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Bringing Adam Levine into this J-Lo and Shakira debate is silly and stupid, now here’s a rant about it…

This post might be kind of controversial and might upset a few but I don’t give a flyin’ two shits. It’s my blog so I post whatever I want.

Yes, I did watch the Superbowl Halftime performance with J-Lo and Shakira… was the performance inappropriate like everyone is saying? Yes, it absolutely was and here’s why… the NFL Superbowl games is something for the whole family to watch so that means people of all ages will be watching the game and that includes children. I find it a huge mistake of the NFL booking all these female pop-stars ’cause you can betcha there will be a plenty of booty shaking and twerking all over… stripper pole dancing, inappropriate dance moves with the other dancers such as “grinding” and all that stuff. Well, you get the deal… we’ve seen all that with female pop stars over the years… w/ Janet, Katy Perry, etc.

This isn’t something we should be watching on family TV at all. Sure, nothing wrong with women dressing sexy and doing all kinds of dirty dancing on stage but leave that for the strip clubs. We don’t need to see that on a family friendly sporting event. Not only that children will be watching, there will also be plenty of older people ages 50 or older who don’t need to be seeing all that.

Yeah, Shakira and J-Lo showed a bit too much skin and their asses were hanging out a bit but at least they had their breasts covered, I’ll give them that.

Since the day after the Superbowl, all I’m seeing now is leftist-women defending the Superbowl performance… saying all kinds of bullshit like Shakira and J-Lo are courageous for dressing sexy over 40 and calling them “courageous”. Leftist women in social media are trying all they can to defend that performance and I laughed when they brought Adam Levine into it. That’s the best defense they can come up with? Their complaint was that Adam Levine took off his shirt and performed shirtless yet there is no outrage.

Hmmmmm… why was there no outrage when Adam Levine performed shirtless when Maroon 5 played the Superbowl? Well, it’s completely normal and completely legal for men to go shirtless in public. A man’s chest is not a private part… a woman’s chest is. So there is nothing wrong with Adam performing with no shirt. It was pretty normal. I thought it was silly that Adam Levine was brought into this when it’s completely unfair and wrong… I look at it as feminist women just showing their hatred for men and nothing more.

These are the same women that tell men to stop objectifying women… yep, the same women that tell men to stop treating them like objects.. because of feminism we can’t say how hot a woman is anymore and we can no longer flirt with them or else we’ll get yelled at by them or worse get slapped with a sexual harassment charge… thanks to all this “me too” stuff going on… trying to destroy everything about the “man”.

Yet these leftist women are defending these pop stars looking like strippers.

Yup, these leftist woman are such “champions” for women and don’t want them to be treated like objects but the pop music industry objectifies women all the time. It’s all over the industry. It’s not just in music. Objectifying women is all over the movies, the porn industry and everywhere else you look at.

These are the same women that begs for equal pay and thinks abortion is health care.

I have no problem with leftist women enjoying that performance… that’s their prerogative but when they brought Adam Levine into this that’s what bothered me and now I feel like I have to rant about it.

Yeah they are such champions for women… yell at men to stop objectifying them, yet they have no problem with the NFL objectifying Shakira and J-Lo. Hmmmm… something wrong with that picture here.



Dee Snider calls out the NFL for ignoring “metal” again for Superbowl Halftime… finally someone who gets it!!!!

So Jennifer Lopez and Shakira both has been announced for this year’s Superbowl halftime performance. Really? Another pop artist, hey? The NFL used to be good at having rock n’ roll bands performing the Superbowl in the past but a lot lately, they’ve been having pop artists take the Superbowl halftime slot like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, etc.

Yeah, I know… the metal genre has been ignored a lot by the industry. The metal genre is slowly picking up at the Grammy Awards and the genre is picking up at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame very slowly as well. The Superbowl? Metal bands aren’t getting shit and Dee Snider is not happy about it.


He’s not wrong at all ’cause there are plenty of iconic metal bands that would be great for Superbowl halftime shows. Bands that totally deserve to play Halftime are Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Van Halen and KISS I can name that would be great for Superbowl Halftime.

If there is any band that deserves to play Halftime more than all the others, I would say Metallica for sure. That band has accomplished so much in the industry… they accomplished everything except for one thing they never did yet… play Superbowl Halftime.

Why does metal keep getting ignored by the NFL? Are they afraid of controversy? Probably. Metal is always getting judged and criticized of being too dark and satanic and all that stuff… maybe that’s what they’re afraid of. Things like that, ya know?

Why does the NFL keep having pop artists every year? I think they are deluded into them thinking that’s what everyone wants to see when it’s not true. We just want the NFL to mix it up and have something for everyone.

Even though metal is still pretty big, the industry continues to ignore metal for whatever reason. Everyone is still so hung up on pop and country ’cause those two genres are still dominating. Why? It’s because pop and country are huge money makers.

I used to be excited for Superbowl halftime performances but nowadays I don’t care anymore. Sad. I haven’t been watching the Superbowl for the last few years anyways due to all the kneeling and shit. Football is boring anyways, I don’t watch it.

If Metallica ever got the opportunity to perform the Superbowl Halftime, I would watch of course and never say never of them getting that.


At shopping malls and clothing stores all over America, I’m sure you’ll see pretty much all Nike items on sale… they’re scared to death of boycotts!!!

I went to the mall earlier today for something to do and to get out of the house for a while for myself. I was browsing through different clothing stores and shoes stores at the mall and what do I see? Most clothing stores and shoes stores are stocked up with Nike all over the fucking place! Pretty much ALL Nike items were on sale at pretty good prices too.

I never bought anything off of Nike today, but I was shocked and amazed that pretty much all Nike items were on sale. All of it: shoes, t-shirts, socks, sweatshirts, etc. Then I get to thinking to myself…. “Hmmmmm, yep. They are definitely scared of the boycotts”.

Admittedly, I wear Nike sneakers for the gym and I wear them for running and jogging. I was thinking about getting a pair of new gym sneakers anyways but the next pair won’t be Nike. I’m planning on getting rid of these Nike sneakers that I wear at the gym but I won’t burn them or throw them out. Maybe I’ll just give them to somebody or donate them somewhere.

Can you see why everybody’s boycotting Nike? People just don’t want to support a company that supports someone who hates America… yes that’s Colin Kaepernick. Nobody wants to spend money toward someone who kneels to the flag at football games. That just sends a negative message to America. People don’t want to support it. Of course, liberals are starting to defend Nike and show their support for the company but that’s not gonna stop people from boycotting.

I try not to boycott things a lot but I only did with people like Bruce Springsteen when he went off about the bathroom gender crap, Stephen King for attacking Trump on twitter constantly, Netflix for collaborating on projects with the Obamas and making Susan Rice board of directors and now you can add Nike to the boycott list.

It was interesting what I saw at the mall today. Stores that stocks Nike items that are on sale everywhere. They’re desperate to attract more buyers is why. Scared of the boycotts. Even though you’ll see Nike everywhere at the malls, they won’t be flying off the shelves. The stores will notice low sales at all of them. Just watch for it.

It’s sad. When will these major companies ever learn that going political isn’t such a good idea? That isn’t gonna attract customers at all.


Vince McMahon is trying to save football, he knows it’s a dying industry…


When Vince McMahon came up with the idea of the XFL around the year 2000, I remember watching it on TV for a little bit. The games got interesting for a while then I stopped watching ’cause they gotten kind of awful and boring. No surprise to see that the XFL failed, but Vince is officially bringing it back in 2020.

I just watched Vince’s press conference about it earlier this afternoon and it was interesting. Already, the media started pressuring him about football players kneeling for the anthem and the flag and all that stuff. Vince vows that none of that is gonna happen. Vince says there will be a set of rules and all that stuff which will be good.

It seems that Vince is a die-hard fan of football and he loves the sport. He sees all this stuff going on at the NFL and Vince is probably like, “I can save football. I can do this”. NFL TV ratings declining and ticket sales at NFL stadiums are declining too ’cause all this kneeling.

Many WWE fans are saying that the XFL will fail again like the last time but I don’t think so. NFL is about to say RIP and go out of business soon. The XFL will be your replacement. The NFL has been about politics and social issues and Vince doesn’t want any of that stuff in the XFL. Simply put, Vince is saying that if you want to play football in his league… stand for the flag and if you don’t, you’re gone. Hear that Roger Goodell?

Vince says the new XFL will be much different than the previous XFL that aired back in 2000. It will be yet again, another revival and new look. New rules in the games and all that stuff. Could the XFL take over the spotlight of the NFL? I think it could yes. Those who refuses to watch the NFL over all the kneeling will probably switch to XFL.

Hopefully the new XFL does well next time and I think it will do well. Vince will learn from his mistakes of what went wrong the first time and if he doesn’t mess up, the XFL could explode.

This also means that Vince might have to stop being in charge of WWE ’cause XFL is gonna keep him busy. I’m sure Triple H and Steph will take over control of WWE while Vince is doing his XFL stuff.

Vince has balls for this, though. When I saw that press conference, he seemed very passionate and serious about this. If Vince wants to do something, he does it. The man is no joke. It’s not about the money for him at all. He wants to bring good football back for the fans and trying to save the industry.

I wish Vince good luck on this. I really do.


One thing that the NFL “Take The Knee” thing proved is that liberals hate America, something that we’ve known all along!

It’s no surprise to me really that liberals and NeverTrumpers defending the NFL’s right to “Take The Knee”, or defend their right to refuse to stand for “The National Anthem/American Flag”. Over the years, liberals have shown plenty of signs that they hate America but it hasn’t been proven until now. Liberals are now out of the closet as “Anti-America”. Liberals raging against President Trump’s comments on twitter to all this just shows liberals’ hate for America even more. Liberals showing their true colors. Liberals making a fool of themselves.

All of this is incredible and sad at the same time. The media and liberals trying to make it acceptable to hate America which is what they’re trying to do. The left’s mission: “Make it cool to hate America, make it bad to love America”. Notice what’s going on here? Liberals love others who disrespect America, but they show all kinds of hate toward conservatives who love America. That’s a big sign that liberals hate America ’cause they’re always hating on those American loving patriots like me. Another clue to tell that liberals hate America is that they always side with left-wing politicians who wants to make America look bad like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc.

Yep, liberals hating America finally proven, indeed. Thanks to President Trump for exposing all the America haters.. It’s real sad what professional sports have become. Ah well, fuck the NFL… they’re nothing but drunks, steroid junkies and woman beaters anyways.

I will always love America. I don’t care what the haters think. Love my country and my home. Get pissed off all you want to but I will always stand for the flag.


Thoughts on NFL players and other sports refusing to stand to National Anthem…

I’m sure some of you are wondering my thoughts about this whole thing are — NFL stars and other sports refusing to stand for National Anthem. Well, it is definitely something that I abhor for sure, and it is something that nobody should condone. Refusing to stand for the Flag is an affront to those who love America, and it’s an affront to those men & women in uniform who fought for our country over the years. Sports players that do this is a pretty despicable act for sure. They should feel ashamed of themselves, and liberals who defend them should feel ashamed of themselves as well.

Ya know, when liberals defend them, all that is doing is showing their hatred for this country more and more. It’s no surprise to see liberals siding with sports stars who take the knee. Of course, they whine, play innocent victim and scream, “Freedom of Speech” but we also have the “Freedom of Speech” to call you on it. Try to remember that “Freedom of Speech” works both ways, but like usual people keep thinking that “Freedom of Speech” is a one-way street.

Ah well, I stopped watching the NFL a long time ago, so I don’t really need to boycott ’cause I already did. I don’t watch sports on TV at all anymore ’cause I think sports are boring and overrated. I don’t understand the point of getting paid millions to run around with a ball, cars driving around in circles, ice skating around a rink, etc. People find all that fun? That’s not my idea of fun. I got better things to do than watch hours and hours of sports on TV. I would much rather watch pro wrestling, movies and TV shows on TV. Fuck sports. Although, I don’t watch sports, I will always stand up for America and the Flag. I will speak out about it whenever our Flag and our country is being disrespected.

The NFL ratings have gone down, and I’ve noticed the audience at NFL games are getting smaller and smaller too. Interesting how that works, right? If they keep this up, they’ll soon say R.I.P. The NFL will soon come to an end ’cause no one will watch anymore ’cause the NFL is pretty anti-American.

This is sad. The NFL is now equivalent with Hollywood. Just a bunch of liberal anti-American SJW’s just like Hollywood celebrities. Instead of holding sports players accountable they get defended by NFL officials which is sad.

I usually watch the Superbowl every year but I skipped last year’s Superbowl. Didn’t watch it at all… simply because they won’t stay out of politics is the reason. I’ll skip this year’s Superbowl too.

Respect the Flag and the National Anthem… when you don’t, it shows that you hate the country. If you don’t like it here then leave. Nobody’s asking you to stay here.


The NFL trying to help keep this country more divisive???


I haven’t really commented on the Tom Brady deflated ball controversy much but all I wanna say about it is that it’s just a lousy attempt for the NFL to help divide the country even more. Tom Brady and the Patriots are in trouble and Obama honored them at the White House anyways. So I’m pretty sure they are happy anyways since they got honored by Obama.

Anyway, why is Tom Brady deflated ball more important than Ray Rice knocking his wife out on an elevator? Brady is in trouble and Rice didn’t get much of a punishment. Instead of jail, Rice got like a two day suspension and a termination, I believe? People are acting like Brady committed a crime while Rice got a free pass.

This is pretty insane, man. Who cares about the deflated ball. This is just another reason why I gave up watching the NFL ’cause it’s been way too political for the past several years now. The politics of the NFL got even worse when Michael Sam came out of the closet.

I could care less about the deflated ball. There’s more important things in this country to worry about.


This is why I don’t watch sports anymore, y’all, they’re all corrupt and broken just like our government…

Aawwwwww… so NFL fans are upset about the Patriots deflated ball thing but ya know what? You all find this a surprise? It’s why I don’t watch sports anymore. They’re all corrupt and broken. All of it. Just like our US government. They’re all fixed and they all cheat not just the NFL. MLB baseball cheats ’cause a lot of players shoot up steroids to win even boxing, the NBA and NHL are all fixed too. Seems like everything in this fucking country is fake and dishonest these days and that includes professional sports. People would accuse professional wrestling of being fake and scripted, it definitely is but when will people feel the same for all sports?

I don’t know why sports continue to thrive and people continue to watch. It is nice to finally see that people are waking up about the sports industry, though. I used to watch NFL and MLB baseball but stopped a long time ago.

I think watching sports are pretty boring for the most part. When I was younger, I used to be a die-hard sports fan but stopped when I got into music and movies. That’s what I would rather spend most of my time doing is playing or listening to music and watching movies/TV shows.

Sports is overrated as hell but that’s just me.


Obama honoring the Patriots at the White House thoughts…

I just listened to Obama’s speech at the White House honoring the Patriots. The Patriots got honored at the White House for winning the Superbowl earlier this year. Obama was acting like a stand up comedian throughout the speech. Telling jokes and getting everybody laughing throughout the whole thing. Obama even made a joke about the ball deflating controversy and the team seems to have been offended by it a little.

Rob Gronkowski, who is the tight end for the Patriots responded by saying that Obama may have been a little drunk even though there was no alcohol involved.


Well, Obama did look like he was drunk or high on something. You see, I don’t think it was the alcohol that he was on. It’s definitely the crack cocaine, yo…

Even the Patriots made suspicions that Barack maybe onto something whether he was drinking or whatever.

On top of that, why did Obama have to honor a football team when that is not important for America??? A president wouldn’t waste time honoring sports teams… they have better things to do. Of course, being the narcissistic egomaniac Obummer is… he’s just doing whatever he can to insert himself into everything and that includes sports. He just got himself some new gifts by the Patriots: A football and a jersey with his name on it and an autographed helmet from the team. Whatever makes him happy before his presidency goes out, I guess.

I don’t think he was drunk during this, he was high on crack, probably. Listen to him talk, his speeches are getting worse. He does a lot of “Aaaah” and “uuuuhhhh” even when he’s reading off of something. He’s also been walking kind of funny in this video, if you go to about 10:30 in the video, he’ll walk backwards away from the podium and bumps into Bill.

I don’t know but Obama’s acting strange in this video.


Another reason to quit watching WWE… Michael Sam being shoved in our faces now…

I have nothing against Michael Sam and his sexual orientation but it is ridiculous on how he is a big deal all of a sudden… all because he’s the first NFL star to come out of the closet. I mean, who cares??? The NFL have been shoving Michael Sam in our faces for a long while now and now WWE is joining the bandwagon.

I’m glad I quit watching WWE.

WWE star Darren Young is the first wrestler to come out of the closet while under WWE contract but he was largely ignored by the WWE for that… yet, WWE is trying to invite Michael Sam for appearances in the company??? WWE is just desperate for more ratings.

There’s a lot of reasons why I quit watching WWE and I’ll make another post about that soon. This is one of the reasons why I quit watching.

I’m pretty sure that as soon as I make this post, I’m gonna get called a homophobe and a bigot but this isn’t about the homosexuality lifestyle. It’s about WWE giving Darren Young the respect he deserves and now they’re desperately trying to get Michael Sam.

I really hate the way the media is shoving Michael Sam in our faces. That’s one of the reasons why I quit watching the NFL.