I don’t think Ac/Dc is breaking up, they’ll keep playing until they’re dead…

Rumors hit hard on the internet today that the legendary Australian rockers, Ac/Dc, maybe breaking up due to Malcolm Young’s rumored health problems. Ac/Dc is not just an iconic rock n’ roll band. They’re an institution. Bands like those usually never break-up. They’ll keep playing until they can’t.

Things like this happens when legendary bands take long hiatus’s from the music business. “Break-up” or “retirement” rumors will start.

I love Ac/Dc. Always did.  I loved both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras.

Malcolm Young is a great rhythm guitarist too. He has always been overlooked and underrated. Malcolm is the one who created most of the big Ac/Dc riffs and rhythm parts to well-known songs such as “Highway to Hell”, “It’s A Long Way To The Top”, “Back In Black”, “Shook Me All Night”, “Thunderstruck”, etc. If it turns out true that he has health problems, I don’t think they’ll hang it up because of it. They’ll keep going.

The band haven’t released a new album since 2008’s “Black Ice” and they haven’t toured in a long time.

I’m sure the band will address the rumors soon. They’re an institution. They can’t hang it up. Not yet, anyway. They’ve been around for 40 years. They’ve been around longer than Metallica. I think they got some music left in them. There are also rumors of a new album coming and full tour in support of their 40th Anniversary so hopefully the band will respond to that too.

The band Ac/Dc is always criticized for their sound. How they are always using nothing but power chords and simple-riffs but that’s not always true. Some of their songs can be pretty challenging. Brian Johnson’s vocals are always criticized too. I think Johnson is a good singer. I like his raspy singing which no other singer could sing like that which makes Johnson different and unique. Johnson’s voice is great for rock n’ roll. I loved Ac/Dc for years and even their newer stuff is great too.

I’m looking forward to their next record if they’re planning one that is. I’m almost sure the band is making another comeback.


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