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Is Kane about to retire from wrestling to become a mayor of Knoxville, Tenn???

In WWE, we haven’t seen much of Kane lately. We’ve been seeing less and less of Kane on WWE RAW. He hasn’t been around. This could be the reason why. Kane (real name: Glenn Jacobs) is running for mayor in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Undertaker retired from wrestling for good so is Kane next? A Kane retirement from wrestling hasn’t been confirmed yet but rumors has been swirling like crazy, though. It does seem like he’s on his way out of the wrestling business ’cause if you noticed him in this video, he’s growing his hair back out. When he performed on RAW, he was completely bald.

It’s looking like Glenn maybe a Republican/Conservative ’cause if you listen to him in this video, he’s all for low taxes and small government.

This isn’t the first time someone from WWE got involved in politics… most notably Linda McMahon who is now a part of Trump’s administration and also Jesse Ventura who was the former governor of Minnesota.

Once again, is Kane’s career in wrestling over? We’ll have to wait and see. If he wins the mayor election then his wrestling days are probably gonna be over for good but if he loses the election, he might stick around wrestling a little while longer. We’ll have to wait and see.


Cool Photos: See recent photos of wrestler Kane with hair and beard

Pics have surfaced the internet of current WWE star, Kane (real name: Glenn Jacobs), seen here with his wife. Kane have been taking time off from WWE, and look like he is growing his hair and beard back.

What for? Is he preparing to get his mask back? Are we going to get the return of the masked Kane? Hopefully.


Thought: Will Kane turn heel at Wrestlemania this Sunday???

Kane, the big Red Machine, is in a match at this year’s Wrestlemania with the Big Show, Santino Marella and Vladmir Kozlov. They are going against the wrestling group called, the Corre. Kane has been a babyface for a little while in the past. I have a feeling his babyface character isn’t going to last long ’cause Kane is possibly going to turn heel at WM-27 this Sunday. I hope so, ’cause I don’t like Kane as this happy like babyface to entertain fans.

I like Kane as this evil, psychotic monster more, and I’m praying he will go back to that this Sunday. That’s how I think the Corre is going to win. I’m hoping Kane will beat the hell out of Big Show when the match is over.

Kane have tried a babyface turn before, I just don’t like it on him. I’m crossing my fingers, Kane will turn heel (badguy) this Sunday. WM-27 shall be a great ppv. I’m hoping it won’t suck.


Thought: WWE doesn’t suck!!!

I see so many people slamming the WWE. Accusing them of being a bunch of phonies and saying how fake they are, and how they suck at everything they do. They are fake and scripted of course. They are entertainment. Like them or not, they are sports athletes. No matter what you think of them, they are athletes. The wrestling is fake, but as I always say, injuries do happen for real sometimes just like you can get injured on any job. I don’t care what anyone thinks about professional wrestling. Gotta give them the respect they deserve, ’cause they work very hard to keep their companies alive today. They are really good business and marketing people. They are better at marketing than almost every company out there. They sell out almost every arena shows, they get strong TV ratings and high PPV buy rates still. I give the WWE, a whole lot of respect. 100%. Like them or not, they do a good job entertaining people.

These guys travel every week non stop, no seasons off. They work hard, all year round, every day. Do they suck for that? I give all the performers respect because a lot of them don’t do wrestling for money. Why do they do wrestling? Because they simply love it. They are addicted to professional wrestling and huge wrestling fans just as much as we are. They may have went back to the PG rating, but you know what? The PG rating doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s actually a good move.

I get made fun of all the time for my love of professional wrestling. You know what? I’m cool with that. I enjoy what I want to enjoy. I’ve been watching professional wrestling for years, ever since I was a child. I still treat professional wrestling as a passion of mine. The WWE is a powerful company ’cause Vince is a great promoter and one of the best businessmen around. He’s a very intelligent guy. I still watch WWE ’cause I respect them. You should too, even if you’re not a fan of this brand. People call the superstars and performers fakes, but they didn’t get signed to the WWE overnight. These superstars had years of training and learning wrestling before they got to WWE. To me WWE is very special ’cause they need to entertain families and people around the world. They work very hard for what they do. So give them the respect they deserve. They still do a good job putting on shows even if it’s a PG rating.

Tonight’s “Night of Champions” PPV was good. Got some of my predictions right and some wrong. Kane won against Undertaker like I said. Randy Orton is now WWE Champion. I’m happy WWE gave the title win to someone else this time. It was getting kind of boring seeing John Cena win almost every ppv. It’s nice to finally have a little change for once! I loved the ppv. More on this tomorrow.


Report: Undertaker vs. Kane match is making it in national sports news!

See the picture above? That’s Undertaker and Kane at the Times Union Center when they were just here for “Smackdown” in Albany, last month. 🙂 This Undertaker vs. Kane match at “Night of the Champions” ppv is getting huge in national sports news. Usually WWE never makes the sports news since they are entertainment wrestling, but when it comes to the Undertaker and Kane, it gets huge in sports for some reason. Now you understand why WWE have these two feud against each other all the time? Yes, that’s right, it’s marketing ploy. There is something about the sports world that likes Undertaker and Kane.

Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, speaks with the NY Daily news about the upcoming ppv, this Sunday. Read it here.

In the past, everytime Kane became world champion, he never got to hold the belt long and he loses it the next week after. This is the longest Kane had the belt ever.

Everybody thinks Undertaker will become the new WWE Champion and win, but I don’t know. I’m predicting Kane will win and will retain. I think Kane will have a really long title run. Will I watch the ppv this Sunday? I don’t know. I’m thinking about it. Maybe. If I won’t be watching it, I’ll be reading the live results online.

I have a feeling Triple H may make a surprise return at the ppv, and the RAW anonymous GM might be revealed as well. Who knows.


Thought: Do we really need another boring Undertaker vs. Kane feud again??? Please!!! *yawn*

If there is one thing on WWE RAW I don’t like is how they keep having these boring Undertaker vs. Kane feuds. The Undertaker just came back to WWE after a pretty long hiatus (due to getting married to WWE Diva, Michelle McCool in real life, he took time off to spend more time with her). When ‘Taker came back, Kane was feuding with Rey Mysterio at the time. The Kane and Undertaker feud actually started way back in the early 90’s. They’ve been feuding ever since and now the feud starts back up again. The only reason that Kane is World Heavyweight Champion, and WWE is about to make Undertaker world heavyweight champion again on the upcoming “Night of the Champions” ppv.

Another reason the Undertaker vs. Kane feuds is back on, is probably because, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are no longer around WWE. They want to keep the excitement with fans going by bringing back the Undertaker vs. Kane feud.

Will there ever be a closure to the Undertaker vs. Kane feud? It’ll happen sometime, but not right away. A closure to their long going feud will probably happen until one of these guys retire from WWE which won’t be for a long while. So expect a lot more Undertaker vs. Kane feuds in the future, folks. Their feud used to be fun and entertaining back in the old days, but today it’s all whacked. Their feud is no longer fun anymore.

WWE was looking to push Kane to give him more screen time, but he is now about to get overshadowed by Undertaker. While RAW is getting interesting again, the only thing I don’t like is this feud here. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Undertaker (Mark Calloway) and Kane (Glen Jacobs), and I respect both of them. Both are amazing performers and both have incredible mic skills. I wish WWE would stop bringing these two together. I want to see Kane get more success in WWE without the writers ruining it for him.

Other than that, everything else in WWE is great. I love the Nexus storyline, glad that WWE Diva Melina is back, and I love CM Punk’s new group, the sraight Edge society. I wonder when the RAW Anonymous GM will be revealed? I’ll imagine sometime before the “Night of the Champions” ppv or maybe the night on the ppv the GM will be revealed. The GM will probably end up being Triple H because the storyline is showing lots of signs of it. Plus, it looks like Triple H maybe done with wrestling ’cause he is having injury problems as well.


Thought: Kane vs. Rey Mysterio feud, how I think it’s all gonna go down…

On last Monday’s RAW, Kane come out to the ring to explain why he is doing this to Rey Mysterio. During Kane’s speech out in the ring, Kane stated that he hated Rey Mysterio because he hides behind a mask, and he hates Rey and everyone who likes him. He asked, “Is he alive or dead”, and then he says, “Rey Mysterio is very much alive”, then he explains he almost beat him to death that forced Rey to remove his mask. Batista’s music hits and Dave Batista came down to try and beat up Kane since Batista is Rey Mysterio’s friend, that segment ended with Kane beating up Batista so Kane can show that he means it that he hates everyone who likes Rey Mysterio.

My guess that Rey Mysterio will make his return at the next WWE PPV “Unforgiven”, until then more of Rey Mysterio’s superstar friends will try to challenge matches against Kane each week on RAW, with Kane winning every one until he faces Rey Mysterio at “Unforgiven” it’ll be Kane vs. Rey Mysterio at the next ppv.

Will Rey Mysterio return unmasked? I’m sure Rey Mysterio will try to return to still hide his face, like maybe get another mask or use a towel over his head to cover his face or something. Kane won’t give up until Rey stops hiding his face. The reason I think Kane is doing this because of Kane’s past of being a masked wrestler and Kane wants Rey to be more confident of not hiding himself. That’s what this storyline is all about.

This storyline feud with Kane vs. Rey Mysterio is getting interesting. I think it’s the best storyline that the writers has given Kane so far. They keep giving Kane silly and stupid storylines but they finally give him a good one.

A Kane vs. Rey Mysterio match on a ppv would be interesting, a small guy fighting a huge tall guy. Rey Mysterio did wrestle against giant guys before back in his ECW/WCW days, I don’t think he did in WWE yet. And Rey Mysterio did wrestle unmasked before back in his ECW/WCW days, but never in WWE. I think Rey is finally going for it, becoming an unmasked wrestler full time.