Thought: I miss the old days of music when there was no internet at all…

That is an old Led Zeppelin concert flyer that was made in 1968 around the time the band’s first album came out. Back in those days, that was all we had to promote music and concerts. The only promoting tool back then was ad flyers such as that one above. Why? Because there was no such thing as the internet back then. Now we do have the internet, social networking sites like myspace, facebook, twitter, reverbnation, etc. Websites like those are being used to promote music these days.  Bands no longer do ad flyers and newspaper promoting much, ’cause the internet does all the promoting magic.

The internet makes it easier for bands to get more fans. It makes it easier for bands to pretend to look popular. The internet makes it easier for bands to book gigs and even a tour. Whether bands are signed or not. Back in those days without the internet, it makes it real hard for unsigned bands to become successful. Now with the internet, it makes everything easier.People stopped buying CD’s because the internet took over the world of music with Itunes being around now as well. Back in the days with no internet, the only way fans could check out a cool band who is unsigned, is that bands hand around demo tapes/CD’s in the streets and at bar gigs. These days, all music fans have to do is listen to bands through myspace or facebook.

Why is it that all of us bands and musicians have to join the social networking site bandwagon? It’s because we’re all greedy and need the attention. That includes myself as well. If we still didn’t have the internet, I’m pretty sure all of us wouldn’t go anywhere with our music. I’m sure all of you bands would still be playing in your garages and not being out there, making it easy off the internet. The internet has clearly taken over the music world as there is too much music to listen to on here now, it’s crazy.

It is why I only support the bands only if I like their music ’cause I can’t listen to every single band on here, I don’t have the time. I like supporting other bands on here because it’s good networking with your own music. That is one way to promote your music is make friends with other bands and help them out. I’ve always done that, and sometimes bands even supported me in return by giving me free CD’s or more gigs as a gift. The internet makes it easier to help other bands and help promote them.

Do you think it was easy for Led Zep or the Beatles to get their record deals? No. That didn’t happen over night. These days, all you had to do is become a popular internet sensation and blam, you get a record deal. Just ask Justin Bieber and Susan Boyle who were big internet sensations and they got signed.

The internet is one crazy little world with the music biz, but I like it.


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