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Ac/Dc reveals newest band promotional photo… Confirming the return of Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd…

As some of you know, Ac/Dc’s been going through some stuff for the past several years since their latest album, “Rock Or Bust” released in 2014. They haven’t released a new album since ’cause Brian Johnson left the band for a while due to hearing issues and Axl Rose took over as lead vocalist but for the tour only. Then longtime drummer for the band, Phil Rudd got in trouble with the law and having all kinds of personal issues… Cliff Williams, the band’s bassist left the band ’cause he felt he couldn’t go on without Brian and Phil. Then they went through the death of their bandmate and founder of the band, Malcolm Young.

Well, the music’s gotta go on and Ac/Dc is continuing. As you know this week, they’re teasing a huge comeback… teasing as something titled, “PWR UP” which is probably the title of a new song or album title or both ’cause as you know, that’s how Ac/Dc picked their album titles over the years…. a song off the album becomes the album title. I’m predicting like most “PWR UP” is the title of the album and the title of a song off the album both.

They haven’t released the album cover, track listing and new singles but I’m sure that stuff will be coming real soon. It looks like they’re releasing new news everyday so one day at a time leading up to the official album announcement? I don’t think the picture above is the new album cover, just a promotional photo.

Yeah, Ac/Dc went through some things for the past several years so you’ll never know who’ll come back and who’ll be involved in the band so somehow they managed to get Brian, Cliff and Phil back in the band. Angus and Stevie Young are back in the band too, of course so this means that the lineup from the “Rock Or Bust” album is still the same.

Yeah, Brian has hearing loss but they made some kind of special hearing device for him so that he could be able to hear music again but I’m sure the music won’t be as loud for him this time so it won’t further damage his hearing. I’m sure Brian still got it with the singing too. I’m sure he still has that screaming, raspy and scratchy voice that he’s known for.

“PWR UP” is indeed the new album… it’s not going to be the name of the tour ’cause of the pandemic. The tour will probably happen when the pandemic stuff is over with which won’t be ’til next year in 2021.

They will still sound like Ac/Dc… ever since their first record “High Voltage”, they never changed their sound. I’m sure their next album “PWR UP” will be a fun album like always and can’t wait. I’m sure they’ll release a new song real soon, possibly this week they’ll drop a new one.

With pop, country and rap still dominating the music industry… we can always listen to some real rock n’ roll by Ac/Dc.


Dee Snider hints that new Ac/Dc album will feature some “jaw-dropping” surprises… but refuses to say what…

While campaigning heavily to get Ac/Dc to perform the Superbowl Halftime show for next year’s Superbowl game, Dee Snider reveals some more stuff about Ac/Dc being in the studio for a new album. There has been a huge debate on whether or not Ac/Dc are in the studio recording a new album but there has been pics leaked to the internet of the band at the studio and that’s when it sparked speculation that the band is recording a new album… Dee Snider finally confirms the news that the band is working on their new album. Their next album will be considered their 18th album in their career.

Dee hints that the band will feature the original lineup… we all know that Brian Johnson and Angus Young are still in, of course but what about the other members? Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young will probably handle rhythm guitar on the new album, but what about bass and drums? Cliff Williams announced retirement from the band not too long ago but does that mean Cliff is back? Phil Rudd the drummer had some legal problems in his life and it looks like he’s back in the band too.

Dee says there will be some more “jaw dropping” surprises but who knows what. I’m predicting Axl Rose will be involved in the new album in some way. Axl took over Brian Johnson on the tour for a long while in Ac/dc but maybe Axl will sing lead vocals for a song or two on the new Ac/Dc album, that could be a huge possibility and I can see it happening for sure. The other guys in Ac/Dc enjoyed Axl’s work on the tour that they believe he should be involved in the new record.

Maybe some past members that are still alive will be back as well like Mark Evans and Tony Currenti.


Some may ask what will the new album sound like? It’ll sound like the same old Ac/Dc. I know there are a lot of legendary bands out there who will sound different every album but Ac/Dc never did that. They never changed their sound and style for every album. They’ll probably sound the same for this album too. Ya know, the same old rock n’ roll sound you’re used to hearing by them… the same old up beat rock n’ roll that you can dance to, bang your head to and sing along to. The same old simplistic rhythm playing and Brian’s screaming vocals like usual. No different but looking forward to the new record and hope we see a new Ac/Dc album this year.

I love the band so much. They’re one of my favorites. I’m trying to collect their entire album discography too, btw.


Ac/Dc’s “Rock Or Bust” is actually not a bad album, it’s pretty good…

A lot of people claim that Ac/Dc never changed their style over the years. Even the band themselves made that claim. I disagree. I listened to Ac/Dc’s  new album, “Rock Or Bust” earlier today and I was pretty impressed with the album. Despite Mal not playing guitar on it… the album is still good. Their style is a little bit different with their new guitarist, Stevie Young. I think the riffs are great and when I heard the album, I still felt that Mal was playing guitar on it even if he’s not in the line-up anymore sadly. The riffs are really great and catchy. This is Brian’s best singing and Angus’s guitar solo’s are badass as usual.

This album may sound a little too pop and every song sounds like a radio friendly single but it’s still a fun album. Not the best Ac/Dc album. In my opinion, “The Razor’s Edge” will always be the best Brian era album. Nothing will top that album. I only listened to “Rock Or Bust” album once today and I’ll have to listen to it a few more times. “Rock Or Bust” is still a pretty tight album and fun to listen to. I dug it.

Ac/Dc has always been one of those bands that you either love or hate but I love them. Always did. They are one of my top 10 favorite legendary bands other than Led Zep, The Allman Bros., The Doors, Metallica and The Clash.

“Rock Or Bust” is definitely a must listen.


Ac/Dc finishes new album but without Malcolm Young…

Brian Johnson, the frontman of Ac/Dc, reveals that the legendary rock band have finished their new album; however, they had to do it without their long time guitarist and founding member, Malcolm Young. Malcolm couldn’t play on it ’cause of his health so he had his nephew Stevie play on it instead.


Ac/Dc with a different guitarist? That’s weird coming from Ac/Dc ’cause they never had different guitarists over the years, I believe. It has always been Angus and Malcolm doing the guitar work.

While I’m sure the band’s style and sound will remain the same, I’m sure the band’s sound will be slightly different for the new album ’cause of Malcolm’s replacement guitarist, Stevie. It’s going to be interesting to hear what the band will sound like with Stevie, a different guy. It must be hard for the boys in Ac/Dc with a new guitarist ’cause they’ve been so used to Malcolm over the years.

Look like we’re gonna see a new Ac/Dc album later this year. I predict the album will come out in the Fall/Winter???

I wish Malcolm well and looking forward to their new record. I’ve always been an Ac/Dc fan.


Why are so many people acting like Malcolm Young is gonna die??? Settle down people…

It’s pretty insane how so many Ac/Dc fans are going nuts about Malcolm’s health. Some even went as far as putting Malcolm tributes on their facebook pages and shit like that. Giving Malcolm their well-wishes and all that stuff. I mean, everyone is acting like Malcolm is gonna die or something. I’m like seriously?

The band made it pretty clear today that Malcolm is only gonna take a break so that probably means his illness is not all that serious and he could recover from it easily. He’s just taking a break until he feels better again and then he will re-join the group.

Malcolm have taken breaks from the band many times before so this is nothing new. They won’t get into details of his illness but that doesn’t mean his illness is life-threatening. Malcolm is probably okay enough to record in the studio with them but he won’t be able to tour with them for a while. I think that’s what they mean.

It’s okay. Nothing’s gonna happen to Malcolm! I give him my well-wishes too!


Ac/Dc releases official statement…. squashes retirement rumors but confirms Malcolm is sick…

Welp. Here you have it. Ac/Dc just released statement, squashing retirement rumors totally but they confirm Malcolm is sick. So it’s looking like Ac/Dc will go on without Malcolm for a while. Look like they got Malcolm’s blessing to do so. I’m sure fans are gonna be all ignorant and have negative opinions of them moving on without Malcolm but they have to. They’re not just a band. They’re an institution. A brand. They’re a business. So the show must go on. The band still have plenty of music left in them. The band can’t hang it up ’cause that’s what they do. They’re musicians and Ac/Dc is a family like Brian Johnson just said in a previous article.

I’m glad the band never changed their image and style of music. A lot of bands change their style of music every album but Ac/Dc refuses to do that. Their next album will probably have the same sound they had for the last 40 years. Their usual simplistic power chord riffing that they’ve always been known for.

Will Ac/Dc get a guitarist replacement for Malcolm for a while or is Angus gonna be the only guitarist for the band for now??? We’ll know more soon.


Ac/Dc NOT retiring, says Brian Johnson…

Brian Johnson, the frontman of Ac/Dc,  squashes retirement rumors to the Telegraph. He does confirm; however, that Malcolm is “debilitating” sick but the band is still planning a possible new album and a possible 40 Year Anniversary tour.


See? Told ya so. When you get the news from someone else, it’s probably not true. The news will be official once you hear it from the band themselves. So there you have it, folks. Ac/Dc, not going away anytime soon. It’s look like they still have a lot of music left in them. 🙂

Why are they taking so long to release an album and tour? Maybe they’re just taking a break and relaxing. Spending time with their families and stuff. I’m sure Angus and Malcolm are still making music and jamming together, though.

The band will probably release an official statement squashing retirement rumors on their official site and their official facebook page soon.


Don’t be quick in believing those Ac/Dc break-up rumors…

Now I know how the rumors of the Ac/Dc breakup started, it amazes me how quickly people believe everything they read on the internet. The rumors started on twitter by guys who claim to be close friends of the band. Sure enough, a lot of people are actually believing it. Sending Malcolm their well-wishes and thanking the band for a good 40 years. I’m like scratching my head like, huh? They really believe those guys from twitter who claim to be friends of the band? What if they aren’t really close to the band at all and they’re just trying to stir up controversy for attention to themselves?

I think there’s a 100% good chance that the band is gonna squash the breakup rumor and the Malcolm health problems. I think the band is gonna put out a statement calling the rumors a bunch of bullshit and that the band vows to make a new album and go on tour. That’s what I’m thinking.

Anyway, you guys… you’ll know when a band is done when you hear from the band themselves. If the news comes from somebody else, you can’t believe it. I’m not believing the break-up rumors until the band says so themselves.

The band will probably address these rumors this week… hopefully tomorrow. They’re an institution much like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, etc. If it turns out true that Ac/Dc is breaking up ’cause of Malcolm’s health, then my bad. I don’t think it’s true if the news came from someone else and not them, ya know? Are people really this naive?


I don’t think Ac/Dc is breaking up, they’ll keep playing until they’re dead…

Rumors hit hard on the internet today that the legendary Australian rockers, Ac/Dc, maybe breaking up due to Malcolm Young’s rumored health problems. Ac/Dc is not just an iconic rock n’ roll band. They’re an institution. Bands like those usually never break-up. They’ll keep playing until they can’t.

Things like this happens when legendary bands take long hiatus’s from the music business. “Break-up” or “retirement” rumors will start.

I love Ac/Dc. Always did.  I loved both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras.

Malcolm Young is a great rhythm guitarist too. He has always been overlooked and underrated. Malcolm is the one who created most of the big Ac/Dc riffs and rhythm parts to well-known songs such as “Highway to Hell”, “It’s A Long Way To The Top”, “Back In Black”, “Shook Me All Night”, “Thunderstruck”, etc. If it turns out true that he has health problems, I don’t think they’ll hang it up because of it. They’ll keep going.

The band haven’t released a new album since 2008’s “Black Ice” and they haven’t toured in a long time.

I’m sure the band will address the rumors soon. They’re an institution. They can’t hang it up. Not yet, anyway. They’ve been around for 40 years. They’ve been around longer than Metallica. I think they got some music left in them. There are also rumors of a new album coming and full tour in support of their 40th Anniversary so hopefully the band will respond to that too.

The band Ac/Dc is always criticized for their sound. How they are always using nothing but power chords and simple-riffs but that’s not always true. Some of their songs can be pretty challenging. Brian Johnson’s vocals are always criticized too. I think Johnson is a good singer. I like his raspy singing which no other singer could sing like that which makes Johnson different and unique. Johnson’s voice is great for rock n’ roll. I loved Ac/Dc for years and even their newer stuff is great too.

I’m looking forward to their next record if they’re planning one that is. I’m almost sure the band is making another comeback.