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Ac/Dc producer says band will make Malcolm Young’s presence known on new album, “PWR UP”… Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about Malcolm…

When Ac/Dc confirmed the lineup for the band’s comeback, Malcolm was left out but don’t fret… Malcolm will still be part of the new Ac/Dc album, “PWR UP”. The band’s producer says the band worked on several riff ideas that Malcolm wrote and they wrote songs around that. Malcolm’s riffs will still be a part of the new album but they will be played by Stevie.

Before Malcolm passed, he continued to play guitar as long as he was able and up until he couldn’t play guitar anymore. I’m sure there was a point he had to stop playing guitar for good when dementia got a lot worse.

We all knew the band was coming back soon but we didn’t know what musicians would be involved in the comeback… even the band’s producer didn’t even know… he was just as shocked like the rest of us when he found out that Phil and Cliff were re-joining.

Happy birthday to Brian Johnson, btw.



Ac/Dc hinting at virtual concert maybe???

Not only that Ac/Dc is coming out with a new album, they are hinting at something else.

If you look at this picture the band just released today, it looks like an area that’s setup like a concert with the band logo in big bright red letters and huge lighting. Setup like a stage of some sort.

Some are probably thinking this is a tour announcement after Covid but nah… I think it’s something else. This is probably the band hinting at a virtual concert live on the internet. Bands been doing that lately… Metallica was the first to do a drive in concert live on the internet, could Ac/Dc be next??? It would be cool and I bet that’s what it is. Since the band Ac/Dc can’t play live concerts, there’s no stopping them doing it “virtually” on the internet.

I think it be cool for Ac/Dc to do a live concert online for “free”… watch the band play songs from their new record and of course, play their greatest hits too. I could be wrong about “virtual” concert but it’s just a guess and if I turn out right, would be fucking awesome and I would tune in for sure.


Ac/Dc reveals newest band promotional photo… Confirming the return of Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd…

As some of you know, Ac/Dc’s been going through some stuff for the past several years since their latest album, “Rock Or Bust” released in 2014. They haven’t released a new album since ’cause Brian Johnson left the band for a while due to hearing issues and Axl Rose took over as lead vocalist but for the tour only. Then longtime drummer for the band, Phil Rudd got in trouble with the law and having all kinds of personal issues… Cliff Williams, the band’s bassist left the band ’cause he felt he couldn’t go on without Brian and Phil. Then they went through the death of their bandmate and founder of the band, Malcolm Young.

Well, the music’s gotta go on and Ac/Dc is continuing. As you know this week, they’re teasing a huge comeback… teasing as something titled, “PWR UP” which is probably the title of a new song or album title or both ’cause as you know, that’s how Ac/Dc picked their album titles over the years…. a song off the album becomes the album title. I’m predicting like most “PWR UP” is the title of the album and the title of a song off the album both.

They haven’t released the album cover, track listing and new singles but I’m sure that stuff will be coming real soon. It looks like they’re releasing new news everyday so one day at a time leading up to the official album announcement? I don’t think the picture above is the new album cover, just a promotional photo.

Yeah, Ac/Dc went through some things for the past several years so you’ll never know who’ll come back and who’ll be involved in the band so somehow they managed to get Brian, Cliff and Phil back in the band. Angus and Stevie Young are back in the band too, of course so this means that the lineup from the “Rock Or Bust” album is still the same.

Yeah, Brian has hearing loss but they made some kind of special hearing device for him so that he could be able to hear music again but I’m sure the music won’t be as loud for him this time so it won’t further damage his hearing. I’m sure Brian still got it with the singing too. I’m sure he still has that screaming, raspy and scratchy voice that he’s known for.

“PWR UP” is indeed the new album… it’s not going to be the name of the tour ’cause of the pandemic. The tour will probably happen when the pandemic stuff is over with which won’t be ’til next year in 2021.

They will still sound like Ac/Dc… ever since their first record “High Voltage”, they never changed their sound. I’m sure their next album “PWR UP” will be a fun album like always and can’t wait. I’m sure they’ll release a new song real soon, possibly this week they’ll drop a new one.

With pop, country and rap still dominating the music industry… we can always listen to some real rock n’ roll by Ac/Dc.


AC/DC about to confirm the news about new studio album and make it official this week???

AC/DC just posted this little video teaser this morning. It’s just their lightning band logo but it’s in red “coloring”. There is audio but all you’re going to hear on it that it sounds like it’s an electric guitar getting plugged into an amp. Giving you a clear sign that the band is coming back in some form.

I bet this is gonna be a new studio album by AC/DC. Rumors and news already been swirling in the music world but you wait to hear the official news by AC/DC themselves, that’s when you know it’s true. There’s been stuff about Ac/Dc in the studio pics being leaked but they’ve been shot down and I remember Brian Johnson saying in an interview recently that he hasn’t heard from the other guys much. I think it’s because the guys are just trying to keep the new album “secret” ’cause you know they’ve always been like that and they probably have been quietly in the studio recording a new album. Trying not to get surprises leaked, ya know?

Looks like they’re about to make the news “official”. I remember Dee Snider saying that the band has some big surprises up their sleeve and who knows what they may be? Even if Malcolm Young is no longer with us, I think there’s a possibility that he’s going to be on the new album. Malcolm probably recorded a bunch of riffs before he passed, I bet so the band probably used those recordings. I’m sure Stevie Young will still be on the album…

The big question is will Axl Rose be involved??? I wouldn’t be surprised. Brian Johnson will probably still be the lead vocalist but maybe Axl will provide some backup vocals or something, could be a possibility. I’m sure Axl might be involved at producing the album in some way. Axl will be involved somehow.

Anyhow, just for you to be aware while it’s exciting news the new AC/DC album will sound no different. The band will have that same sound like they always did. They will still sound like Ac/Dc.

I’m a huge fan of Ac/Dc. Always has been. I’ve collected their albums throughout the years of my life and still buy their albums. I’m trying to collect their entire album discography and just about there… just gotta get: “TNT”, “Let There Be Rock”, “Flick of the Switch”, “Fly On the Wall”, “Blow Up Your Video” and “Who Made Who” (the Maximum Overdrive soundtrack). Just gotta get those album and then I’m set.

Other than the new album news, will Ac/Dc confirm a world tour as well? Yes probably but in 2021 when this pandemic shit is all over with and I’m sure they will do a full world tour then.

Can’t wait for the new album announcement and I’m sure they will give us their first song off the new album real soon.


Dee Snider hints that new Ac/Dc album will feature some “jaw-dropping” surprises… but refuses to say what…

While campaigning heavily to get Ac/Dc to perform the Superbowl Halftime show for next year’s Superbowl game, Dee Snider reveals some more stuff about Ac/Dc being in the studio for a new album. There has been a huge debate on whether or not Ac/Dc are in the studio recording a new album but there has been pics leaked to the internet of the band at the studio and that’s when it sparked speculation that the band is recording a new album… Dee Snider finally confirms the news that the band is working on their new album. Their next album will be considered their 18th album in their career.

Dee hints that the band will feature the original lineup… we all know that Brian Johnson and Angus Young are still in, of course but what about the other members? Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young will probably handle rhythm guitar on the new album, but what about bass and drums? Cliff Williams announced retirement from the band not too long ago but does that mean Cliff is back? Phil Rudd the drummer had some legal problems in his life and it looks like he’s back in the band too.

Dee says there will be some more “jaw dropping” surprises but who knows what. I’m predicting Axl Rose will be involved in the new album in some way. Axl took over Brian Johnson on the tour for a long while in Ac/dc but maybe Axl will sing lead vocals for a song or two on the new Ac/Dc album, that could be a huge possibility and I can see it happening for sure. The other guys in Ac/Dc enjoyed Axl’s work on the tour that they believe he should be involved in the new record.

Maybe some past members that are still alive will be back as well like Mark Evans and Tony Currenti.


Some may ask what will the new album sound like? It’ll sound like the same old Ac/Dc. I know there are a lot of legendary bands out there who will sound different every album but Ac/Dc never did that. They never changed their sound and style for every album. They’ll probably sound the same for this album too. Ya know, the same old rock n’ roll sound you’re used to hearing by them… the same old up beat rock n’ roll that you can dance to, bang your head to and sing along to. The same old simplistic rhythm playing and Brian’s screaming vocals like usual. No different but looking forward to the new record and hope we see a new Ac/Dc album this year.

I love the band so much. They’re one of my favorites. I’m trying to collect their entire album discography too, btw.


RIP: Malcolm Young 1953 – 2017


Like most, I was pretty bummed to hear the news of the passing of Malcolm Young. He was the longtime rhythm guitarist and founder of the hard rock band, AC/DC. Angus and Malcolm formed the band AC/DC together in 1973.

If you play the guitar whether electric or acoustic then chances are, you’ve probably played AC/DC songs on it. Well, that was all the work of Malcolm Young. Yes, it was MOSTLY Malcolm that wrote AC/DC’s catalogue of music. Malcolm wrote AC/DC songs with his brother Angus, but it was Malcolm who did most of the work. Pretty much, Malcolm was the primary songwriter of the band. All those songs: “It’s A Long Way to the Top If You Want to Rock N’ Roll”, “Highway to Hell”, “You Shook Me All Night Long”, “Hells Bells”, “Back In Black” etc. It was Malcolm that wrote all those tunes. Sure, Angus helped a little bit, but I remember him saying in an interview that all Angus mostly done was play solos and extra licks for the songs. Everybody wants to mistakenly believe it was Angus who did all the work, but it was all Malcolm. It was Malcolm who brought Ac/Dc a lot of success for the band. Like most bands, Ac/Dc started off as a local band in Australia before becoming a big institution like they are now.

I love Ac/Dc. Always did and always will. Ac/Dc was one of the bands that made me want to become a musician. They helped inspire me to pick an up an electric guitar. I love both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras. I dig all of their music. I admired Ac/Dc so much ’cause they never changed their style of music over the years. They’ve had the same style since the 70’s.

What I love about Ac/Dc is that all of their songs are very simple. Malcolm’s riffs were mostly simple chords. Yeah, all Ac/Dc mostly played guitar wise was mostly power chords and basic open chords but still they wrote killer songs! Ac/Dc proved that you don’t need to be a perfectionist when writing rock n’ roll.

Ac/Dc had fans of people of all ages from little children to full grown adults. I wonder what’s going to happen now that Malcolm is gone? Will they continue or will they break-up? I’m sure we’ll hear from Brian Johnson to see what he says. Angus and Malcolm never did interviews with the press that much. It was always Brian doing interviews for the band so I’m sure we’ll hear from him again soon.

I think it’s a possibility we’ll get one more studio album by Ac/Dc ’cause they’re probably gonna wanna make an album dedicated to Malcolm.


Brian Johnson returns to the stage since pulling out of AC/DC tour but he isn’t singing with AC/DC…

Last year, Brian Johnson suddenly pulled out of AC/DC tour due to his hearing loss during their “Rock Or Bust” tour to support their latest album. While Brian couldn’t finish the rest of Ac/DC tour, Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses took over on lead vocals.

Well after a long break of performing live, Brian is back performing on stage again. Ac/Dc is all done touring so Brian collaborated with Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers on stage at Oxford New Theater in the UK. Those guys are performing a cover of Barrett Strong’s, “Money (That’s What I Want)”.

Glad to see Brian singing again. I don’t know why some people don’t like the Brian Johnson era of AC/DC. I love AC/DC. I’ve been listening to them all my life. I love both eras Bon Scott and Brian.

I think Brian’s a great singer. Wonder what Brian plans to do next musically? I’m sure we’ll hear from him again on what his plans are. He’ll probably stick with Ac/Dc a little while longer. Their latest album, “Rock or Bust” came out in 2014, they could do another new album next year in 2018 hopefully. I’m sure he’ll still tour with Ac/Dc but he’ll be wearing these unique in-ear monitors so that the loud music won’t damage his ears even more.

I wish people would stop knocking Brian’s vocals. He’s one of the best rock & metal singers out there. Nobody can sing like him either. I know a lot of singers out there try to copy other singers vocal style but you can’t copy Brian’s style at all. I know there are plenty of Ac/Dc tribute bands out there but even they can’t match Brian’s style. Brian’s got a unique voice. When he starts singing, you know it’s him. He’s definitely a total original. That’s why I respect the hell out of him.

I’m the biggest AC/DC fan. Heard every album they did.


Video: I think Axl Rose is pretty damn good singing Ac/Dc songs, not too bad at all, really!

Ac/Dc performed their first live show with Axl Rose as frontman and here’s a few bootleg videos of their performance. Honestly, I think Axl is pretty damn good singing Ac/Dc songs. Axl must be a die-hard Ac/Dc fan, pretty obvious I would say. Watching the live bootleg videos of Ac/Dc, Axl definitely looks like he’s having a blast up there. Ac/Dc is probably the reason Axl started Guns N’ Roses so it must be a dream come true.

I don’t know what the critics are complaining about ’cause I think Axl is fine singing for Ac/Dc. I don’t see what the big deal is. Everybody is acting like Axl is going to be a full time member which he isn’t. It’s only temporary. Axl is just a fill-in for Brian. That’s all.

All bands do this. When their main members can’t make a show for whatever reason, they get replaced ’cause the show needs to go on, right? The same goes for Ac/Dc. Axl is like a substitute, that’s all he is.

I think Axl is pretty awesome singing for Ac/Dc, in my opinion. I’m a huge Ac/Dc fan too. Always have been since I was a young teenager. I’m a big fan of both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras. It is possible that Axl Rose could one day become a full time member of Ac/Dc and if that happens, I wouldn’t mind ’cause Axl would make a good replacement and I mean that too.


Is it time for Ac/Dc to retire??? Sorry to say but they never will…

So Malcolm Young no longer plays in the band ’cause of his health and he got a replacement. Now Brian Johnson pulls out of the band temporarily to save his hearing loss and Brian got a replacement which is obviously Axl Rose. People are upset of the Axl Rose replacement. I’ve gotten into a facebook debate about this in the Guitar World forum and there’s a lot of interesting discussions about this.

I’ve read by some other people that some wants Ac/Dc to cancel the rest of the tour so Brian can heal and I’m like, huh? Seriously? That’s a dumb thought. For the rest of Ac/Dc’s tour which will be shows overseas, I’m sure all those concerts are sold out pretty much. Too many people bought tickets to those shows. If Ac/Dc cancelled or postponed their tour that would be wrong for the fans who paid their hard earned money to see them. That would be unprofessional for the band to do so the show must go on. Ac/Dc made it clear that they are committed to their fans.

I understand how fans are upset ’cause Brian Johnson is Ac/Dc but hey… replacements in rock bands happen all the time. It happens with most bands in the industry. Members in famous bands come and go. That’s the way it is. The way it always has been. On top of that… Ac/Dc had many lineup changes over the years too. It wasn’t always Brian, Angus, Malcolm and Phil in the band.

Fans are expecting Ac/Dc to retire since the band looks like it’s about to fall apart but trust me people… Ac/Dc will never give this up. They really love what they do and I tell ya right now, the band will keep rockin’ until they can’t do it anymore. They’ll keep playing until they’re dead. I mean, the Rolling Stones are still going so Ac/Dc should be able to continue too. Everybody wants to act like that Ac/Dc is just a band like the rest of them. Maybe part of that is true but keep in mind, guys that Ac/Dc is more than just a band. They’re an institution. They’re a brand name now. In other words the band is a business. Not just a rock band. Ac/Dc is the worlds most famous rock band.

People are picking on Axl for replacing Brian in Ac/Dc but hey can you blame Axl? I can’t. I mean it’s Ac/Dc. I can’t blame Axl for taking upon the opportunity ’cause you gotta be insane to turn down for singing the world’s biggest rock band.

Keep in mind that being in a band is not easy. There’s gonna be a lot of setbacks. There’s gonna be a lot of ups and downs. All bands go through it, even Ac/Dc. Not everything is gonna be perfect all the time. It’s just the way it is. I know some people say that Ac/Dc should hang it up but it isn’t happening. They’re an institution, they gotta keep it going.

I’m a huge Ac/Dc fan and I just streamed all of their records through Apple Music streaming last week. I love both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras.

No matter what people say, I support Ac/Dc’s decision to continue on without the band’s iconic members. Like I said, the shows gotta go on… always.


Is Brian Johnson’s singing career in Ac/Dc just about over?

Brian Johnson of Ac/Dc just wrote an open letter to Ac/Dc fans through Guitar World’s website. Is Brian Johnson’s singing career just about over? Not entirely. He says he’s not retiring yet. Brian says he’s okay to sing in the studio but he won’t be able perform live on the stage for a while. Brian also admits that he may never be able to perform on stage at all depending on his hearing on whether or not it improves.


Sucks for Brian but I have a feeling that his singing career may be over for good but we’ll see, though.

I know how some people are upset that Ac/Dc continues on with Axl Rose but it’s only temporary. Axl is not in the band full time. Like they all say, the show’s gotta go on right? A lot of people want to be upset at Axl taking over lead vocals in Ac/Dc but I want to defend that a little bit.

I think Axl Rose is a good choice to sing for Ac/Dc. Axl is almost like a crossover of Bon Scott & Brian a little bit. If you listen to Guns N’ Roses cover Ac/DC in youtube, you would see that Axl is the perfect fit. I think Axl sings well for Ac/Dc, in my opinion so I think he should pull it off fine. Like I said, it’s only temporary. Axl is not a full time member. I’m sure the guys in Ac/Dc auditioned for other singers but they found that Axl was the perfect fit. Axl’s voice fits Ac/Dc, that’s just my opinion.

If Brian is forced to retire ’cause of his hearing loss, I think Axl would be a perfect replacement as a full time singer for Ac/Dc and I mean that too. Axl sounds great singing Ac/Dc, in my opinion.

Ac/Dc has always been one of my favorite rock bands and they still are. I love both Bon Scott and Brian.