Ac/Dc releases official statement…. squashes retirement rumors but confirms Malcolm is sick…

Welp. Here you have it. Ac/Dc just released statement, squashing retirement rumors totally but they confirm Malcolm is sick. So it’s looking like Ac/Dc will go on without Malcolm for a while. Look like they got Malcolm’s blessing to do so. I’m sure fans are gonna be all ignorant and have negative opinions of them moving on without Malcolm but they have to. They’re not just a band. They’re an institution. A brand. They’re a business. So the show must go on. The band still have plenty of music left in them. The band can’t hang it up ’cause that’s what they do. They’re musicians and Ac/Dc is a family like Brian Johnson just said in a previous article.

I’m glad the band never changed their image and style of music. A lot of bands change their style of music every album but Ac/Dc refuses to do that. Their next album will probably have the same sound they had for the last 40 years. Their usual simplistic power chord riffing that they’ve always been known for.

Will Ac/Dc get a guitarist replacement for Malcolm for a while or is Angus gonna be the only guitarist for the band for now??? We’ll know more soon.


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