Ac/Dc NOT retiring, says Brian Johnson…

Brian Johnson, the frontman of Ac/Dc,  squashes retirement rumors to the Telegraph. He does confirm; however, that Malcolm is “debilitating” sick but the band is still planning a possible new album and a possible 40 Year Anniversary tour.

See? Told ya so. When you get the news from someone else, it’s probably not true. The news will be official once you hear it from the band themselves. So there you have it, folks. Ac/Dc, not going away anytime soon. It’s look like they still have a lot of music left in them. 🙂

Why are they taking so long to release an album and tour? Maybe they’re just taking a break and relaxing. Spending time with their families and stuff. I’m sure Angus and Malcolm are still making music and jamming together, though.

The band will probably release an official statement squashing retirement rumors on their official site and their official facebook page soon.


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