scene. I just call out the bullshit that goes on through here and tell things like I see it. Yet, musicians come back becoming all defensive. If that’s the kind of attitude you’re gonna have… good luck with your music ’cause you’re gonna need it. What I do here is called honest criticism. If you can’t take that, then you have no right to be calling yourself a musician. The no. 1 rule if you want to get further is that you must have a thick skin. You have to deal with the harsh reviews of critics out there

My postings about local music are not directed at any band in particular. It’s about all local bands in general.

This scene is pretty crazy and not such a friendly scene as some people mistakenly believe it is.

If you don’t like what I write on here, that’s tough. I’ll continue to be honest and tell things like it is. There really is too much bullying around here, it’s just unreal. I’m done supporting bands & musicians who don’t seem to show any support in return. Bands like that are just a waste of time to me. I won’t buy their albums, won’t go to their shows. Bands with negative attitudes are just 100% unprofessional behavior and I’ll have no problem exposing that stuff.

If you want to respond, fine, just keep the response civilized ’cause I don’t accept bashing of any kind. I’m not removing this post either, btw.


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