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Thoughts on the wrestling industry so far: Which company do I think is better… WWE or AEW???

Well, the competition between WWE and AEW is really heating up. I’ve been a lifelong WWE fan for years and still am even to this day. Now that there is a new wrestling company out there called All Elite Wrestling (AEW) which I’ve been watching since their very first ppv called “Double Or Nothing”. Now AEW is on television and they have their own TV show on Wednesday nights titled “Dynamite” which lands on the same night as NXT on USA. Both of those shows are on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.

The WWE has been sucking a lot lately and now that AEW is here, this has forced WWE to try and get better. You can see that the WWE is trying to improve ’cause they brought in Paul Heyman to run RAW and Eric Bischoff to run Friday Night Smackdown on FOX. Both of those shows are trying to improve but both shows are going downhill and getting bad again. WWE is trying to improve but they can’t.

What is the difference between WWE and AEW? There is a big difference:

WWE: This company is all family-entertainment. They are still in the PG era and the WWE treats their fans like they “marks”. The wrestling term “marks” means fans that think wrestling is real and Vince treats their fans that way. The thing that is missing in WWE is that they don’t focus on true wrestling anymore but mostly focus on “storyline” and soap opera stuff. Vince and the WWE likes to hold their fan favorite superstars down while part timers like Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey getting all the spotlight. They also love to ram Roman Reigns down our throats.

AEW: This company focuses on the actual “wrestling” part of things. They don’t treat their fans like marks and this company actually treats their fans like real “fans” which is a breath of fresh air. This company calls their performers “wrestlers” and not “superstars”. This company brings back “good” wrestling which WWE ignores… good wrestling meaning matches that tell a story and being theatrical like which WWE doesn’t have anymore. AEW brings all that back. AEW does things WWE doesn’t do anymore like hardcore wrestling, chair shots to the head, lots of blood and all that stuff.

With all this being said, you wonder which company I think is better? I’m gonna have to say AEW for sure. AEW makes me excited for pro wrestling lately ’cause I’m with most wrestling fans that WWE has been sucking a lot lately and they aren’t getting any better either.

When it comes to WWE sucking, I don’t blame the performers ’cause they are just doing their job… I blame Vince for sure. Vince is a great business owner and promoter but creatively, he is downright horrible. It’s a shame ’cause WWE used to be really good in the 80’s and 90’s.

AEW is awesome ’cause they have a talent in the roster that actually has character like Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Adam Hangman Page,  PAC, etc. All those guys are fucking awesome and AEW has a cool women’s division too.

WWE has so many superstars that don’t have any character anymore except for the new Bray Wyatt gimmick aka The Fiend which is why I keep watching the WWE. The Fiend is a cool character and each time the Fiend is on, I watch. The new Bray Wyatt gimmick is captivating stuff for sure.

While I think what AEW is doing is pretty amazing stuff, they still need to improve, though. I think their sound system in arenas is horrible. They need to improve the sound system for the wrestler theme songs and they need to improve the P.A. for when wrestlers give their promos in the ring too. Their TV production is kind of horrible too. I understand AEW is a new company and they got a lot to learn still but they’ll get better with that stuff as time goes along.

With that being said, I think AEW is an amazing company and I love what they’re doing as I think I will be a full time AEW fan, but the question you have to ask is this… “Will I give up WWE?”. No… probably not. I’ll continue to support WWE and will continue to be a WWE fan. I can’t give up WWE so I’ll support both WWE and AEW as I have been watching both.

I’m just a fan of pro wrestling as I love it so much, ya know? AEW is awesome. You should check them out on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on TNT if you’re curious. They’re doing a good job.


Cool Photos: See recent photos of wrestler Kane with hair and beard

Pics have surfaced the internet of current WWE star, Kane (real name: Glenn Jacobs), seen here with his wife. Kane have been taking time off from WWE, and look like he is growing his hair and beard back.

What for? Is he preparing to get his mask back? Are we going to get the return of the masked Kane? Hopefully.


Cool Video: The Rock appearance on Decade of Smackdown is here…

Live bootlegged shot at the show itself. Even though Dwayne hasn’t played the Rock character in years, he still does a killer job at it. Yes, he did say “candyass” but his speech is not as obscene as it used to be in the past.

No Vickie Guerrero, the Rock just predicts the Hell in a Cell matches that will take place on ppv this weekend.

Edit to add: As you just heard the Rock say, he said will be on RAW in person as a celebrity guest host. So I guess the Rock is coming back to WWE for one night on RAW? If so, that would be cool, but I will believe it when I see him on RAW.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to finally make a wrestling appearance on Decade Smackdown this Friday…

News are hitting the wrestling community pretty hard that the Rock Dwayne Johnson is finally making an appearance on a WWE TV show after all these years. He will be making an appearance on the special Decade Smackdown show this Friday.

The Rock won’t be appearing at the arena live in person or nothing like that, he’ll only be doing an entertaining video segment with Vickie Guerrero, I heard.

I miss the Rock in wrestling. He was one of my favorites when he used to be around. I wish Dwayne would agree to one final PPV match against John Cena ’cause that would be way cool.

Be sure to tune in to Smackdown this Friday to see the Rock’s brief appearance as it would be entertaining and funny as the Rock always is. Only thing, I have a feeling WWE won’t let him use these words, “roody poo candy ass” and “licking monkey’s nipples” like he used to say since this is a PG rating show now.

I sure miss Rocky in wrestling and wish he would come back to perform at least for a little while, give what wrestling fans want, Dwayne. COME ON!


Smackdown in Glens Falls, N.Y. review…

Just got back from Smackdown in Glens Falls, N.Y. It wasn’t a televised event either. There were no cameras surrounding the ring like the usual and there were no announcer table. Do you know what that means? That means that this Smackdown show was a “House” show. A “house” show is a type of wrestling show in WWE that is not televised. I don’t think WWE would televise a live event in a small city like Glens Falls anyways. If Smackdown was in Albany, N.Y. at the Times Union Center that’s when they’ll televise it.

Superstars that were there tonight: Carlito, Kizarny, Chavo Guerrero, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, The Great Khali, Shelton Benjamin, Maria Kinellis, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Vladmir Kozlov, etc.

There were no big names tonight. No Edge, no Big Show, no Undertaker. Not even “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

The main event of the night was Jeff Hardy vs. Vladmir Kozlov (the Russian wrestler). Jeff Hardy of course won the match with a Matt Hardy interference.

The Great Khali had a match against Shelton Benjamin for the USA title, of course Shelton won by disqualification. Seeing the Great Khali live in person, holy fucking SHIT!!! This GUY is a fucking MONSTER! He is huge! On TV, The Great Khali may not seem as big, but if you see him in person, he is a GIANT. When the Great Khali was shaking fans hands around the ring after the match got over with, I got to shake Khali’s hand. His hand is huge and when he takes your hand, it’s almost like a tight grip. Amazing guy, Khali is.

I got to shake Jeff Hardy’s hand too, when he was going around shaking fans hands so that was cool. Where did I sit? I did get ringside tickets, I was sitting on the floor pretty close to the ring actually. You can stand close to the ring as superstars are entering and exiting matches, but you can’t stand in front of the ring during the match though.

I got pictures of the show and got some good close ups of Chavo Guerrero, Khali, Vladmir, Jeff Hardy, and Shelton Benjamin.

After the show got over with, we went to the back of the Civic Center ’cause there was a huge line of fans waiting for the superstars to exit the building to get in their cars. We did see one superstar get in the car and leave, it was Brian Kendrick. Yes, I did see Brian Kendrick get in a black car with a Vermont license plate, he just got in and took off. It was kind of funny.

It wasn’t a bad show. It was ok and pretty good. I did have fun seeing superstars in person and up close though. I’ll post pictures of the show tomorrow. Hopefully they did come out good.




Thought: Yep, Triple H is a RAW superstar now, he’s no longer Smackdown, sorry Glens Falls!!!

This is kind of sad news. For you wrestling fans who live in Glens Falls or anywhere in the Capital District looking forward to seeing Triple H, “The Game” perform in the Glens Falls Civic Center, March 1st, don’t get your hopes up.

Triple H just showed up at the very end of last night’s RAW after Randy Orton delivered Stephanie McMahon, the RKO. So this means that Triple H is staying on the RAW brand, so there is no chance of seeing Trips in Glens Falls, March 1st now. The good news is, that he is 13th time World Champ, that’s all that matters. It is dissapointing that Glens Falls won’t see Trips at the March 1st Smackdown show, that sucks. 😦

Oh well, we’ll still get to see the Undertaker on the March 1st Smackdown in Glens Falls though, so that’s gonna be awesome.

Last night’s RAW was good. Rowdy Roddy Piper came out to the ring to confront Chris Jericho about the Mickey Rourke thing, that was one of the best speeches I’ve heard from Piper in years. You can really see the emotion in Piper as he was explaining to Jericho about Legends in WWE and Rourke’s  movie, “The Wrestler”. A different Hall of Famer to confront Jericho each week on RAW until Wrestlemania?

What legend will confront Jericho on next week’s RAW? My money is on either the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase Sr., “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Cowboy Bob Orton, Hulk Hogan or even Stone Cold. Stone Cold or Hogan will probably be the last to confront Jericho the week before Wrestlemania.


I will be going to Smackdown March 1st in Glens Falls!!!

I’ll be ordering tickets for Smackdown at the Glens Falls Civic Center for March 1st today. So I’m definitely going to the show. Which is good, I haven’t seen a live WWE show in years ever since the Royal Rumble 1992.

Ring side tickets are sold out of course, but with the Civic Center being a tiny arena, I’m sure you can see the ring pretty good no matter where you sit. I’m bringing my digital camera to take pics of the superstars in action.

While Hacksaw Jim Duggan is currently a RAW superstar, I think everyone knows he will make some kind of appearance at that Smackdown since Glens Falls is his hometown.

It’ll be fun and can’t wait to go.


Report: Jim Ross bashes Albany, N.Y. fans…he calls us “jackasses” and “ignorant”…

Since Smackdown was in Albany, N.Y. last Tuesday at the Times Union Center, Jim Ross who is the commentator for the Smackdown brand, blogged his thougths about that night. While he is proud of the show and loved how that show turned out, he didn’t like the way the fans reacted toward the show.

J.R. wrote in his blog:

About 99% of the wrestling fans I have met over the years are good folks and are nice to be around. The other 1% of which some were represented in Albany Tuesday night can be a real pain in the ass. They can’t stand it if those within ear shot don’t know that they read the wrestling newsletters and spend ample time on wrestling websites. They love to spout “insider” info especially personal items that makes one embarrassed to be a fan during these uncomfortable times.  I could care less if fans rib me about being an OU Football fan as that’s old news but when these alleged, educated (I’ll use that term loosely) fans are so insecure that they want to be a part of the show and would rather make jackasses of themselves or yell at Tazz and me than watch the show then there is something wrong. 

From J.R’s official website here:


Welcome to the real world J.R. It is not the 80’s anymore. Everybody knows the news of behind the scenes of WWE that aren’t posted on WWE.com, ’cause that’s what wrestling fans do, they read inside information and spend time reading news on sites like Pwinsider, 1wrestling, etc. Which are called “smart fans”. The fans that know everything behind the wrestling industry. WWE seems to be uncomfortable with the “smart fans” but that’s the way life is. The internet is a good tool to discover WWE secrets and it seems to piss WWE off. WWE should appreciate all fans that support the company.

The Albany, N.Y. Smackdown will be aired on MyNetworkTV tonight at 8 p.m. I’ll be watching.


REMINDER: WWE Smackdown coming to the Times Union Center this Tuesday night!!!

Yes, that’s right. Just a reminder to the Capital District of New York State, WWE Smackdown is coming to entertain us this Tuesday night on November, 25th. Show starts at 7:00 p.m., ECW will open the show. According to WWE’s newsletter I just received in my inbox, the superstars scheduled to perform that night are Triple H, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, The Great Khali,  Carlito, Michelle McCool, and many more!

Yes, Triple H and The Undertaker two wrestling icons are really coming to Albany this Tuesday! How fuckin’ cool is that!

According to the newsletter WWE says good seating is still available which means you can sit closer to the ring, the main event scheduled for that night is Big Show vs. Undertaker for a Steel Cage match.

Go here for more ticket information:


Will I go to this? I’d like to but I plan on starting my Christmas shopping this weekend. It’ll be fun to watch it on TV anyways.