Report: Undertaker vs. Kane match is making it in national sports news!

See the picture above? That’s Undertaker and Kane at the Times Union Center when they were just here for “Smackdown” in Albany, last month. 🙂 This Undertaker vs. Kane match at “Night of the Champions” ppv is getting huge in national sports news. Usually WWE never makes the sports news since they are entertainment wrestling, but when it comes to the Undertaker and Kane, it gets huge in sports for some reason. Now you understand why WWE have these two feud against each other all the time? Yes, that’s right, it’s marketing ploy. There is something about the sports world that likes Undertaker and Kane.

Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, speaks with the NY Daily news about the upcoming ppv, this Sunday. Read it here.

In the past, everytime Kane became world champion, he never got to hold the belt long and he loses it the next week after. This is the longest Kane had the belt ever.

Everybody thinks Undertaker will become the new WWE Champion and win, but I don’t know. I’m predicting Kane will win and will retain. I think Kane will have a really long title run. Will I watch the ppv this Sunday? I don’t know. I’m thinking about it. Maybe. If I won’t be watching it, I’ll be reading the live results online.

I have a feeling Triple H may make a surprise return at the ppv, and the RAW anonymous GM might be revealed as well. Who knows.



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