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What happened to the Dr. Of Common Sense’s youtube channel?

E.T. Williams aka the Dr. Of Common Sense who is a youtube personality just got his main youtube channel shut down. It’s looking like it’s a permanent ban this time ’cause the Dr. Of Common Sense channel is still shut down.

E.T. Williams himself is claiming that Muslims had it shut down ’cause he does a lot of Muslim bashing on his channel. That’s just according to him, though.

It also could be that Barack Obama knows about his youtube channel and maybe Obama and his administration had youtube shut it down?

It’s a shame what happened to him though ’cause all this proves is that our freedom of speech is definitely in danger. I’m sure he wasn’t violating the Terms of Service, though.

What this guy does in youtube is awesome. In my opinion, I think he should ditch youtube and go somewhere else to upload videos. This guy uploads a lot of videos and they’re all usually pretty long but I do enjoy watching some of them. I only watch the ones where he talks about Obama ’cause it’s entertaining to me. What he says about Obama is always spot on. He does a good job telling everyone who Barack Obama is and to be honest, this Dr. Of Common Sense guy helped me wake up about a lot of stuff on Obama.

You should pay attention to E.T. Williams. Not all black people are fans of Obama, there are some that really hate him. 🙂



Why the “Dr. Of Common Sense” is the best channel in youtube… he’s the most realistic man out there!!!

Want to know why the “Dr. Of Common Sense” is the best channel in youtube? It’s because he promotes “common sense”.  “Common sense” in which a lot of people lack these days and I would think that’s why he created the channel to begin with. The media lacks common sense and most people in this society.

This guy gives people a realistic look at what’s going on in America and around the world. The things he says on his channel maybe brutal but he’s spot on almost all of the time.

All the stuff he says about Barack Obama is spot on too. A lot of people are afraid to talk about Obama truth but this ET Williams guy isn’t. If you wanna learn who Barry Soetoro really is, you should listen to the Dr. Of Common Sense.


I love this channel ’cause it’s so realistic and honest. I try to watch all of his videos as much as I can.

By the way, this ET Williams guy is neither a liberal or conservative ’cause he talks trash at both of them. This guy just wants to speak the truth which most people are afraid of these days.

I’m sure Obama himself and the media are afraid of that “Common Sense” youtube channel. ET Williams channel is pretty addicting stuff to me. I really enjoy his videos.

I don’t find any of his stuff on the channel offensive to me at all ’cause what ET Williams says about Obama and Michelle is the truth.

Seriously check out that channel above yourself if you got the guts.



Sadly, Dr. Of Common Sense is right Obama can’t be stopped…

This video is worth a watch and like usual, E.T. Williams is right on the money sadly.

The reason so many people still have a hard time understanding of Barack being behind all of these scandals and crimes  (Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, NSA, etc.) you know, the same usual list is because I guess there’s not enough evidence proving his guilt. E.T. Williams is right that Barack can’t be touched until Barack is removed from office so Barack may as well serve his full 8 year term in office.

I’m sure Barack has all kinds of confidential information of all those scandals but you know he’s never gonna release the documents of those scandals. Well, he did release documents of Operation: F&F and Benghazi already but most of the documents were of course, blacked out. Barack is never gonna release anything that would damage his presidency or himself as a person.

Even if someone decides to have the balls and blow the whistle to release confidential information that will expose Barack Obama, you know the media is never gonna touch it. Only FOX News and other right-wing media outlets will report that stuff and the left will have fun calling that stuff “right-wing” conspiracy theory. Even if “right-wingers” know this stuff is true, left-wingers will never believe it. When “right-wingers” decide to have the balls to expose Barack truth, the left-wing media will come in for Barack’s defense.

Even if the truth came out of Benghazi, the media won’t touch that either. Liberals won’t believe anything bad about Barack until something lands about him in the mainstream news. Liberals look at the mainstream news as “credible source”.

There is still hope, though on trying to take Obama down before his presidency is over with. Maybe even Hillary will give up and blow the whistle on Obama. Maybe she will reveal some stuff about him since they are not getting along.

It really is amazing how secretive and mysterious Barack is. I can’t understand why the media would protect him as well. They know he’s a criminal and they know what he is and what he has done to America, the only reason they’re protecting him is that he’s the first black president  and they don’t want to make the first black president to look bad.

This is how Barack is getting away with everything. His first “black president” is his shield.

Look, I’m all for a black president. Why does it have to be this guy, Barack Obama? The media really brainwashed people into thinking that he’s a good guy and completely harmless when he’s not. Obama is a very dangerous and evil man.

I wish Ben Carson could have been our first black president instead of the one we have now.


Cool Video: “Stop debating stupid jackass liberals! It shrinks your brain!”…

E.T. Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense is one of my favorite political video bloggers. I like him because he’s one of the very few youtubers who’s not afraid to be realistic about Barack. His videos and rants are entertaining as hell. I enjoy watching his videos. He’s got similar views about Barack as I do.

This guy hit the nail on the head of why I’m pretty much done debating politics with liberals. It’s a good video and I agree with everything he said in it. Liberals really are crazy. Debating politics with them is like talking to a brick wall, in my opinion. E.T. Williams is so right that you can never have a rational conversation with them at all. Liberals don’t even know how to debate correctly. Debating is talking about facts and stuff. Liberals don’t do that. They are so one sided. They are pretty loyal to their side and all they wanna do is defend Barack Obama no matter the situation.

When conservatives want to point out all the bad things Barack have done… nope, liberals ignore it all and they don’t wanna listen to you. Instead they wanna blame everything on Bush. The left don’t want to agree with the right on anything at all. There’s no “winning” with those people. Whatever thoughts and opinions “right-wingers” have, you can very well believe that the left is gonna have an opposite opinion. They have an opposite opinion and different thought on everything.

When liberals see that you have conservative beliefs, they’ll do all they can to try to make you look like a “liberal”. I deal with that shit all the time. Liberals are pretty hateful toward conservatives and it makes you wonder why we are getting so fed up with them. When you call out their bullshit, they’ll cry “freedom of speech” like the hypocrites they are. How they are hypocrites when they cry “Freedom of speech”? It’s because they won’t let us have our opinions and thoughts. Liberals do let us have our opinions and thoughts but until we have a different view of theirs, that’s when they get all over us. That’s taking our “free speech” away.

Liberals won’t let us have our opinions on gay marriage, the 2nd amendment, all this stuff on diversity with Michael Brown/Trayvon Martin, religion and lots of other topics. In this day and age, if you’re a conservative, you have to watch what you say almost all of the time. It’s ridiculous. The intolerance from liberals is getting crazy.

If you tell the truth about Barack Obama, liberals will give you shit about that too. Everything you say about Barack, they’ll shrug it off and laugh at you. Call you a crazy conspiracy theorist, a right-wing nut job or a racist. Just look at people like Rudy Giuliani and Dinesh D’ Souza. Those two guys get so much liberal backlash only because they tell the truth about our traitor-in-chief. Another example is Rush Limbaugh, liberals are desperate in trying to end his radio show. That’s taking their freedom of speech away.

The Dr. Of Common Sense here is so right. Stop debating liberals and I’ve been doing that for a long while now. It does make you happier and makes life easier. I only debate politics with other conservatives ’cause they are much smarter and more intelligent. They are more honest too. Liberals accuse us of siding with the right on everything but we don’t. We are not even happy with the GOP and our own party.

I’m proud to be conservative, though and always will be. I won’t change for anybody. I’m getting even more strict on moderating ’cause I’m done debating with stupid people who don’t wanna listen. I have that right. I’m done debating with people who just wanna defend Barack Obama or the liberal party. Done with it all. These days, I just get my opinions and thoughts out there and just ignore everyone’s dramatic bullshit. It’s amazing how much trouble conservatives get just for speaking their minds. Our freedom is indeed diminishing.