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Obama honoring the Patriots at the White House thoughts…

I just listened to Obama’s speech at the White House honoring the Patriots. The Patriots got honored at the White House for winning the Superbowl earlier this year. Obama was acting like a stand up comedian throughout the speech. Telling jokes and getting everybody laughing throughout the whole thing. Obama even made a joke about the ball deflating controversy and the team seems to have been offended by it a little.

Rob Gronkowski, who is the tight end for the Patriots responded by saying that Obama may have been a little drunk even though there was no alcohol involved.


Well, Obama did look like he was drunk or high on something. You see, I don’t think it was the alcohol that he was on. It’s definitely the crack cocaine, yo…

Even the Patriots made suspicions that Barack maybe onto something whether he was drinking or whatever.

On top of that, why did Obama have to honor a football team when that is not important for America??? A president wouldn’t waste time honoring sports teams… they have better things to do. Of course, being the narcissistic egomaniac Obummer is… he’s just doing whatever he can to insert himself into everything and that includes sports. He just got himself some new gifts by the Patriots: A football and a jersey with his name on it and an autographed helmet from the team. Whatever makes him happy before his presidency goes out, I guess.

I don’t think he was drunk during this, he was high on crack, probably. Listen to him talk, his speeches are getting worse. He does a lot of “Aaaah” and “uuuuhhhh” even when he’s reading off of something. He’s also been walking kind of funny in this video, if you go to about 10:30 in the video, he’ll walk backwards away from the podium and bumps into Bill.

I don’t know but Obama’s acting strange in this video.


Another reason to quit watching WWE… Michael Sam being shoved in our faces now…

I have nothing against Michael Sam and his sexual orientation but it is ridiculous on how he is a big deal all of a sudden… all because he’s the first NFL star to come out of the closet. I mean, who cares??? The NFL have been shoving Michael Sam in our faces for a long while now and now WWE is joining the bandwagon.

I’m glad I quit watching WWE.

WWE star Darren Young is the first wrestler to come out of the closet while under WWE contract but he was largely ignored by the WWE for that… yet, WWE is trying to invite Michael Sam for appearances in the company??? WWE is just desperate for more ratings.

There’s a lot of reasons why I quit watching WWE and I’ll make another post about that soon. This is one of the reasons why I quit watching.

I’m pretty sure that as soon as I make this post, I’m gonna get called a homophobe and a bigot but this isn’t about the homosexuality lifestyle. It’s about WWE giving Darren Young the respect he deserves and now they’re desperately trying to get Michael Sam.

I really hate the way the media is shoving Michael Sam in our faces. That’s one of the reasons why I quit watching the NFL.


“Weird Al” getting a lot of negativity and criticism for Superbowl Halftime performance…

While “Weird Al” is getting a lot of fans petitioning for him to perform at the next Superbowl Halftime show on Feb. 2nd — at the same time, he is predictably getting a lot of negative criticism. Most fans want him to perform the next Superbowl but sure enough, there’s gonna be some that don’t want him there. I’m sure you’ve seen some criticism about it in facebook and I did too. Some people threatened that if they get him they won’t be watching the Halftime show.

Look, I know Weird Al’s music isn’t for everybody. He’s another one of those love or hate artists. In my opinion, I believe some can’t appreciate Weird Al because they find it a bit weird and creepy to see a full grown adult doing parodies of other people’s music. That’s the whole point. Al Yankovic is supposed to be weird and creepy. That’s part of what makes him a comic genius. Some even mistakenly believe that Weird Al is for kids. Not true. Most of Weird Al’s fans are MOSTLY full grown adults from 30 – 50’s. The demographics of Al’s fans varies. Yeah, he has children who love his music but grown ups like him too.

Why is Al Yankovic so huge and popular? I think it’s because Al is the only comedic musician. People look after him ’cause simply put, everybody is looking for a good laugh. That’s why he does what he does. He’s an entertainer and he enjoys making people laugh. Love him or hate him, Al is very successful and he’s a legend. All of his music videos in youtube gets more than a million views. All of his videos go viral. He finally got his no. 1 album, “Mandatory Fun”. He had a 30 year long career. So he deserves this opportunity.

I have been a Weird Al fan since the 80’s. Listened to him since I was a child.

Even if people claim they don’t like Weird Al, they won’t admit that they’ll probably watch anyway just out of curiosity if he gets the Superbowl gig. Watch for it. I know the haters will watch anyway. Then they might find that he’s actually enjoyable.

Here’s that petition that the media is talking about.


I hope the NFL does the right thing and gets him for the gig.

Not only that Al Yankovic deserves the Superbowl halftime performance, he also deserves to get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame too!


Weird Al to play for the Halftime Show for the next Superbowl??? Yes please!!!

Weird Al Yankovic deserved this opportunity for years. He should have performed a Superbowl Halftime years ago but he never got the opportunity. Could he perform the next Superbowl??? There’s a petition going by Weird Al fans begging the NFL to hire Weird Al and his band to perform the next Halftime show. Could Weird Al get the gig? I would LOVE for him to get it but since this is NFL, it maybe a tough gig for him to get. I’m pretty sure the NFL already have a bunch of artists lined up for the next Half Time show.

I know Weird Al can put on a great performance ’cause I’ve seen him live once. Him and his band are great musicians. They’ll put on a fun show for the Superbowl. For the Superbowl performance, I can see Weird Al doing some kind of medley mix. A mix of new parodies and old ones. Maybe a few originals as well.

I have a feeling they won’t get Weird Al. Instead they’ll probably end up getting Kanye West, Justin Bieber or Robin Thicke.

I do hope and pray that Weird Al gets the gig, though. This would be great for him. It WOULD help the Superbowl ratings so the NFL should think about that.


In defense of M.I.A., flipping the bird at the Superbowl Halftime show…

For the past couple of days since Superbowl Sunday, the internet has been outraged by M.I.A. flipping the bird at the camera during her performance at Halftime with Madonna. Why is everyone mad? Basically, because she’s on a huge sporting event and it’s on public national TV, NBC, a family friendly station.

A lot of people today, don’t know who M.I.A. is, because she released records independently with her own label. She’s not a major label artist, she was never mainstream until Madonna had her as a special guest duet. The internet is acting like what M.I.A. did is wrong and what she did is evil. She might even get fined for it and all that stuff.

What people fail to understand about M.I.A., is that her performances has always been crazy and intense. She loves to move around on stage and makes movements with her hands a lot. That’s the way she always performed. Watch some of her live performances in youtube if you see what I mean.

I believe what she did at the Superbowl was an accident. She didn’t mean what she did and wasn’t realizing what she was doing. She was just having too much fun and it came out of nowhere. I’m sure she has done this at her concerts from her tours many times, flipping the bird at the audience. Performers do this stuff all the time on stage. Flipping the bird to the audience is most popular with the metal genre, but rappers do it too. That’s what M.I.A. is, a rapper.

If a male rapper was performing the Superbowl and if he flipped the bird to the camera, then the people wouldn’t care. They would think it’s alright, people are mad at M.I.A. for it because she’s a woman.

On top of all this, M.I.A. is one of my favorite artists. I absolutely love her music. Her music is phenomenal, and I adore her. I’m always watching her live performances in youtube and buying her albums. I love the messages she sends with her songs. She’s very political, she’s an activist, and most of her songs are protest songs. I love her two singles, “Paper Planes” and “Born Free”. She’s just a great artist.

What she did on the Superbowl maybe bad, but whatever it takes for her to get more recognition in her music, more power to her. She just became a mainstream artist because of that. Madonna helped her get more recognition.

I didn’t find what she did a big deal ’cause a lot of musicians can be crazy like that sometimes. That’s how most of them are. A lot of people think what she did, she’s saying, “fuck you” to everyone, no not all. Artists flip the bird ’cause they do it in a good way, it entertains the fans. Ever been to a rap concert or a metal concert where the star flips the bird and the fans go crazy? It happens.

M.I.A. shouldn’t get fined for it ’cause she didn’t do anything wrong, in my opinion. She doesn’t owe Madonna an apology ’cause over the years, I’m sure she’s dealt with crazy stuff like that in the past. I’m sure she wouldn’t care.


How about that Eli Manning, hey???

The Superbowl last night was great. I just got a little more respect for Eli, saving the day, when the Giants came close to losing.

Now to hit the gym this afternoon and burn off all the Superbowl cheat meals. Yep, I ate quite a bit. I had cheese, pepperoni & crackers for snacking, a few slices of pizza, and then a hot fudge sundae after. There was a little Superbowl party with family members.

Hope you all enjoyed yourself last night too.


Superbowl Sunday is the perfect day to pig out…

While my fitness nutrition is mostly healthy, it is not that perfectly healthy. It’s not like, I’m ever going to have a professional looking bodybuilder physique, anyway, so my meals aren’t that 100% strict. I do eat mostly healthy for the most part. I just had to get in decent shape so to do that, I had to change my nutrition to healthier like I always say.

Pretty much the only junk food I would touch are pizza, ice cream, chinese food and sometimes Mexican food like tacos/buritos. Sometimes fast food too. I gave up everything else like soda, potato chips, sugary snacks, etc.  Again, you can’t ignore junk food completely, it’s still okay to have like once or twice a week. Just don’t over do it. On the weekends, I’ll eat whatever I want, and I’ll never lose the muscle and the six pack.

So tomorrow on Superbowl Sunday, I’m planning to eat whatever’s on the table. I’ve been eating good most of this week anyway so I deserve a day off of the healthy nutrition. What am I doing for the Superbowl? Staying home watching the game. Possibly having a little party with some people coming over. So there’s definitely gonna be all kinds of food and stuff.

Looking forward to the game and of course, I want the Giants to win. I always root for our home NY team. GO GIANTS!!!