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Proof that people watch videos @ facebook instead of youtube…

Here ya go… more proof that people watching videos at facebook is getting bigger than youtube.


Like I said before, I know videos get more attention in facebook than youtube ’cause I’ve witnessed it myself when I upload my own videos at both places. When I upload my videos on youtube, they don’t get a lot of views at all but when I upload videos in facebook, videos seem to go viral quickly in facebook.

Videos going viral don’t happen in youtube anymore. Facebook is the way to go these days so don’t be surprised that facebook will soon be launching their own video site to rival youtube. I have a feeling this is gonna happen soon.

I’ll continue to use youtube, yes but I won’t use it upload music with anymore. I’ll make my homemade live music videos to facebook instead of youtube. I’m noticing that when I upload a video of myself performing a song on video on my youtube channel, it gets less views than facebook. So each time I upload a homemade music video of mine, it’ll go to facebook instead of youtube. I’ll just use youtube for videoblogs.

My “Take My Breathe Away” cover got almost like 400 views in facebook. In youtube that video wouldn’t have gotten that many.

Just watch everyone. Pretty soon all the youtubers will be switching to facebook. Facebook will be the future of videos.


Youtube will soon become the next “myspace”… watch for it…

Youtube has always been the place where people go to make videos of all kinds and youtube has always been the place where video will go viral. Youtube has helped people become “stars” and has gotten a celebrity “status” ’cause of their viral videos.

Well I have noticed lately that people are slowly losing interest in youtube and videos seem to go “viral” a lot more quicker in facebook. I know this ’cause each time I upload a video of me performing cover songs in facebook, they seem to get a lot more views than my youtube channel. Pretty soon facebook is going to steal “youtube’s” spotlight and they already did, in fact.


I too am losing a lot of interest in youtube simply because of the low “view” numbers but when you upload it in facebook, you get more “view” numbers in facebook there. I am also losing interest in youtube ’cause of the strict third party “copyright” laws. I really am thinking about ditching youtube for videos and post ’em all on facebook from now on.

Pretty soon everybody will be switching from youtube to facebook to make videos on. Just like people switched from myspace to facebook quickly. It’s gonna happen. It’s only a matter of time.

If I ever decide to delete my youtube channel, I’ll make a whole new “like” page on facebook to upload videos on so I can talk about politics, music, movies, etc.


What happened to the Dr. Of Common Sense’s youtube channel?

E.T. Williams aka the Dr. Of Common Sense who is a youtube personality just got his main youtube channel shut down. It’s looking like it’s a permanent ban this time ’cause the Dr. Of Common Sense channel is still shut down.

E.T. Williams himself is claiming that Muslims had it shut down ’cause he does a lot of Muslim bashing on his channel. That’s just according to him, though.

It also could be that Barack Obama knows about his youtube channel and maybe Obama and his administration had youtube shut it down?

It’s a shame what happened to him though ’cause all this proves is that our freedom of speech is definitely in danger. I’m sure he wasn’t violating the Terms of Service, though.

What this guy does in youtube is awesome. In my opinion, I think he should ditch youtube and go somewhere else to upload videos. This guy uploads a lot of videos and they’re all usually pretty long but I do enjoy watching some of them. I only watch the ones where he talks about Obama ’cause it’s entertaining to me. What he says about Obama is always spot on. He does a good job telling everyone who Barack Obama is and to be honest, this Dr. Of Common Sense guy helped me wake up about a lot of stuff on Obama.

You should pay attention to E.T. Williams. Not all black people are fans of Obama, there are some that really hate him. 🙂



Youtube maybe 10 years old today but soon Facebook video will take it’s spotlight…

You know how that myspace is a thing of the past and is now dead and gone? Well the same thing is gonna happen to youtube. I’m noticing that youtube is getting less and less popular. More people are losing hope for youtube and I am too. It used to be a cool site to upload your homemade videos but I’m starting to lose interest which is pretty much the reason I slowed down on making youtube videos. Why? Too many ads and third party copyrights are bullshit. That’s pretty much the reasons people are turning away from youtube.

Each time I upload a video in facebook instead of youtube, I’m noticing that the video views are better there than youtube. Things go viral quickly in facebook than youtube these days. I am noticing that people don’t post videos from youtube in facebook anymore. Instead they upload videos to facebook itself.

I really am thinking about ditching youtube and just upload my videos to facebook from now on. Facebook video may only have a few features but give it time, though, folks. Mark Zuckerberg will make facebook video more like youtube but he will try to make it even better.

I used to love youtube in the old days but it sucks now. Thanks to google who bought youtube. I blame google for ruining youtube. Facebook video seems to be the way to go.



Youtube will become the next myspace if google is serious about this…

What do I mean when youtube will become the next myspace??? It means that people will jump ship from youtube to somewhere else just like people jump shipped from the old myspace to facebook. Google is getting pretty slimey. I’m starting to dislike youtube even more now and even I’m already starting to think about uploading my videos somewhere else. Independent labels maybe gone from youtube soon including some of the biggest artists like Adele and Jack White will be gone from youtube soon ’cause of the stupid streaming service deal.


I find it real sad that people have to target musicians like this in youtube. First major labels made it tough for youtube musicians to upload cover songs and now this.

It’s getting tougher for musicians to share their music online. It’s all about the money obviously. That’s all they care about is making money out of musicians. Crazy.


Obama administration censoring anti-Obama youtubers???

Hmmmmm, this is interesting to me so I decided to share it here. I never heard of anti-Obama youtuber, Mark Dice, until I read about this in info wars. Mark Dice’s youtube channel has been shut down by the Obama administration due to new policies in the TOS.



It’s looking like that Obama is doing all he can to get rid of all of anti-Obama videos in youtube. There are tons of anti-Obama youtube channels, I can find you plenty of ’em. If he’s trying to get rid of all anti-Obama content on the web good luck on that. It’s just bothering him that he doesn’t like how so many people hate him. Well, guess what, Barack? That’s called karma!

You wanna know why Obama spies on people through NSA, IRS, etc? It isn’t because he’s fighting terrorism. He just goes after Americans who doesn’t agree with how he’s running the country. That’s the way the USA works. If Obama wants to treat America so badly, then the American people will not respond so kindly either. That’s the way it goes.

If Obama somehow discovers my blog and wants to censor me, I’d say bring it the fuck on!!!! This is a violation of the 1st Amendment, indeed.

I’ll have to check out Mark Dice’s channel. Looks like good stuff!


“The Twin Muscle” youtube channel by the Hodge Twins, became pretty addicting…

The Hodge Twins have become big youtube sensations with their bodybuilding instructional stuff, so some of you probably heard of them. There are other popular youtube trainers like Scooby, luimarco, Scott Herman, etc., but I think the Hodge Twins do a better job than anybody else. Their fitness information can be pretty factual and true. They don’t just make stuff up like a lot of others do.  It looks like these guys do their homework before posting things.

Not only that they are good at what they do, they keep their videos funny and entertaining. They can be like, “Hey man, you wanna build some muscle man, you can build some fuckin’ muscle”. LOL, you’ll get the idea when you start watching their videos.

You can either love ’em or hate ’em,  they’re an inspiration and what they’re doing is good. I subscribed to their youtube channel, so I can follow it on a daily basis. I agree with a lot of their information. It’s good stuff. Most fitness youtube channels are crap, but the Twin Muscle channel is one of the best ones. Keep up the good work, dudes!

Check out their Channel, here.