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Yes, I did watch the Superbowl last night and it was great… most exciting Superbowl game in a long long time…

I stopped watching the Superbowl for a few years since all that kneeling to the National Anthem was going on in the NFL. Now that the NFL seems to have put a stop to all that kneeling completely it looks like, I thought I would give them a chance.

I ended up watching the game last night. Watched the whole thing from start to finish… watched all the commercials too and yes watched the Superbowl Halftime show with Shakira & J-Lo.

As far as the game itself goes the 49’ers vs. The Chiefs, it really was a pretty thrilling game like everyone was saying. It definitely was one of the most exciting Superbowl games in a long long time. I never was much of a fan of the NFL in the past but watching that game last night made me respect the NFL again just a little more and I might watch more NFL next year. Both teams the 49’ers vs. The Chiefs, made sure the game wasn’t going to be boring at all. Both teams played really hard yesterday evening and both teams were on fire. Both teams really showed that they really were in it to “win it” and did whatever it took to win it.

Every Superbowl game is not always gonna be great, some are gonna be great, some are gonna be okay and some are gonna be bad. Well last night’s game is gonna go down in the history books for sure. I knew it was going to be a very close game and you never knew who was going to win that one. In the beginning, I thought for sure that the 49’ers were going to win but the Chiefs caught up toward the end and destroyed them bad. That was a shocker really. The game was really good and just made me appreciate football a little more. Glad I watched it ’cause if it turned out to be a boring as hell game, I probably would have walked away from the TV to do something else instead but since the game ended up turning out so exciting, I watched it from start to finish.

Who was I rooting for? I didn’t care really. I thought both teams did a great job. I was happy for both of them so I’m not on one side at all.

As far as the commercials go, there were some pretty cool movie trailers like Fast 9, Top Gun: Maverick and Black Widow… which I look forward to seeing all three of them.

As far as my thoughts on the Superbowl Halftime performance with J-Lo and Shakira, the only thing that I liked about it was that I liked that Shakira honored Led Zeppelin by having the violins play the Kashmir riff. I caught that and thought it was cool. Other than that, though, it was the worst Superbowl halftime performance I’ve ever seen. Guess I’m not into that type of music much.

I do agree with what everyone is saying about that performance being too inappropriate for the NFL… ya know, all the booty shaking, the pole dancing, the twerking and them looking like strippers. I’ll have another post about this soon. It’s gonna be rant and gotta get it out of me.

Other than that, it was a great Superbowl game for the most part.


Thoughts on the wrestling industry so far: Which company do I think is better… WWE or AEW???

Well, the competition between WWE and AEW is really heating up. I’ve been a lifelong WWE fan for years and still am even to this day. Now that there is a new wrestling company out there called All Elite Wrestling (AEW) which I’ve been watching since their very first ppv called “Double Or Nothing”. Now AEW is on television and they have their own TV show on Wednesday nights titled “Dynamite” which lands on the same night as NXT on USA. Both of those shows are on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.

The WWE has been sucking a lot lately and now that AEW is here, this has forced WWE to try and get better. You can see that the WWE is trying to improve ’cause they brought in Paul Heyman to run RAW and Eric Bischoff to run Friday Night Smackdown on FOX. Both of those shows are trying to improve but both shows are going downhill and getting bad again. WWE is trying to improve but they can’t.

What is the difference between WWE and AEW? There is a big difference:

WWE: This company is all family-entertainment. They are still in the PG era and the WWE treats their fans like they “marks”. The wrestling term “marks” means fans that think wrestling is real and Vince treats their fans that way. The thing that is missing in WWE is that they don’t focus on true wrestling anymore but mostly focus on “storyline” and soap opera stuff. Vince and the WWE likes to hold their fan favorite superstars down while part timers like Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey getting all the spotlight. They also love to ram Roman Reigns down our throats.

AEW: This company focuses on the actual “wrestling” part of things. They don’t treat their fans like marks and this company actually treats their fans like real “fans” which is a breath of fresh air. This company calls their performers “wrestlers” and not “superstars”. This company brings back “good” wrestling which WWE ignores… good wrestling meaning matches that tell a story and being theatrical like which WWE doesn’t have anymore. AEW brings all that back. AEW does things WWE doesn’t do anymore like hardcore wrestling, chair shots to the head, lots of blood and all that stuff.

With all this being said, you wonder which company I think is better? I’m gonna have to say AEW for sure. AEW makes me excited for pro wrestling lately ’cause I’m with most wrestling fans that WWE has been sucking a lot lately and they aren’t getting any better either.

When it comes to WWE sucking, I don’t blame the performers ’cause they are just doing their job… I blame Vince for sure. Vince is a great business owner and promoter but creatively, he is downright horrible. It’s a shame ’cause WWE used to be really good in the 80’s and 90’s.

AEW is awesome ’cause they have a talent in the roster that actually has character like Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Adam Hangman Page,  PAC, etc. All those guys are fucking awesome and AEW has a cool women’s division too.

WWE has so many superstars that don’t have any character anymore except for the new Bray Wyatt gimmick aka The Fiend which is why I keep watching the WWE. The Fiend is a cool character and each time the Fiend is on, I watch. The new Bray Wyatt gimmick is captivating stuff for sure.

While I think what AEW is doing is pretty amazing stuff, they still need to improve, though. I think their sound system in arenas is horrible. They need to improve the sound system for the wrestler theme songs and they need to improve the P.A. for when wrestlers give their promos in the ring too. Their TV production is kind of horrible too. I understand AEW is a new company and they got a lot to learn still but they’ll get better with that stuff as time goes along.

With that being said, I think AEW is an amazing company and I love what they’re doing as I think I will be a full time AEW fan, but the question you have to ask is this… “Will I give up WWE?”. No… probably not. I’ll continue to support WWE and will continue to be a WWE fan. I can’t give up WWE so I’ll support both WWE and AEW as I have been watching both.

I’m just a fan of pro wrestling as I love it so much, ya know? AEW is awesome. You should check them out on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on TNT if you’re curious. They’re doing a good job.


Just finished “Gotham – Season 1” last night on Netflix… such an awesome show!!!

I’m a really huge Batman fan. Just love the characters and the stories. Even though I’m not much of a comic book reader, I just watch all the Batman movies… play the Batman video games and read a few graphic novels. I also love the original Batman TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward. I should read more Batman comics, though and I want to. It’s just that comics are hard to collect these days. I just read the graphic novels when I can. I love Batman ’cause I just love how he’s one of the very few superheroes with no superpowers.

I finished the new Batman TV show on FOX called, “Gotham” which focus’s on the earlier days of Batman… the history of it. It’s kind of like a prequel. It shows the build up of all the characters from the comics. It will show the life of Bruce Wayne before he became the Batman. The show also shows the buildup of all the villains like the Riddler, Penguin, the Joker, Poison Ivy, Harvey Dent/Two Face, Scarecrow, Catwoman, etc. All the Batman characters from the comics are a part of this show except for Fish Mooney (who is played by Jada Pinkett Smith) which is an exclusive character for the show. This show is about the lives of the villains before they became what they became so those characters are not in full costume yet. The Batman is not a part of this show yet ’cause Bruce Wayne is just a kid right now.

This show is pretty similar to “Smallville”, the show about the life of Superman but “Gotham” is about the life of Batman.


Ya know, I hate Jada Pinkett Smith like most people. I can’t stand the Smith family but I’m not afraid to admit that Jada’s character as Fish Mooney is entertaining as hell to watch. Jada as Fish Mooney is really enjoyable to watch… I won’t deny it. Plus, Jada is pretty hot and sexy as that character. That’s some damn good acting, Jada, great job and I really mean that.

I also love the actors who plays Edward Nygma (who later becomes the Riddler) and Oswald Cobblepot (who later becomes the Penguin)… the actors who plays those two characters are really good actors as well. If Ben Affleck ever decides to have the Riddler or the Penguin for his solo Batman film he should get the actors from the “Gotham” TV show that played those two characters. Would be cool.

My only complaint about this show is that I’m not that crazy about the choice of the young Jim Gordon… I don’t think Ben McKenzie is that great of an actor but everyone else in this show are great though.

When will we ever see all the villains in their full costumes? I would predict in the final season whenever that will be, that will be the season when the Batman will finally appear. So when the young Bruce Wayne is all grown up, they will have to find an older actor to play the new Batman for the show.

“Gotham” is surprisingly a great show. I’m loving it so far. I finished Season 1 last night and will start season 2 next week. Season 3 is currently being played on FOX cable TV but I’ll wait for Season 3 to get on Netflix. So glad this show is on Netflix. If you’re a Batman fan too, it’s worth checking out.


Video: Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly interview was surprisingly really good!

I watched the Megyn Kelly and Trump interview last night on TV and I thought it was surprisingly really really good. Megyn was surprisingly respectful to Trump this time. To my surprise, I even thought Megyn herself was pretty likeable throughout the interview and I thought she did a great job this time. She was professional and showed a lot of class.

This interview they did should be good enough to show the #NeverTrump crowd that Trump isn’t as bad as like the media says he is, ya know? I just had a few Trump haters admit on my FB page that he wasn’t all that bad during that interview.

Trump may have made some mistakes during the campaign and may have said some stupid stuff but he even admitted that on the show and says we got to learn to move forward from our mistakes.

When it comes to Trump treating women horribly, Trump said on the show that he only treats Rosie like that. The media wants to make it look like that Trump is horrible to women ’cause he talks trash at Rosie O’ Donnell. Trump has every reason to talk trash at Rosie ’cause she’s the one who started their feud to begin with.

Trump is the kind of guy that if you treat him with respect, he’ll respect you back. If you don’t treat him with respect, watch out. He doesn’t attack people unless they attack him first, you see? Trump is a human being and he has feelings too. Just one thing to keep in mind, y’all.

I thought it was a great interview. Glad I watched it.


Rambo will make comeback but will return to the small screen first, “Rambo V” is put on hold…

News on a new Rambo film has been pretty quiet lately and finally we got some news. Rambo will be making his comeback soon but first it will be to the small screen instead of the big screen. Yes, there is a Rambo TV series in development for FOX and Sylvester Stallone will indeed reprise his role as John J. Rambo for the TV show. The TV show will be a father and son duo.

Yes, “Rambo V” for the big screen is still happening but it is put on hold ’cause Sly has too many other projects in the works including “The Expendables” TV series which is still being planned as well.


So Rambo has a son now, hey? They’re probably gonna go for a plot idea that John Rambo finds out that he has a long lost son that he never knew he had and they meet for the first time. Sounds like an interesting idea.

Kind of funny though ’cause I just rewatched the first three Rambo films over the weekend and those films never get old. I’ll have to admit that the fourth Rambo film was kind of a let-down so hopefully Sly doesn’t direct “Rambo V” film ’cause I’ll admit that Sly isn’t the best director at all. He’s a talented actor, no doubt but I’m not afraid to say that he’s a bad director. He should stick with acting and not directing.

When Sly is ready to play Rambo again for the TV show, he’ll probably grow his long hair back for the role ’cause Rambo with short hair would be kind of silly.

Yep, I’m still a huge die-hard fan of Sly and always will be loyal to the guy. I’m looking forward to seeing “Creed” this week.


Dear Fox, please don’t end “The Following”…

So FOX has officially cancelled the serial killer drama, “The Following”. After Season 3 which the final episode will be this coming Monday, the show will be no more. I’m usually never upset of shows getting cancelled this soon but honestly, I’m kind of upset of this show ending this soon. While the ratings has been pretty low, the show is still very popular and has a lot of fans. Why is the show’s ratings so low and the show still has a lot of fans? Well the show is streamable for Netflix and Hulu. Maybe that’s the problem with online streaming. Online streaming will hurt ratings of these TV shows, I believe. That could explain why a lot of shows has been cancelled ’cause online streaming is taking over television.

Kevin Bacon tweeted himself about the show getting cancelled and it seems that he’s just as disappointed as the rest of us.

I’m sure FOX already has a script for Season 4 but it looks like it’s gonna go in the trash now.

It really sucks, man. I thought Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy were phenomenal together. James Purefoy who plays Joe Carroll, the leading villain was one badass TV villain. That’s part of why the show is so popular ’cause of Joe the serial killer cult leader. He was one entertaining as hell villain and he’s pretty likeable kind of like Dexter in a way.

Anyway, is this end of “The Following” for good??? I’d say never say never. Since FOX is getting so many complaints, maybe they will bring the show back for a mini-series or a TV movie like they did with “24”? That could still be a possibility.

The show was great, though. I loved all 3 seasons. Just wished it could last for a couple of more.


Thoughts on Fox cancelling “American Idol”…

Took long enough but I’m glad “A.I.” is gonna be done soon like everyone else. When Idol first started back in 2002, I started watching like everyone else. I lost interest and stopped watching after Season 4, I think. FOX cancelling Idol isn’t a surprise, though. I had a feeling it was gonna be done soon since ratings were getting too low probably. I would think the reason people lost interest is ’cause Idol lost the show’s original three judges… they are Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. The show was pretty huge ’cause of those three. The main reason why Idol got popular to begin with was Simon Cowell. Simon got famous on the show ’cause of his mean and harsh criticism on the singers… people ate his criticism up and that’s why people kept watching. I remember the ratings were pretty high when Simon used to be on.

Idol is a show that also made Ryan Seacrest famous and it helped make him a billionaire.

Even though some of the contestants on the show lost… a lot of contestants moved on to big careers and got record deals anyway but the show made some singers big and famous such as Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert and many others. Chris Daughtry was one of the very few hard rock singers that got famous off of it, I remember.

I used to be a fan of Idol but then I stopped watching… realizing that the competition show is doing nothing but ruining the music industry. Idol was one of the first singing competitions but then others followed such as “America’s Got Talent”, “the Voice”, “The Sing Off” and others.

What’s next now that Idol is gonna be done? I’m pretty sure FOX is definitely gonna replace it with some other stupid singing show. The singing competitions on TV isn’t gonna end anytime soon. I’m getting real tired of them and don’t watch any of them anymore; although, I used to admittedly.

I don’t agree with these shows ’cause it’s seems like it’s an easy way for young kids to get fame. It’s such a shame, ya know? I hate the way the music industry is today, I really really do.


X-Files to officially return to TV with a six episode series, yes David and Gillian are returning…

This is pretty thrilling news as I’m a huge X-Files fan. Loved the show and I even loved the two big screen X-Files movies. Chris Carter is bringing back “X-Files” to FOX with a six episode series. Yes, David and Gillian are reprising their roles as Fox and Scully.

This is all the details they are giving us at this time. It is not yet known whether or not this is going to be a continuation of the original series or will it be a reboot? I would like to know myself.

It’s also looking like that the two big screen films that they made are being completely ignored so they are acting like the big screen movies never existed? Remember, they made two big screen films, “The X-Files” released in 1998 and “X-Files: I Want to Believe” released in 2008. Maybe this is the reason they have decided to go back to TV instead of the big screen ’cause “X-Files: I Want to Believe” was a box office failure.

Anyway, it’s awesome that David and Gillian still want to return to X-files so I’m looking forward to seeing this show.



Say What? Next installment of “24” without Kiefer???

Interesting! Looks like Kiefer finally wants to be done with “24” and move on. I can’t blame the guy ’cause he has played the character, Jack Bauer, for over a decade and he must be finally sick of it! Well, FOX announced that they are in talks of doing more 24 but without Kiefer. However, though, they made it clear they are not “moving on without him” so he might be up for more appearances but they just want to try to do something without him. Kiefer himself is all cool with them doing something new without him.

The next installment is probably gonna be taken place in Russia but I don’t wanna reveal any big spoilers of “Live Another Day”.

Who’s gonna take over the leading role when Kiefer leaves? Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) can’t fight terrorists all by herself so they’re gonna have to find a new male lead. The new male lead is gonna be tough to top Kiefer. The new male lead will need to be a badass and it will be tough to find.

Could a “24” without Kiefer be successful? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

“24” is my favorite franchise, though. I’m willing to give a Kiefer-less “24” a try!


“The Following” Season 3 to start later than expected…

“The Following” Season 1 and 2 both started in the month of January. This time with Season 3, they are starting the show later. The Season 3 premiere will air on March 2nd and it will be a two hour season premiere.

Instead of waiting for the next season to appear on Netflix, I think I’ll just watch the next season on cable TV. Looking forward to the next season. It’s a great show. One of the best shows on TV right now.

I hope this show continues to be successful so it can last for a long time. This show is binge watch worthy, for sure.