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Interesting… Metallica once considered ousting Lars Ulrich from the band…

Metallica is Lars Ulrich’s baby. Always has been. He was the one who started the band himself. A lot of people think James Hetfield started the band but not true. James was only recruited by Lars himself. So Lars is pretty much the leader of the band. Remember in the movie, “School of Rock” where Dewey Finn was kicked out of his own band, No Vacancy? Well, Lars almost experienced the similar thing.


I can see why ’cause Lars Ulrich has always been kind of a huge pain in the ass, admittedly. Knowing how Lars was during the “Some Kind of Monster” movie during the “St. Anger” recording when James and Lars were feuding at the time.

While I love Metallica and always had, I’ll admit that Lars is kind of annoying. That guy just talks way too much which probably explains why he does the most interviews than the other guys. James doesn’t do interviews much. It’s always either Lars or Kirk doing most of the interviews. Rob does interviews sometimes but he doesn’t do interviews much either.


Why lack of bass guitar on Metallica’s “And Justice For All” album? It’s because Lars didn’t want any….

While Metallica is one of my favorite bands, the one thing that I will admit that they are not good with is “sound quality” for their albums. They’ve never have been good at “sound quality” and producing their records. You can blame that on Lars ’cause Metallica is his baby and he seems to be calling all the shots. Lars started the band himself years ago so he’s the band’s leader and boss, I guess.

Fans complained for years on the sound quality on their iconic album, “And Justice For All” on why there are no bass lines on the album. Jason Newsted did record bass parts for the album but Lars wanted the bass to be turned way down in the mix.


Hmmmmm… that could explain why you could barely hear Rob Trujillo’s bass on the “Death Magnetic” album. Lars wanted Rob’s bass to be turned down on that album as well? I wouldn’t be surprised. When Metallica releases their next album this year, don’t be surprised that Rob’s bass would be turned down again.

Hear “And Justice For All” album with Jason’s bass turned up in the video below. I agree the album sounds a lot better with the bass turned up. They sound a lot tighter too.

While “And Justice For All” is one of my favorite Metallica albums, I agree that the sound quality on it could have been better. It sounds more like a demo than an album, in my opinion.


Lars Ulrich says new Metallica album is pretty close to being completed…

Lars of Metallica gave us an update on the band’s new upcoming album. They have at least 20 songs for it so far and they are still honing them and tweaking them. In other words, putting on their finishing touches. Once they get that done, I’m sure they’ll pick the songs for the album which should be about 10 – 15 songs depending on how long they are. You know, Metallica always loved to write long songs. I’m sure it’ll be the same format for this album. Once they pick all the songs they’re happy with, I’m sure they’ll do all the mixing and mastering next.

Metallica doesn’t plan to shove this album in our faces like Beyonce or U2 did. Will their new song “Lords of Summer” make it on there? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. One thing with Metallica, they put together songs for albums that whatever works for the album itself not because we all like it. Whatever works for the band. So don’t be surprised if they don’t include that song for the next album.

That’s how these guys make their albums. Just record a bunch of songs and release the best ones.


Look like they’re taking their next album a little more seriously this time and not rushing things ’cause I remember they totally rushed, “Death Magnetic”.

As for a producer, I hope they don’t bring back Rick Rubin or Bob Rock ’cause that would be bad. They need a good producer for once that would give them good sound quality for their music. While Metallica have been my favorite band for years, I’ll admit they could improve their sound quality for their albums ’cause that is one thing the band is pretty bad at. I kind of agree that on “Death Magnetic” you can’t hear Rob’s bass and the album is full of clipping all over. That’s their problem, they’re not the best at production.

I want a good Metallica album with great sound quality that could make everyone happy for once.

Will they go back to thrash metal for this next one? I’m sure some songs would be kind of thrashy yes but I’m sure they’ll create a new sound once again. I’m sure there’s gonna be some slow ballads as well. That’s one thing I love about the band, they change their sound for every album. You never know what they’ll do each album. They’re always unpredictable. Always doing something different.


Will Metallica release their new album in 2015? I think there’s a good chance…

Metallica hasn’t released a new album in a long while. Fans are dying for the band to release their follow-up album from 2008’s “Death Magnetic”. What I love about Metallica is that they don’t head into the studio just because their fans want them to. They head into the studio when they’re ready and when they feel the time is right. So therefor, the band goes into the studio on their terms and not everyone else’s. Yeah, it’s true that they take a lot of time in between albums but that’s probably because the band goes on tour more than recording in the studio.

I know how Metallica’s songwriting process works ’cause I’ve seen all of their behind the scenes footage of each album they did. They document every studio session on video. Watch their movie, “Some Kind of Monster” and you would see how the band does things. They just write a bunch of riffs and ideas and then they try to put them together into a song. They won’t stop working on the music until they are happy with it.

Yeah, people want the band to go back to their old-school thrash metal sound. They try to. They tried to do that with their “Death Magnetic” album a little bit, go back to thrash metal. Even though the band tries to go back to their old sound… they can’t. That’s not how music works. Bands & musicians are about moving forward. They just play whatever comes out of them, ya know? That’s all there is to it. There’s no possible way a musician can go back to their old sound they once had. It’s all about musical inspiration.

Will they go back to their old-school thrash metal? Like what they had on albums like “Ride the Lightning”, “Kill ‘Em All” and “Master of Puppets”??? I don’t know. I swore that Lars said in an interview that they’re gonna go back to their early 90’s stuff a little bit. Go back to the “Black Album” era.

However, no matter how many times Metallica tries to make their fans happy… they’re always gonna get complainers and whiners. No matter what kind of music they put out. Even if the next Metallica album is really heavy and tight… fans will always try to find something to complain about. Watch for it. No matter what these guys do, people will always hate, hate, hate. So I can’t blame ’em for not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks.

This band sounds different every album and that’s what I love about ’em. They’re not afraid about going different directions. It’s about evolving. These guys are recording new songs and writing so I’m looking forward to hearing what they got.

Metallica always had the utmost respect from me. I’ve always loved the band no matter how much controversy and negativity that is thrown at them. I’ve always supported the band from day 1 and looking forward to their next album for sure. Don’t be surprised if they go different directions again.


Brock defends Lars Ulrich of Metallica…

Is Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica, one of the most hated musicians on the internet? It certainly seems so! Where ever Metallica is posted anywhere on the internet, he is almost always getting bashed on by most of the haters. Why? It’s usually people saying the same things about him. His drumming skills always get slammed and people call him a crazy meat head. He still gets criticized for his lawsuit threats at Napster years back, even to this day. He also gets criticized for the way he performs on stage at Metallica concerts. Usually the same old arguments, nothing new, with nothing to back it up.

You see, I respect Lars as a musician. I mean, if he was a shit drummer, then Metallica wouldn’t become one of the biggest bands in the world right? It seems that Lars Ulrich is the leader of Metallica. I watch all the Metallica video blogs in youtube, the studio stuff and all the backstage stuff at concerts, and it does seem that Lars have creative control of everything. Why? Because Metallica is Lars band! He was the one who formed the band himself way back in 1981. Lars put an advertisement in the newspapers and James Hetfield was one of the first musicians to respond. Metallica formed from there.

No matter what you think of Lars, you can’t deny his work ethic. He is a pretty hard working guy. Lars is the one who helped James write all the songs for Metallica. Watch all the videos for proof. Lars will instruct James to play better and Lars won’t be afraid to say what is great and what is bad, about James playing. Metallica is always touring non stop. Always on the road, whether in the USA or over seas. Yes, Lars maybe a little crazy but in a good way. He seems like a very friendly and down to earth guy to me, after watching most of the Metallica meet & greet videos. Lars may be a huge pain in the ass to the other members of the band at times, but Lars wants what’s best for Metallica. That’s all he’s doing. He cares for the band and Metallica fans. He wants to put on the best music as possible, he is just doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

Metallica continues to sell millions of records and sell out arenas all over the world, so they must be doing something right. So I don’t understand the hate toward Lars? Lars survived 30 years of Metallica. 30 fucking years, long days of recording, touring, playing the same songs over and over. You can’t deny that’s pretty impressive. This is also part of the reason I respect Metallica. I respect their legacy, their work ethic, their talent, and songwriting. They certainly know what they’re doing and they aren’t afraid to do different things whether people liked it or not. I never had a problem with Lars.

Also, Metallica supports other bands & artists. Doing their own Orion festival is proof that they support other music, other than their own. So it shows that Metallica, don’t have an ego problem at all. They’re pretty respectful to other talent and they don’t think they’re better than others. I will always respect Metallica no matter what people think. With Metallica’s next album, if they plan to move away from speed metal again I’ll have no problem with that either. It’s called creative control with your music. Metallica just wrote whatever comes out of them when it comes to songwriting together. They can’t help it if they write out of the speed metal genre. It is pretty sad that Metallica has so many haters though. I just try to ignore them all, the best I can.


Report: Lars Ulrich is selling a Basquiat painting and it costs $12 million, you rich enough to afford it?

When Lars is not around music and not playing with Metallica, Lars’s 2nd passion in life is art and painting. He is a painter himself and he collects artwork by other artists as a hobby of his.

Lars is selling a painting by artist Jean-Michael Basquiat. Basquiat is a graffitti artist who died of a drug overdose in 1988 when he was 27. The name of the painting that Lars is selling is titled “Untitled (Boxer)” which the painting is a black heavyweight boxer with his arms in the air.

The Associated Press reports:


Why would Lars want to sell that for $12 million when I’m sure he made much more than that from the “Death Magnetic” record which made no. 1 on the Billboard for 3 weeks in a row?

I can see why Lars is always selling his own paintings and paintings by other artists because it is impossible to keep all paintings in a house.


Report: Lars Ulrich speaks on “Death Magnetic” sound quality…

Lars Ulrich finally responded to fans complaining about the sound quality on the new Metallica album “Death Magnetic”. In fan reviews of the album, some complained that they can’t hear Rob’s bass, some say that the CD is too distorted and so on. Lars spoke with Blender magazine when asked about it.

Lars defended “Death Magnetic” sound by saying it’s no different when fans complained about the sound quality on “And Justice For All”. He goes on saying that the internet gives music listeners a voice and to be honest about bands. He then goes on saying “he can’t keep up with this shit”, clearly meaning that he doesn’t care about fan negativity toward Metallica.

He then says how he is so happy and proud that this new album “Death Magnetic” has got mostly positive feedback from the listeners. He explains that Metallica was so committed in getting the direction of the music of what Rick Rubin wanted. Rick Rubin was like a coach for the band and Metallica was doing everything Rick says. He also says that the band wanted “Death Magnetic” to be a live recording.

More on it here:


I’ve said before and I’ll say it again.

Fans are always looking for something new and different to complain about Metallica. Just negative people that do nothing but talk negative trash about Metallica.

But they can keep talking, the haters are part of the reason the band is so huge right now.

I find nothing wrong with the sound quality on “Death Magnetic”, it sounds great to me.


Cool Video: Lars Ulrich thanks fans in youtube who cover Metallica songs on video…

Lars Ulrich put up his first personal video blog, to personally thank fans who put up youtube videos of fans covering Metallica songs on guitar and bass or whatever instrument they play. You’re a musician, you cover a Metallica song in a video and you don’t think Metallica themselves isn’t watching them? Well, you thought wrong. 🙂 The band watches all videos posted about Metallica in youtube as Lars explained here. Lars explains that the band is flattered and happy that musicians in youtube cover Metallica songs.


A few videos of examples, people covering Metallica songs in youtube, these videos are from the bands “favorites” folder in their youtube channel.

Cool Video: Lars Ulrich thanks fans in youtube who cover Metallica songs on video…

Lars Ulrich put up his first personal video blog, to personally thank fans who put up youtube videos of fans covering Metallica songs on guitar and bass or whatever instrument they play. You’re a musician, you cover a Metallica song in a video and you don’t think Metallica themselves isn’t watching them? Well, you thought wrong. 🙂 The band watches all videos posted about Metallica in youtube as Lars explained here. Lars explains that the band is flattered and happy that musicians in youtube cover Metallica songs.


A few videos of examples, people covering Metallica songs in youtube, these videos are from the bands “favorites” folder in their youtube channel.

Report: Lars Ulrich interview…Metallica drummer speaks on cocaine use, Dave Mustaine, negative fan reviews on “St. Anger”, and more…

There is an interesting interview with Lars Ulrich at The Quietus website where Lars talks about a variety of topics. He speaks how Noel Gallagher from Oasis inspired Lars to get off cocaine.

He is still talking about Dave Mustaine of Megadeth to the media when Dave was fired from Metallica 24 years ago. Lars says that he and the rest of Metallica aren’t friends with Dave, Lars says he won’t telll Dave to back off and move on because he isn’t that kind of guy, Lars still has respect for Dave as a person and as a musician. Lars respects Dave’s work with Megadeth as Lars is a fan of Megadeth as well. Lars says that he is flattered that Dave Mustaine still loves Metallica to this day. Although they respect each other musically, they never got along personally.

More on it here:


I’ve always thought Megadeth was much better than Metallica anyways.

Will Dave and Metallica ever bury the hatchet and become friends in the future? It could be possible but I doubt it will ever happen. I’d love to one day see Metallica and Megadeth tour together but I don’t ever see Dave asking Metallica to play for Gigantour. They once shared the stage for Woodstock ’99 and that’s probably the only time you’ll see them share the stage.

I don’t think they should move on and stop thinking about the past. Mustaine is just trying to get answers on why Metallica kicked him out, and Metallica continues to refuse to admit the truth to the public. It’s no wonder Dave is still bothering Metallica because the band continues to act like assholes to him.