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Thoughts on Fox cancelling “American Idol”…

Took long enough but I’m glad “A.I.” is gonna be done soon like everyone else. When Idol first started back in 2002, I started watching like everyone else. I lost interest and stopped watching after Season 4, I think. FOX cancelling Idol isn’t a surprise, though. I had a feeling it was gonna be done soon since ratings were getting too low probably. I would think the reason people lost interest is ’cause Idol lost the show’s original three judges… they are Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. The show was pretty huge ’cause of those three. The main reason why Idol got popular to begin with was Simon Cowell. Simon got famous on the show ’cause of his mean and harsh criticism on the singers… people ate his criticism up and that’s why people kept watching. I remember the ratings were pretty high when Simon used to be on.

Idol is a show that also made Ryan Seacrest famous and it helped make him a billionaire.

Even though some of the contestants on the show lost… a lot of contestants moved on to big careers and got record deals anyway but the show made some singers big and famous such as Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert and many others. Chris Daughtry was one of the very few hard rock singers that got famous off of it, I remember.

I used to be a fan of Idol but then I stopped watching… realizing that the competition show is doing nothing but ruining the music industry. Idol was one of the first singing competitions but then others followed such as “America’s Got Talent”, “the Voice”, “The Sing Off” and others.

What’s next now that Idol is gonna be done? I’m pretty sure FOX is definitely gonna replace it with some other stupid singing show. The singing competitions on TV isn’t gonna end anytime soon. I’m getting real tired of them and don’t watch any of them anymore; although, I used to admittedly.

I don’t agree with these shows ’cause it’s seems like it’s an easy way for young kids to get fame. It’s such a shame, ya know? I hate the way the music industry is today, I really really do.


Brock’s thoughts on the new American Idol judges…

So I watched the webcast earlier this afternoon on the A.I. website. Went on there and there was no sound through like half of it. Just proves that American Idol fucking sucks. They promote this press conference, heavily. So many people get on there and there is no sound. WTF? Losers!

Would J-Lo and Steven Tyler help the American Idol ratings for next season? No. The show would simply flop, simply because of no Simon Cowell. The show can’t be successful without him. They’ll tank, trust me. I once had so much respect for Aerosmith, back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Aerosmith became a joke when they became too mainstream in the 90’s…but they came back and I started respecting the band again when they released, “Honkin’ On Bobo”, (an album full of blues covers) ’cause that was a good album that I actually enjoyed. I think the only reason Steven agreed to do Idol, is because he has a solo album coming out soon and he figure the show will help plug him the album. Look at J-Lo in the picture, she doesn’t look good. I can’t stand J-Lo, she’s not hot and just an annoying woman.

Even if I hate American Idol, I’ll watch the next season for a little bit, just to see how Steven Tyler does. I tell you right now that this will mess up Aerosmith’s career. Steven went on the press conference and accused the rest of the band being jealous of him when Joe Perry slammed him for doing the show. Um, no Steven, no one is jealous of anyone here. The reason Joe Perry slammed you because he wants you to concentrate on Aerosmith where you truly belong, not being involved with some stupid karaoke contest.

Like I said, no matter who takes over Simon, the show can’t be done without him. Simon created a legacy with the show. No one wants to see the show without him, no matter who’s the new judge. Hopefully Steven’s job on American Idol won’t last long. I’m sure he’ll end up drinking and doing pills again that will force him to get off the show at some point, just give it time.


Thought: I agree with Ryan Seacrest being a good replacement for Larry King…

Replacement talks for Larry King Live has already started. Rumours are true that Piers Morgan is in negotiations…but the online world, prefers Ryan Seacrest to be host more. You know what? I actually agree with Ryan Seacrest being a good replacement.

I can’t stand American Idol, but Ryan’s radioshow is great stuff. He asks intelligent questions, he’s professional but  all around, he’s a good host.

I don’t care about Larry King calling it quits. I’d say it’s about damn time! Good riddance. I hope Ryan gets picked as replacement but it would probably end up being, Piers.


Celebrity stalking is on the rise…meet celebrities responsibly…don’t be a psycho…

Celebrity stalking and celebrity worship is on the rise. Why is this you may ask? I totally blame the internet and the celebrity gossip being posted all over the web. Plus, real people like us have become so obsessed with celebrity news it’s crazy.

I understand that some people like us are big fans of your favorite celebrity and you’re dying to meet them in person, but do it responsibly. Don’t do it the wrong way or you could get yourself in deep shit.

I’ve had a blog post on this in the past before. The best way to meet your idols in person without getting in trouble is to either meet them at autograph sessions or if you run into them out in public somewhere. Just showing up at their home without an invite or showing up while the celeb is working their career, crosses the line. If you cross that line, you’ve ruined your opportunity and the celebrity you worship will want nothing to do with you.

A line of celebrities has become victims of stalkers lately everyone from Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Shawn Johnson (Olympic star), Conan O’ Brien, Uma Thurman, etc.

I’m a huge Sly Stallone fan, but I wouldn’t do something stupid like this ’cause I respect a famous person’s privacy and I wouldn’t want to get into trouble. I want to meet Sly Stallone in a good way. I may be a huge fan but I’m not that obsessed with the guy. Sly is always out in public in Hollywood all the time and he always likes meeting fans, signing autographs/posing pics for people out in the streets. That’s the way it should be done. Stalking will just ruin your life.

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