Thought: Do we really need another boring Undertaker vs. Kane feud again??? Please!!! *yawn*

If there is one thing on WWE RAW I don’t like is how they keep having these boring Undertaker vs. Kane feuds. The Undertaker just came back to WWE after a pretty long hiatus (due to getting married to WWE Diva, Michelle McCool in real life, he took time off to spend more time with her). When ‘Taker came back, Kane was feuding with Rey Mysterio at the time. The Kane and Undertaker feud actually started way back in the early 90’s. They’ve been feuding ever since and now the feud starts back up again. The only reason that Kane is World Heavyweight Champion, and WWE is about to make Undertaker world heavyweight champion again on the upcoming “Night of the Champions” ppv.

Another reason the Undertaker vs. Kane feuds is back on, is probably because, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are no longer around WWE. They want to keep the excitement with fans going by bringing back the Undertaker vs. Kane feud.

Will there ever be a closure to the Undertaker vs. Kane feud? It’ll happen sometime, but not right away. A closure to their long going feud will probably happen until one of these guys retire from WWE which won’t be for a long while. So expect a lot more Undertaker vs. Kane feuds in the future, folks. Their feud used to be fun and entertaining back in the old days, but today it’s all whacked. Their feud is no longer fun anymore.

WWE was looking to push Kane to give him more screen time, but he is now about to get overshadowed by Undertaker. While RAW is getting interesting again, the only thing I don’t like is this feud here. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Undertaker (Mark Calloway) and Kane (Glen Jacobs), and I respect both of them. Both are amazing performers and both have incredible mic skills. I wish WWE would stop bringing these two together. I want to see Kane get more success in WWE without the writers ruining it for him.

Other than that, everything else in WWE is great. I love the Nexus storyline, glad that WWE Diva Melina is back, and I love CM Punk’s new group, the sraight Edge society. I wonder when the RAW Anonymous GM will be revealed? I’ll imagine sometime before the “Night of the Champions” ppv or maybe the night on the ppv the GM will be revealed. The GM will probably end up being Triple H because the storyline is showing lots of signs of it. Plus, it looks like Triple H maybe done with wrestling ’cause he is having injury problems as well.


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