Thought: WWE doesn’t suck!!!

I see so many people slamming the WWE. Accusing them of being a bunch of phonies and saying how fake they are, and how they suck at everything they do. They are fake and scripted of course. They are entertainment. Like them or not, they are sports athletes. No matter what you think of them, they are athletes. The wrestling is fake, but as I always say, injuries do happen for real sometimes just like you can get injured on any job. I don’t care what anyone thinks about professional wrestling. Gotta give them the respect they deserve, ’cause they work very hard to keep their companies alive today. They are really good business and marketing people. They are better at marketing than almost every company out there. They sell out almost every arena shows, they get strong TV ratings and high PPV buy rates still. I give the WWE, a whole lot of respect. 100%. Like them or not, they do a good job entertaining people.

These guys travel every week non stop, no seasons off. They work hard, all year round, every day. Do they suck for that? I give all the performers respect because a lot of them don’t do wrestling for money. Why do they do wrestling? Because they simply love it. They are addicted to professional wrestling and huge wrestling fans just as much as we are. They may have went back to the PG rating, but you know what? The PG rating doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s actually a good move.

I get made fun of all the time for my love of professional wrestling. You know what? I’m cool with that. I enjoy what I want to enjoy. I’ve been watching professional wrestling for years, ever since I was a child. I still treat professional wrestling as a passion of mine. The WWE is a powerful company ’cause Vince is a great promoter and one of the best businessmen around. He’s a very intelligent guy. I still watch WWE ’cause I respect them. You should too, even if you’re not a fan of this brand. People call the superstars and performers fakes, but they didn’t get signed to the WWE overnight. These superstars had years of training and learning wrestling before they got to WWE. To me WWE is very special ’cause they need to entertain families and people around the world. They work very hard for what they do. So give them the respect they deserve. They still do a good job putting on shows even if it’s a PG rating.

Tonight’s “Night of Champions” PPV was good. Got some of my predictions right and some wrong. Kane won against Undertaker like I said. Randy Orton is now WWE Champion. I’m happy WWE gave the title win to someone else this time. It was getting kind of boring seeing John Cena win almost every ppv. It’s nice to finally have a little change for once! I loved the ppv. More on this tomorrow.


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