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Steven Tyler explains what it’s like singing for Led Zeppelin for rehearsal… it was originally going to be for the Led Zep reunion tour that never happened…

After Led Zeppelin’s reunion show at O2 arena back in Dec. 10th of 2007, Led Zeppelin were planning a full reunion tour but Robert Plant didn’t want in on it. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham were all for a full reunion tour… and they were getting ready to go on without him so they started looking for singers. They rehearsed with two different singers: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. After those two rehearsals, the tour never ended up happening ’cause Led Zeppelin kept getting a public backlash for continuing on without Robert and John Bonham.

Steven here goes on the Howard Stern show explaining how he got the Led Zeppelin rehearsal gig and what it’s like practicing with them. It’s a very cool story and Steven seems like a very nice man too.

Imagine what Led Zeppelin would have sounded like with Steven Tyler on lead vocals? Can you hear it? Steven singing all the Led Zep hits??? “Immigrant Song”, “Stairway”, “Heartbreaker”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Ramble On”, “Rock and Roll”, “Black Dog”, “No Quarter’, “Achilles Last Stand”, etc. Tyler would have nailed them all and killed it. When I listen to Aerosmith music, I’ve always thought Steven’s vocals reminded me of Robert a little bit. I hope somebody recorded that rehearsal with Steven and hope it gets released to the public someday. I’m sure everybody’s dying to hear what Steven sounds like singing Led Zep songs. I’m sure Myles Kennedy did a good job with them too.

It’s sad that a reunion tour never happened but if only Jimmy Page ever gets his solo album out then we can all enjoy that for now.

I can’t blame Steven for going for the rehearsal gig ’cause they’re fucking Led Zeppelin. How can you say no to that? You’ll be insane if you did!


In defense of Steven Tyler’s “National Anthem” at the AFC Championship game…

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, is getting a lot of negative critiques toward his performance of the “National Anthem”, at the AFC Championships game with the Patriots vs. the Ravens. Some of you may be wondering what my thoughts are on his performance.

What are my thoughts? I thought it was an average performance. It didn’t suck, wasn’t great, just average. As in, “okay”.

You see here’s the thing, when special guest famous singers sing the National Anthem at a Football game, everyone expects the performance to be an in your face, great performance. Everyone expects the singing to be absolutely perfect.

This is fuckin’ Steven Tyler here. He’s a rock n’ roll singer, you see. You’re not going to hear an opera or classical voice out of this guy if that’s what you’re expecting. He clearly sang the National Anthem in a rock n’ roll kind of way. He always performed that way, whether he’s performing a band or acapella. That’s just the way he sings. You’re not going to hear a Barry Manilow or a Luciano Pavorotti out of this guy.

True, Steven could have sang it a little better in the beginning but I thought he rocked it some toward the middle, he hit the high notes pretty well which is what I bet nobody else could do.

Still, you need to give him credit for singing for real and not lip syncing. He also didn’t forget the lyrics and didn’t mess up any of the words. It was a little better than Christina Aguilera’s performance that’s for sure.

Steven even did a little scream toward the end there, which is pretty ballsy since it was freezing cold out there, probably, you can see the cold breath coming out of his mouth. I mean, the fans seem to have a good time with him ’cause they were singing along with him toward the end.

The performance wasn’t all that bad, in my opinion.


Report: Steven Tyler falls again, but this time in a hotel shower…

*sigh* Here we go again. Steven Tyler and the band Aerosmith are in Paraguay for the start of their international tour. Steven was staying at a hotel in Asuncion, and fell while taking a shower. It was a brutal fall. Blood was everywhere and Steve knocked out several teeth. He was treated at a hospital for injuries.

More on the story, here.

It’s either he isn’t a 100% clean with the drugs & alcohol yet, or he is just getting old. I’m sure this is worrying the other guys in Aerosmith. Hope, Steven’s fall won’t end up cancelling the rest of the tour like it did the last time.


Brock’s thoughts on the new American Idol judges…

So I watched the webcast earlier this afternoon on the A.I. website. Went on there and there was no sound through like half of it. Just proves that American Idol fucking sucks. They promote this press conference, heavily. So many people get on there and there is no sound. WTF? Losers!

Would J-Lo and Steven Tyler help the American Idol ratings for next season? No. The show would simply flop, simply because of no Simon Cowell. The show can’t be successful without him. They’ll tank, trust me. I once had so much respect for Aerosmith, back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Aerosmith became a joke when they became too mainstream in the 90’s…but they came back and I started respecting the band again when they released, “Honkin’ On Bobo”, (an album full of blues covers) ’cause that was a good album that I actually enjoyed. I think the only reason Steven agreed to do Idol, is because he has a solo album coming out soon and he figure the show will help plug him the album. Look at J-Lo in the picture, she doesn’t look good. I can’t stand J-Lo, she’s not hot and just an annoying woman.

Even if I hate American Idol, I’ll watch the next season for a little bit, just to see how Steven Tyler does. I tell you right now that this will mess up Aerosmith’s career. Steven went on the press conference and accused the rest of the band being jealous of him when Joe Perry slammed him for doing the show. Um, no Steven, no one is jealous of anyone here. The reason Joe Perry slammed you because he wants you to concentrate on Aerosmith where you truly belong, not being involved with some stupid karaoke contest.

Like I said, no matter who takes over Simon, the show can’t be done without him. Simon created a legacy with the show. No one wants to see the show without him, no matter who’s the new judge. Hopefully Steven’s job on American Idol won’t last long. I’m sure he’ll end up drinking and doing pills again that will force him to get off the show at some point, just give it time.


Thought: Brock doesn’t think Steven Tyler is judge for American Idol…

So two new American Idol judges will be announced this coming Wednesday. We all know Jennifer Lopez is going to be one of them. Even though Steven Tyler kept reportedly saying he’s confirmed, there hasn’t been anything official on Steven yet. I don’t know if Steven is going to be the judge, because I think Joe Perry and the guys in Aerosmith are trying to talk him out of it. Why? Because if Steven joins American Idol, that would take his time away from, Aerosmith. I’m pretty sure Steven’s not going to be judge, 100% sure of it. It will be someone else instead of Steven. If Steven was signed as American Idol judge, it would have already been announced earlier this week. Steven needs to concentrate on Aerosmith, that’s where he belongs. A.I. is not for Steven, that’s not where he needs to be.

If I’m wrong that Steven is going to be announced as judge Wednesday, then my bad, but I’m pretty sure I’m right on this too. If it is Steven, I would never support him and Aerosmith again. Seriously.


Thought: Why Steven Tyler would make a horrible judge at American Idol…

Yes, Steven Tyler has years of experience with music but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a good American Idol judge. Why would he suck at being the judge?

Here are some reasons why:

  • He would give positive feedback to any Idol singer that sings an Aerosmith song whether he/she sings it good or bad. If A.I. does an Aerosmith night, Steven would go crazy.
  • If male singers has a rock n’ roll image or if they sing rock, Steven would be all over that as well.
  • Since Steven loves blues music, singers would try to sing the blues just to impress him.
  • Singers would try to steal Steven Tyler’s image: The long hair, fat lips, fashion, etc.
  • He wouldn’t understand today’s mainstream of music. If you knew Steven’s history with music, he was always about old school.  He always listened to really old rock and old blues. I don’t think he would give honest feedback if a singer sang a song by Britney Spears or Katy Perry.
  • Steven’s ego would hurt the other judges and singers.
  • I don’t see him being a mean judge, I see him being a friendly one.
  • If you watch Steven’s interviews on TV and the internet, you can see that he comes up with crazy answers ’cause he likes the attention with the media.
  • He would be smiling and laughing like he always does.
  • I can see him going on and on and on about him comparing other singers voices to his own singing voice.

There you go. We’ll see how long he lasts on the show.


BREAKING NEWS: Steven Tyler officially joins “American Idol”…

The deal is done. Steven Tyler is officially the new judge of, “American Idol”.

More on it here:


You gotta wonder if he’ll be a mean judge or a nice one? Either way I don’t care. I don’t see Steven lasting long in American Idol. More drama out of this guy will happen which may cause him to get fired or quit.


Thought: If Steven Tyler joins American Idol, then Aerosmith is officially dead to me…

So Steven Tyler is in negotiations with FOX to join as an American Idol to judge to take over for Simon Cowell or Ellen Degeneres. It seems that Steven wants it badly. Why did I put the title in the blog post that if Steven Tyler joins, Aerosmith is dead to me? Well it’s true. Aerosmith will destroy their career just like how Ozzy destroyed his by doing “The Osbournes” TV show. If Steven joins American Idol, no one will ever see Aerosmith as a rock n’ roll band anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Aerosmith, always had, but if Steven joins American Idol, the band will no longer get my support. They might upset their longtime die hard fans as well. American Idol is a huge mistake for Aerosmith. I wish Joe Perry would talk him out of it, but it’s pretty clear Steven craves for publicity.

If Steven joins, Aerosmith will become the American Idol band instead of a rock n’ roll band. That’s what happened to Chris Cornell when he started doing this American Idol thing.

The mainstream of music is a disaster. There hasn’t been much good music in the mainstream except Slash put out one of the best solo records in a long time. Slash’s new record is fucking great. I hope Slash will never be part of American Idol ’cause that would destroy his image and career as well.


Report: Steven Tyler threatens to sue Aerosmith if replaced…

Aerosmith maybe auditioning for new singers with the decision made by Joe Perry but Steven Tyler is not letting them. Steven threatens Joe Perry if he is replaced, the band will get sued.

Billboard reports:


I’m gonna have to side with Steven on this one. Steven is doing a good thing. No matter if Billy Idol or any other singer is a perfect fit for Aerosmith. Aerosmith belongs to Steven and Steven only. I think everyone knows that. Joe and Steven has known each other for at least 40 years or more, if Joe replaces Steven, then that’s a stab in the back right there.

What would it be like if Metallica replaced James Hetfield?

The only legendary bands that were ever sucessful at replacing lead singers were Ac/Dc (Bon Scott replaced by Brian Johnson), Van Halen (David Lee Roth replaced by Sammy Hagar), and Black Sabbath (Ozzy replaced by Ronnie James Dio).

Other than that, if Steven was replaced, it would anger a  lot of Aerosmith fans and the band would get a pretty nasty backlash. They would lose a lot of fans. Especially the longtime and die hard fans.

Steven Tyler has a huge ego yes, but even he knows that Aerosmith belongs to him. Joe Perry’s ego is much bigger than Steven’s. It’s good that Steve is fighting back, get ’em, man!