Don’t be quick in believing those Ac/Dc break-up rumors…

Now I know how the rumors of the Ac/Dc breakup started, it amazes me how quickly people believe everything they read on the internet. The rumors started on twitter by guys who claim to be close friends of the band. Sure enough, a lot of people are actually believing it. Sending Malcolm their well-wishes and thanking the band for a good 40 years. I’m like scratching my head like, huh? They really believe those guys from twitter who claim to be friends of the band? What if they aren’t really close to the band at all and they’re just trying to stir up controversy for attention to themselves?

I think there’s a 100% good chance that the band is gonna squash the breakup rumor and the Malcolm health problems. I think the band is gonna put out a statement calling the rumors a bunch of bullshit and that the band vows to make a new album and go on tour. That’s what I’m thinking.

Anyway, you guys… you’ll know when a band is done when you hear from the band themselves. If the news comes from somebody else, you can’t believe it. I’m not believing the break-up rumors until the band says so themselves.

The band will probably address these rumors this week… hopefully tomorrow. They’re an institution much like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, etc. If it turns out true that Ac/Dc is breaking up ’cause of Malcolm’s health, then my bad. I don’t think it’s true if the news came from someone else and not them, ya know? Are people really this naive?


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