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Ac/Dc reveals newest band promotional photo… Confirming the return of Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd…

As some of you know, Ac/Dc’s been going through some stuff for the past several years since their latest album, “Rock Or Bust” released in 2014. They haven’t released a new album since ’cause Brian Johnson left the band for a while due to hearing issues and Axl Rose took over as lead vocalist but for the tour only. Then longtime drummer for the band, Phil Rudd got in trouble with the law and having all kinds of personal issues… Cliff Williams, the band’s bassist left the band ’cause he felt he couldn’t go on without Brian and Phil. Then they went through the death of their bandmate and founder of the band, Malcolm Young.

Well, the music’s gotta go on and Ac/Dc is continuing. As you know this week, they’re teasing a huge comeback… teasing as something titled, “PWR UP” which is probably the title of a new song or album title or both ’cause as you know, that’s how Ac/Dc picked their album titles over the years…. a song off the album becomes the album title. I’m predicting like most “PWR UP” is the title of the album and the title of a song off the album both.

They haven’t released the album cover, track listing and new singles but I’m sure that stuff will be coming real soon. It looks like they’re releasing new news everyday so one day at a time leading up to the official album announcement? I don’t think the picture above is the new album cover, just a promotional photo.

Yeah, Ac/Dc went through some things for the past several years so you’ll never know who’ll come back and who’ll be involved in the band so somehow they managed to get Brian, Cliff and Phil back in the band. Angus and Stevie Young are back in the band too, of course so this means that the lineup from the “Rock Or Bust” album is still the same.

Yeah, Brian has hearing loss but they made some kind of special hearing device for him so that he could be able to hear music again but I’m sure the music won’t be as loud for him this time so it won’t further damage his hearing. I’m sure Brian still got it with the singing too. I’m sure he still has that screaming, raspy and scratchy voice that he’s known for.

“PWR UP” is indeed the new album… it’s not going to be the name of the tour ’cause of the pandemic. The tour will probably happen when the pandemic stuff is over with which won’t be ’til next year in 2021.

They will still sound like Ac/Dc… ever since their first record “High Voltage”, they never changed their sound. I’m sure their next album “PWR UP” will be a fun album like always and can’t wait. I’m sure they’ll release a new song real soon, possibly this week they’ll drop a new one.

With pop, country and rap still dominating the music industry… we can always listen to some real rock n’ roll by Ac/Dc.


Looks like Ac/Dc is gonna lose another founding member…

Ac/Dc was pretty quick in responding to Phil Rudd’s arrest as you can see here. I’m sure the band is just as shocked as we all are. The band going through another setback. First they lose their founding member and rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young and it looks like they’re gonna lose another member. If Phil is found guilty for trying to have two men killed, he could be put away in prison for a long time so lets hope he is innocent.

As you can see, even though the band lost two members… they are still going forward with their world tour so it now looks like they’re gonna have to replace a drummer. They’ve dealt with setbacks in the past before with the passing of their original frontman Bon Scott so I’m sure they’re used to it.

Although the band lost two members now, they just can’t hang it up. Do you know that old saying, “The show must go on”. Well, they booked a pretty lengthy world tour for their 40th Anniversary. It’s their 40th Anniversary so they can’t call it quit.

I hope Phil won’t be guilty of this crime so he can go on with the tour. We’ll wait and see what happens.

This is the name of the game when you play in bands. You’ll deal with a lot of setbacks. A lot of ups and downs. Your whole career is not always gonna be positive and happy. That’s just the way life is.