Will Metallica release their new album in 2015? I think there’s a good chance…

Metallica hasn’t released a new album in a long while. Fans are dying for the band to release their follow-up album from 2008’s “Death Magnetic”. What I love about Metallica is that they don’t head into the studio just because their fans want them to. They head into the studio when they’re ready and when they feel the time is right. So therefor, the band goes into the studio on their terms and not everyone else’s. Yeah, it’s true that they take a lot of time in between albums but that’s probably because the band goes on tour more than recording in the studio.

I know how Metallica’s songwriting process works ’cause I’ve seen all of their behind the scenes footage of each album they did. They document every studio session on video. Watch their movie, “Some Kind of Monster” and you would see how the band does things. They just write a bunch of riffs and ideas and then they try to put them together into a song. They won’t stop working on the music until they are happy with it.

Yeah, people want the band to go back to their old-school thrash metal sound. They try to. They tried to do that with their “Death Magnetic” album a little bit, go back to thrash metal. Even though the band tries to go back to their old sound… they can’t. That’s not how music works. Bands & musicians are about moving forward. They just play whatever comes out of them, ya know? That’s all there is to it. There’s no possible way a musician can go back to their old sound they once had. It’s all about musical inspiration.

Will they go back to their old-school thrash metal? Like what they had on albums like “Ride the Lightning”, “Kill ‘Em All” and “Master of Puppets”??? I don’t know. I swore that Lars said in an interview that they’re gonna go back to their early 90’s stuff a little bit. Go back to the “Black Album” era.

However, no matter how many times Metallica tries to make their fans happy… they’re always gonna get complainers and whiners. No matter what kind of music they put out. Even if the next Metallica album is really heavy and tight… fans will always try to find something to complain about. Watch for it. No matter what these guys do, people will always hate, hate, hate. So I can’t blame ’em for not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks.

This band sounds different every album and that’s what I love about ’em. They’re not afraid about going different directions. It’s about evolving. These guys are recording new songs and writing so I’m looking forward to hearing what they got.

Metallica always had the utmost respect from me. I’ve always loved the band no matter how much controversy and negativity that is thrown at them. I’ve always supported the band from day 1 and looking forward to their next album for sure. Don’t be surprised if they go different directions again.


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