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Dee Snider hints that new Ac/Dc album will feature some “jaw-dropping” surprises… but refuses to say what…

While campaigning heavily to get Ac/Dc to perform the Superbowl Halftime show for next year’s Superbowl game, Dee Snider reveals some more stuff about Ac/Dc being in the studio for a new album. There has been a huge debate on whether or not Ac/Dc are in the studio recording a new album but there has been pics leaked to the internet of the band at the studio and that’s when it sparked speculation that the band is recording a new album… Dee Snider finally confirms the news that the band is working on their new album. Their next album will be considered their 18th album in their career.

Dee hints that the band will feature the original lineup… we all know that Brian Johnson and Angus Young are still in, of course but what about the other members? Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young will probably handle rhythm guitar on the new album, but what about bass and drums? Cliff Williams announced retirement from the band not too long ago but does that mean Cliff is back? Phil Rudd the drummer had some legal problems in his life and it looks like he’s back in the band too.

Dee says there will be some more “jaw dropping” surprises but who knows what. I’m predicting Axl Rose will be involved in the new album in some way. Axl took over Brian Johnson on the tour for a long while in Ac/dc but maybe Axl will sing lead vocals for a song or two on the new Ac/Dc album, that could be a huge possibility and I can see it happening for sure. The other guys in Ac/Dc enjoyed Axl’s work on the tour that they believe he should be involved in the new record.

Maybe some past members that are still alive will be back as well like Mark Evans and Tony Currenti.


Some may ask what will the new album sound like? It’ll sound like the same old Ac/Dc. I know there are a lot of legendary bands out there who will sound different every album but Ac/Dc never did that. They never changed their sound and style for every album. They’ll probably sound the same for this album too. Ya know, the same old rock n’ roll sound you’re used to hearing by them… the same old up beat rock n’ roll that you can dance to, bang your head to and sing along to. The same old simplistic rhythm playing and Brian’s screaming vocals like usual. No different but looking forward to the new record and hope we see a new Ac/Dc album this year.

I love the band so much. They’re one of my favorites. I’m trying to collect their entire album discography too, btw.


Dee Snider calls out the NFL for ignoring “metal” again for Superbowl Halftime… finally someone who gets it!!!!

So Jennifer Lopez and Shakira both has been announced for this year’s Superbowl halftime performance. Really? Another pop artist, hey? The NFL used to be good at having rock n’ roll bands performing the Superbowl in the past but a lot lately, they’ve been having pop artists take the Superbowl halftime slot like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, etc.

Yeah, I know… the metal genre has been ignored a lot by the industry. The metal genre is slowly picking up at the Grammy Awards and the genre is picking up at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame very slowly as well. The Superbowl? Metal bands aren’t getting shit and Dee Snider is not happy about it.


He’s not wrong at all ’cause there are plenty of iconic metal bands that would be great for Superbowl halftime shows. Bands that totally deserve to play Halftime are Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Van Halen and KISS I can name that would be great for Superbowl Halftime.

If there is any band that deserves to play Halftime more than all the others, I would say Metallica for sure. That band has accomplished so much in the industry… they accomplished everything except for one thing they never did yet… play Superbowl Halftime.

Why does metal keep getting ignored by the NFL? Are they afraid of controversy? Probably. Metal is always getting judged and criticized of being too dark and satanic and all that stuff… maybe that’s what they’re afraid of. Things like that, ya know?

Why does the NFL keep having pop artists every year? I think they are deluded into them thinking that’s what everyone wants to see when it’s not true. We just want the NFL to mix it up and have something for everyone.

Even though metal is still pretty big, the industry continues to ignore metal for whatever reason. Everyone is still so hung up on pop and country ’cause those two genres are still dominating. Why? It’s because pop and country are huge money makers.

I used to be excited for Superbowl halftime performances but nowadays I don’t care anymore. Sad. I haven’t been watching the Superbowl for the last few years anyways due to all the kneeling and shit. Football is boring anyways, I don’t watch it.

If Metallica ever got the opportunity to perform the Superbowl Halftime, I would watch of course and never say never of them getting that.


Video: Dee Snider sings piano version of “We’re Not Gonna Take It”…

This is a pretty amazing remake of one of the greatest metal songs of the 80’s. Like most people I’m really impressed with this song myself. In the full band version that made Twisted Sister famous had heavy guitars, distortion, shredding solos, Dee Snider’s screaming vocals and in this new version doesn’t have any of that. Snider turns “We’re Not Gonna Take It” into a piano version. He made this video for a good cause, promoting a fundraiser and to help promote Criss Angel’s “Help” event which will happen on Sept. 12th. They’re doing all this in honor of children with cancer.

As far as this song goes, I’m amazed like everyone else. Dee Snider has got the vocal chops for sure. That guy can sing real good. He can sing all genres of music, not just metal and rock n’ roll. People are surprised ’cause people didn’t think he could sing other music other than metal. Well Snider can. That guy can sing just about anything. This song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” can be played on any instrument too. It’s a real simple song, really. I read somewhere that Dee Snider inspired “We’re Not Gonna Take It” from a Christmas song. I read about that in Dee Snider’s book.

I remember when “We’re Not Gonna Take It” first came out in the 80’s, that song was a huge hit. MTV played the video constantly and the song was all over the place. Well, the song turned out to be a big hit once again once this piano version came out.

Who said metalheads can’t do piano ballads??? Of course they can.


Book Review: Dee Snider, “Shut Up and Give Me The Mic”

Today, I just finished reading Dee Snider’s rock memoir, “Shut Up and Give Me the Mic”. You see, the 80’s hair metal band, Twisted Sister, was a huge inspiration for me. When I was a kid, I would play their vinyl album, “Stay Hungry”, pretty religiously. Yep, I was pretty addicted to that album. Dee Snider’s look and image, the long curly hair, makeup, and weird looking costume. That look is very cool. That look on the album cover of “Stay Hungry”, is what made me want to get the album and what made me want to get into the band, Twisted Sister. Every time, “We’re Not Gonna Take It” or, “I Wanna Rock” played on MTV back in the day, I would crank it up, sing along with it and play air guitar. I truly believe that was the beginning of my love for rock music. It started from there. That’s how big Twisted Sister was back in the day.

If you think Dee Snider, was into drugs, alcohol, hard partying and fucking multiple women. Think again. He did none of those things. Most rock memoirs are about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Dee Snider’s book is not. If you’re expecting to read about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll in this book, then move along. This book strictly focus’s on Dee’s life and music career. The main focus of this book is to tell the true story of how he created the rock character we all loved and has been inspired by. His famous look in the photo below:

The book also focuses on how he created the two iconic hit songs everyone knows, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, and “I Wanna Rock”.

In the book, he explained how he got into music and how he joined, Twisted Sister. Dee didn’t form the band himself, he joined them. Twisted Sister, was Jay Jay French’s band. Dee just wrote all the songs and sang them. He explained that the Dee Snider image we all know, didn’t happen right away. It happened pretty slowly. Dee had different costumes before the one we all know. His wife, Suzette, is a costume designer and she was the one who created the image for him. Everything about Dee’s life and the career of Twisted Sister is in there. He also talked a lot about family life and how he met Suzette and married her. Things like that. Even Twisted Sister’s career slump after the “Stay Hungry” album was all in there too. I was actually pretty surprised on how intelligent Dee Snider is. He’s also pretty comical and told a lot of funny stories. There will be a few parts in there that will get you laughing out loud for no reason.

The part that grabbed me the most about the book was the part about Dee’s battle against the PMRC. As you can see in that link, Dee testified in that court battle, to defend Twisted Sister’s music ’cause Tipper Gore accused the band of promoting violence and obscene things. John Denver and Frank Zappa both tried to help defend the 1st Amendment in music too. While these three guys tried their best to destroy the PMRC, they lost the battle of course. Which is why we still see those, “Parental Advisory” warnings on albums even to this day. I agree that there is nothing violent about Twisted Sister’s music at all. Their music has always been positive, and family friendly, yet they’re always getting wrongfully accused of promoting violence, drugs, etc. The song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is about venting out your frustrations. I don’t see anything in the lyrics about beating people up.

Other than that, this was an entertaining read. Dee says he plans on writing a sequel to this book, so that should be good too. This book focused on the past of his career. I’m sure the sequel will focus on the present time of his career (like the Twisted Sister reunion, the Christmas album, Celebrity Apprentice, etc.). I’ve read a lot of rock memoirs, but I think this is one of the best ones I’ve ever read. Like Dee Snider or not, he is a heavy metal pioneer. He was the one who started the 80’s hair metal trend. This was a great read. Check it out.


EDIT TO ADD: While we’re on the subject of Twisted Sister, they deserve an induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame too.

Report: Twisted Sister’s “Stay Hungry” getting re-issued for 25th Anniversary…

I’d say it’s about time this happened! Twisted Sister is getting a re-issue for their smash hit album “Stay Hungry” to celebrate the album’s 25th Anniversary. It will be a 2 disc set, the 1st disc being a reissue with a much improved sound quality and the 2nd disc will include unreleased material during that era.

The re-issue will hit stores June 30th.

More on it here:


This was a pretty important album to me, as I believe this was the first album that got me into music to begin with. I remember playing the vinyl record quite a lot when I was a little kid. I’m definitely going to have to pick up the re-issue. I’m excited for this!


Report: “Strangeland” sequel is coming to the big screen and Dee Snider is set to reprise role as Captain Howdy!!!

Yep, Dee Snider’s horror film “Strangeland” which came out back in 1998 is getting a sequel. The name of the sequel is titled, “Strangeland: Disciple”. The film will get an NC-17 rating and Dee promises the next film will be ultra-intense. It will probably have nasty gore, nudity and sex scenes just like the first one.

Most would know Dee Snider as the frontman for the band Twisted Sister who is still together today with the same members. Dee Snider is an occasional film actor, writer and film maker. Dee first made his on screen debut as an actor in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” where Twisted Sister were filming a music video at Warner Bros. studios.

The plot to the sequel will be similar to the first, a dangerous serial killer taking out victims that he met on the internet.

More on it here:


Pretty sweet! I liked “Strangeland”, a sequel will be interesting. Looking forward to see what they’re going to do with it!