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Cool Video: Ac/Dc fan sings and dances to “Rock N’ Roll Train” leaked song in youtube…

An Ac/Dc fan seemed to have got their next single “Rock N’ Roll Train” early. So he made a video of himself impersonating Brian Johnson 100%. He dressed up like Brian Johnson and even knows his dance moves on stage. The person singing isn’t Brian Johnson, the kid is singing along to the riffs on the stereo. Pretty cool video. Enjoy the laughs.


Cool Video: Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters show off their favorite youtube videos…

Man, how cool would it be if you made a great video for youtube and it gets a nod by hollywood actor/rock musician Billy Bob Thornton!!! Billy Bob just formed a new band called the Boxmasters, and to help spread the word, youtube gave him the opportunity to show off his favorite youtube videos. Any video that he wanted.

That’s what so damn cool about youtube is because you can get your 15 minutes of fame in it and you just never know who is watching your videos whether it’s a celebrity or a famous rock star.

The Boxmasters trio show off their videos here while drinking beer and partying it up and joking around, yes, they do look kind of wasted and plastered. Billy Bob Thornton, the actor/musician is in the center wearing the baseball cap. He happens to be a favorite actor of mine in the movies.

You can see all of the Boxmasters favorite videos in their entirety in the featured videos section. Enjoy.