“The Twin Muscle” youtube channel by the Hodge Twins, became pretty addicting…

The Hodge Twins have become big youtube sensations with their bodybuilding instructional stuff, so some of you probably heard of them. There are other popular youtube trainers like Scooby, luimarco, Scott Herman, etc., but I think the Hodge Twins do a better job than anybody else. Their fitness information can be pretty factual and true. They don’t just make stuff up like a lot of others do.  It looks like these guys do their homework before posting things.

Not only that they are good at what they do, they keep their videos funny and entertaining. They can be like, “Hey man, you wanna build some muscle man, you can build some fuckin’ muscle”. LOL, you’ll get the idea when you start watching their videos.

You can either love ’em or hate ’em,  they’re an inspiration and what they’re doing is good. I subscribed to their youtube channel, so I can follow it on a daily basis. I agree with a lot of their information. It’s good stuff. Most fitness youtube channels are crap, but the Twin Muscle channel is one of the best ones. Keep up the good work, dudes!

Check out their Channel, here.


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