Why are so many people acting like Malcolm Young is gonna die??? Settle down people…

It’s pretty insane how so many Ac/Dc fans are going nuts about Malcolm’s health. Some even went as far as putting Malcolm tributes on their facebook pages and shit like that. Giving Malcolm their well-wishes and all that stuff. I mean, everyone is acting like Malcolm is gonna die or something. I’m like seriously?

The band made it pretty clear today that Malcolm is only gonna take a break so that probably means his illness is not all that serious and he could recover from it easily. He’s just taking a break until he feels better again and then he will re-join the group.

Malcolm have taken breaks from the band many times before so this is nothing new. They won’t get into details of his illness but that doesn’t mean his illness is life-threatening. Malcolm is probably okay enough to record in the studio with them but he won’t be able to tour with them for a while. I think that’s what they mean.

It’s okay. Nothing’s gonna happen to Malcolm! I give him my well-wishes too!


7 thoughts on “Why are so many people acting like Malcolm Young is gonna die??? Settle down people…”

  1. Actually, sources are saying it’s serious and that he’s having to move his family back and everything. A pretty decent indication that it’s something relatively major is their statement asking to respect him and his family’s privacy…

    1. Sounds like he’s having cancer or something like that, maybe that’s why the band won’t go into details.

      Just because Mal’s family wanting privacy and all doesn’t necessarily mean it could be something serious. I would think anyone would want to keep their illness private no matter how serious it is. That’s why Warrior kept his illness private ’cause it’s really nobody else’s business of what they have.

      Tony Iommi is having cancer still and he’s still playing with Sabbath. Depending on Mal’s health, he’ll go back to playing with Ac/Dc.

      You can’t believe those “sources”.


      1. Actually, Brian Johnson just said in that telegraph interview that Mal is a very private person… meaning that he likes to keep everything to himself. Even if the illness is something small such as a nasty stomach ache or a migraine, he would still keep it private. He’s just a very private person… that’s why Mal didn’t do a lot of interviews in the media over the years. So you never know what kind of illness Mal has. Saying it’s something serious is nothing but “speculation”.


      2. He reportedly had a stroke from a blood clot in his brain about a month ago. While it wasn’t confirmed, it would sort of fit the idea of him taking time off because of it affecting his playing (strokes tend to cause half of your body to lose motor control.) He could recover fully, or have permanent damage.

        I agree though that saying he is dying is premature. If it was a stroke, it would have probably killed him by now. But a stroke would cause enough damage to at least temporarily stop him from playing.

      3. A fatal stroke would have killed him a month ago, is what I meant to say. A lesser stroke wouldn’t kill him a month later (or really any time later), but could cause the damage that makes him take time off.

  2. Mal has been the most overlooked and ignored guitarist in the industry for years. It’s Angus who’s always in the spotlight. Now everybody cares about Mal all of a sudden? Wow.

    You can’t trust those inside “sources” whether it’s from other bloggers, twitter, etc. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet and that’s everybody’s problem. I’m sure Mal is fine.


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