You see bands? James Hetfield finally admitted that Metallica aren’t great musicians… you should try that sometime…

I love how humble James Hetfield is. There is no ego in this guy at all. While talking about Metallica’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon playing kids instruments that went viral, James admitted that Metallica aren’t really that great musicians. James admits that Metallica makes a lot of mistakes on stage. He also admits that sometimes Metallica are tight on stage and sometimes they aren’t. He also admits that Metallica are afraid to jam with certain people.

We need more humble bands like Metallica. Most bands these days whether national or local are so arrogant and ego-driven, it’s crazy. A lot of bands out there can’t take any criticism of any kind. When they do get negative criticism, they become all defensive.

When Metallica responds to criticism, they can be like, “Oh, we do our best. We just make music for ourselves, we can’t please everyone”. That’s another humble response.

When a lot of bands go on stage, a lot of bands are like, “We’re gonna go onstage and kill it. Tear the house down”. How about something more humble instead like, “We’re gonna go on stage and give it our best.” I like that better.

A lot of Metallica fans are always negatively criticizing the musicianship of Hetfield, Ulrich and Hammett. They know that Rob Trujillo is a great bassist but they’re always criticizing his look & image… they believe Rob’s image doesn’t fit in Metallica. You see, y’all… playing in a band or a solo act is not about looking great or playing great. You don’t have to be the greatest musician in the world to do what you love to do. It’s about the music, really. That’s what Metallica is in it for. They do it ’cause they enjoy it and you can tell that the boys in Metallica enjoy it. That’s what being a musician is about, “enjoyment”. Who cares if you’re not good looking or if you’re not the greatest player in the world. Just play music ’cause you simply love it. That’s what I do it for.

Kudos, James and keep saying this stuff!



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