In defense of Steven Tyler’s “National Anthem” at the AFC Championship game…

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, is getting a lot of negative critiques toward his performance of the “National Anthem”, at the AFC Championships game with the Patriots vs. the Ravens. Some of you may be wondering what my thoughts are on his performance.

What are my thoughts? I thought it was an average performance. It didn’t suck, wasn’t great, just average. As in, “okay”.

You see here’s the thing, when special guest famous singers sing the National Anthem at a Football game, everyone expects the performance to be an in your face, great performance. Everyone expects the singing to be absolutely perfect.

This is fuckin’ Steven Tyler here. He’s a rock n’ roll singer, you see. You’re not going to hear an opera or classical voice out of this guy if that’s what you’re expecting. He clearly sang the National Anthem in a rock n’ roll kind of way. He always performed that way, whether he’s performing a band or acapella. That’s just the way he sings. You’re not going to hear a Barry Manilow or a Luciano Pavorotti out of this guy.

True, Steven could have sang it a little better in the beginning but I thought he rocked it some toward the middle, he hit the high notes pretty well which is what I bet nobody else could do.

Still, you need to give him credit for singing for real and not lip syncing. He also didn’t forget the lyrics and didn’t mess up any of the words. It was a little better than Christina Aguilera’s performance that’s for sure.

Steven even did a little scream toward the end there, which is pretty ballsy since it was freezing cold out there, probably, you can see the cold breath coming out of his mouth. I mean, the fans seem to have a good time with him ’cause they were singing along with him toward the end.

The performance wasn’t all that bad, in my opinion.


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